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Welcome to Assistant Professor Nate Tefft

Welcome to Assistant Professor Nate Tefft

PHEnOM welcomes Nate Tefft to the Department of Health Services. Nate started on August 1, 2012 as an Assistant Professor hired from the Health Economics Search.

He received his Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Williams College in 2000 and then his Master's and Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2008. He was an Assistant Professor in the Economics Department at Bates College for the 4 years since earning his doctorate where he taught statistics and health economics while publishing economics research involving health and policy.

Nate's projects include researching the effects of soft drink taxation on consumption and obesity; the relationship between minimum wage law changes and health; the effects of Earned Income Tax credit receipt and unhealthy behaviors; and the associations between health-related behaviors and outcomes and motor vehicle accidents

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