Winter 2020

Jan 17: Emily Grabowski,UC Berkeley: Effects of pitch contour on duration perception and production

Jan 31: AI & Humanities: Language, Literature, Ethics summer program in Ljubljana, Slovenia Info Session


Fall 2019:

Oct 4: First meeting (everyone welcome, especially new undergraduate and graduate students)

Oct 18: Gašper Beguš, UW: Neural networks in phonology

Nov 1: Christina Zhao, UW ILABS: Speech perception frameworks revisited using the complex auditory brainstem response

Nov 8: PANG group meeting (Phonetic/phonological Acquisition and Neural networks Group)

Nov 15: Julia Sturm, Harvard: The morphophonology of nasal-suffix verbs in Greek and Indo-European

Nov 15 (2.30PM): PANG group meeting

Nov 19: Marko Drobnjak, U of Ljubljana: Implicit bias against dialectal features: forensic linguistics and speech perception in legal proceedings

Dec 6 (subject to change): Electroencephalography (EEG) demo (in Smith Hall)

Spring 2019

Apr 26: Richard Wright, UW: EGG Demo

May 10: Shuheng Zhang, UW: A Brief Introduction to the History of Chinese Prosody

May 16: Visit of CEOs of American Chambers of Commerce in Europe and Honorary Consuls to UW Phonology Lab and Dept. of Linguistics

May 17: Peter Jurgec, U Toronto: Postalveolar co-occurrence restrictions in Slovenian

May 24: John Alderete, Simon Fraser U: Speech errors and phonological patterns: Integrating insights from psycholinguistic and linguistic theory

Winter 2019:

Jan 18: First meeting

Feb 1: Sara Ng, UW: Metrical Phonology:  Eliciting Syllabic Judgments through Composition

Feb 15: Sara Finley and Petr Staroverov, Pacific Lutheran U and Wayne State U: Syllables vs. vowels as infixation pivots)

Mar 1: Fieldwork Studio: MixPre6 demo

Mar 15: Website Development Workshop

Apr 12: First meeting, Media Arcade lab visit

Autumn 2018:

Oct 11: Sierra Anderson: French language game Verlan

Oct 26: Ted KyeUW: Lushootseed phonetics and phonology

Nov 9: Eva ZimmermannUBC:Tones in Zacatepec Chatino: The default vs. the underspecified

Nov 16: Nathan MarksUW: Not all verbs are the same: An OT analysis of Pl’ ~ P’ alternations in Russian verbs)

Dec 7: Armik MirzayanU of South Dakota: Lakota Phonology