Victoria Breckwich Vásquez

Director of Community Engagement & Education
Research Interest: 

Dr. Breckwich Vásquez is a public health professional with both domestic and international expertise. Early in her career, she served as a health educator at Los Angeles Free Clinic, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Kaiser Permanente, SafetyBeltSafe, Health Net and the University of California Berkeley in such areas as Maternal and Child Health, Adolescent Depression, Mental Health, Injury Prevention, and Occupational Health and Wellness. After completing the DrPH (UC Berkeley ’05), Victoria assumed leadership and management positions with UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health and with the City of Berkeley Public Health Division. As Chief of the Community Action and Assessment Section, she led community assessment, evaluation and strategic planning for the City of Berkeley and subsequently oversaw the Division's Community & Neighborhood Health Programs & Services Section. In addition to this domestic focus, Victoria often travels globally to work on community-based initiatives in urban poor and rural settings. She lived among the Chontal Maya in Tabasco, Mexico working with promotoras early in her career, traveled yearly to the Peruvian Andes to work on community projects with her mother’s village, and in 2006 founded a non-profit organization, SALUD Peru, to provide sustainable funding and technical expertise in supporting villager-led community development projects. The breadth of Victoria's skills include community-based assessment with qualitative research methods and analysis, community-based participatory research, teaching and mentoring undergraduate and graduate students, evaluation of community programs and services, intersectoral strategies to achieve health inequity, and strategic planning. Victoria has authored many peer-reviewed publications and was featured for service to students and to the community in UC Berkeley’s public health alumni publication, Berkeley Health Magazine (Spring 2010).

Administrative and Planning Core, Education, Outreach Program, Pesticide Safety in Tree Fruit: Translating Research, Overcoming Barriers, Using IPM to Reduce Pyrethroid Pesticide Exposures in Dairy Workers, El Proyecto Bienestar