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Brandon Pierce, MS, 2004...
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Although public health genetics is still an emerging field...
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Alumni Profile

Erin Ramos, MPH, 2001, Ph.D., 2006

Practicum Title: Providing assistance in assessing the value of Hb Bart's reporting in Washington

Thesis Title: Public Health Genetics of Alzheimer’s Disease: From the Identification of Genetic Risk Factors to Public Policies Surrounding Long-Term Care Insurance

Current Position: Epidemiologist, Office of Population Genomics, National Human Genome Research Institute

Quote from Erin: I'm exposed to some cool research. One of my roles with the Office of Population Genomics is to serve as the NIH project scientist on a cooperative agreement that is striving to develop a set of standard measures for use in ongoing or new genome-wide association studies and related research." Here is the website for the press release:"

Note: This page features a profile of one member of the IPHG's growing alumni ranks. Alumni profiles will be rotated periodically. For alumni profiles published in the past, see Alumni Profiles Archive.