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PHEnOM Seminar Series

PHEnOM hosts a weekly seminar series during the academic year. All students, faculty and other researchers interested in this area will be encouraged to attend the seminar series. The 1.5 hour seminar will be held in the Rm H679 at the Health Sciences Building (directions) every Thursday 3 - 4:30pm unless otherwise noted.

To present at the PHEnOM seminar series, contact Norma Coe at

Winter 2017 Schedule

Amy Cizik, University of Washington
Developing Health State Vignettes for Estimating Health State Utility Values in Soft Tissue Sarcoma: Methods, Lessons, and Implications
Jane Lange, Group Health Research Institute
A Framework for Treatment Decision Making at Prostate Cancer Recurrence
Sungchul Park, University of Washington
Towards assessing individual-level prediction accuracy for healthcare expenditures: comparing alternative estimators for risk adjustment of payments to health plans
Alex Woershing, University of Washington
A Proposal for Evaluating a Campaign to Promote Use of a Price Estimator Web Tool for Clinical Services
Bianca Frogner, University of Washington
Does Medicare Managed Care Affect Diabetic Patient Cost, Use and Quality Associated with Different Medical Labor Inputs
M. Ragan Hart, University of Washington
Projected Cost-Effectiveness of an Array-Based Multi-Gene Pharmacogenetic (PGx) Testing Panel in Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention
Anobel Odisho, University of Washington
Beyond Classical Risk Adjustment: Socioeconomic Status and Hospital Performance in Urologic Oncology
Nicholas Papageorge, Johns Hopkins University
Innovation and Diffusion of Medical Treatment
Joan Teno, University of Washington
Transparency and Accountability for Community Base Programs for High Cost, High Need Patients