2004 Sustainability Conference Proceedings

PNASH, the Western Center, the Northwest Center for Occupational Health and Safety, and NIOSH/CDC sponsored the 2004 Agricultural Health and Safety Conference. More than 110 conference participants from a broad range of disciplines heard 20 speakers address how occupational health and safety can be integrated into sustainable agriculture practices and how research and outreach can contribute to that effort. It was the first major event in the nation to focus on these goals.



Sponsorship and Planning Committee (pdf)

Conference Summary (pdf)

Final Program (pdf)


Key Note
• Making the Workplace Safe, Health, and Sustainable. Karla Chambers Stahlbush Island Farms, Inc.
Sustaining the Worker. Richard Fenske, PNASH Center
• Sustainable Agriculture: Global, National and Regional Trends. David Granatstein, Washington State University

Key Issues

Current Workplace Pracitices and Challenges

Organic vs. Conventional, Farming and Worker Safety and Health

International Standards and Certification and Sustainable Practices

Stoop Posture and its Effects on Workers

Developing Worker Health Standards in Sustainable Agriculture


Emerging Issues

Supporting Sustainability

Research Showcase

Track I. Characterizing Injuries and Illness

Track II. Prevention of Injury and Illness

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Attendee list (pdf)
Conference Evaluation (pdf)
Conference Photographs (pdf)

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