Plaza Café Menu

October 5-11, 2015

MONDAY- Meatless Monday----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Soups:                 «Meritage Harvest Butternut              Kale and White Bean                     Tomato Bisque

Entrees:                 «Eggplant Curry with Basmati Rice and Organic Vegetables or Naan

                                «Quinoa Vegetable Lasagna with Garden Vegetables

                                «Asian Edamame Noodles


Soups:                     Meritage Chicken Noodle                    Ivar’s Salmon Chowder                     «7 Bean Soup

Entrees:                 AF Lemongrass Pork Steak with Jasmine Rice and Garden Vegetables

                                Chicken Tortellini with Salad or Vegetables

                                «Vegetable Tortellini with Salad or Vegetables


WEDNESDAY -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Soups:                    Meritage Chicken Curry Soup           Meritage Corn Tortilla          Ravioli Tomato Parmesan

Entrees:                 ©Spinach Ricotta Pie with Spring Citrus Salad

                               AF French Dip with Chips

                               Curried Red Snapper with Basmati Rice and Glazed Baby Carrots         



Soups:                 ¨Meritage Vegetarian Vegetable                     Tomato Bisque                    Split Pea and Ham

Entrees:                 Pasta Bar with 2 Choices of Pastas and Sauce

                               Pastas: Spinach Fettuccine, Linguine, Multi-Grain Penne and Spaghetti

                               Sauces: AF Italian Meat, «©Vegetable Marinara, White Clam, «Pesto

                               Catfish Po’ boy Sandwich with Chips


FRIDAY-Farm Fresh Friday---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------            

Soups:                   Corn Poblano                    GF Clam Chowder                  «Vegetarian Vegetable Lentil

Entrees:                Wild Caught Lime Ginger Salmon Fillet with Fingerling Potatoes, Broccoli and Julienne Carrots

                              Wild Caught Salmon Kale Salad

                              «Farfalle Pasta with Mushroom and Spinach

                              Chicken Fried Rice with Eggroll               «Vegetarian Fried Rice with Eggroll

SATURDAY  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Entrees:               Beef Pot Roast with Oven Browned Potatoes and Braised Carrots

                             «Vegetarian Lasagna with Garlic Toast or Vegetables

                             Grilled Reuben Sandwich with Chips

SUNDAY -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

       AF Hot Dog Bar with Macaroni and Cheese

       Grilled Reuben Sandwich with Chips

¨Vegan Item        ©Low Sodium, Low Cholesterol Item        «Meatless Item

GF Gluten Free        AF Antibiotic Free


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