Kit Galvin

Research Industrial Hygienist
UW Env & Occ Hlth Sciences

University of Washington
Box 357234
Seattle, WA 98195-7234


1977 BA University of California, Berkeley (Botany)
1987 MS University of California, Berkeley (Environmental Health Sciences – Industrial Hygiene)

Research Interest: 

Kit Galvin is the PNASH Center’s industrial hygienist. Her interests focus on the determinants of exposure and solutions to workplace hazards that affect employees, their families, and surrounding communities. Before joining PNASH, she evaluated the implementation of Washington state’s ergonomics rule as part of the Policy and Program Evaluation Initiative in the UW Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences. Earlier Galvin provided industrial hygiene services for 10 years at an occupational health clinic in Winnipeg, Canada. There she fostered the participation of employers and workers in addressing a wide range workplace health concerns.

Using IPM to Reduce Pyrethroid Pesticide Exposures in Dairy Workers, Pilot Study of Risk Factors for Heat-Related Illness in Agricultural Workers, Reducing Agricultural Worker Risks through New and Emerging Technologies, Ergonomic Evaluation of Emerging Technologies in the Tree Fruit Industry, Pesticide Safety in Tree Fruit: Translating Research, Overcoming Barriers, Improving PPE Effectiveness in Agricultural Application, Pilot Study of Risk Factors for Heat-Related Illness in Agricultural Workers
Selected Publication: 

Galvin, K., Kraut, A., Gagnon, D. Exposure Assessment of Workers Exposed to Caddis Fly Protein. Presented at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exhibition, Toronto, Canada. June 1999.

Galvin, K. Teaming Up with Joint Committees. OH&S Canada – Buyer’s Guide. 40-46. 1996.

Galvin, K. Plan Before You Sample. OH&S Canada. 7(4):28-34. 1991.

Galvin, K., Selvin, S., Spear, R.C. Variability in Protection Afforded by Half-Mask Respirators Against Styrene in the Field. Am. Ind. Hyg. Assoc. J. 51(12):625-631. 1990.