Pablo Palmandez

Research Coordinator. Pablo Palmández has been an Agricultural Specialist with the PNASH Center since 2007. Mr. Palmández works within the farm community, linking farmers and farmworkers and the center’s agricultural research projects. Mr. Palmández grew up in an costal rural agricultural town at the Mexican Pacific Northwest, rising through his academic merit to study integrated pest management for his bachelor’s degree in the Universidad Autónoma Chapingo in Mexico. His Master’s degree in Plant Pathology, focusing on Micology is from Washington State University. Mr. Palmández combines his scientific, agricultural, and cultural background to provide leadership and education to the Yakima agricultural community.
UW Env & Occ Hlth Sciences
Interventions to Minimize Worker and Family Pesticide Exposures, Risk Factors for Cholinesterase Depression Among Pesticide Handlers, Ergonomic Evaluation and Development of Best Practices for the Use of Mobile Work Platform Technology in Orchards