New Projects Awarded 2013

New Pilot Projects Awarded for 2013

GRAS2P Food Safety Video
This video project will integrate current pesticide safety standards into the video, Fieldworker Orientation and Food Safety/Orientation/Orientation para el Trabajador Agricola y Seguridad Alimenticia. The video is bilingual and will be used by growers and workers in WA and across the US to insure effective food safety practices. This product is being developed by the Washington State Horticultural Association and local partners under the program GRAS2P (Growers Response to Agriculture, Safe and Sustainable Practices).

Pilot: Transmission of Microorganisms in Dairy Farms
Dairy farming requires close contact between people and animals with transmissions that can be a source of zoonotic disease. In this small pilot a multidisciplinary team will survey work practices to provide insight into modifiable risk factors for microbial transmission with implications for the health of workers, dairy cows and the environment in a “One Health” model.


Pilot: Fishing Industry Filipino Migrant and Immigrant Work in the Subarctic
Filipino migrant and immigrants are the dominant racial/ethnic workforce in fish processing in Unalaska/Dutch Harbor, Alaska, composing 28% of the total resident population. University of Alaska and Washington investigators will conduct in-depth interviews to understand the unique injury risk factors and negative health behaviors affecting this vital group.