Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association

Executive Board Meeting

September 16, 2000
Girdwood, AK

Present: Janice Bacino, Barbara Crain, Kim Granath, Nola Higley, Kathy Murray, Kathy Nelson, Bob Pringle

Kim Granath called the meeting to order at 8:12 p.m. at the Westin Alyeseka Prince Resort, Girdwood Alaska in the Board Room.

Minutes of the March 24, 2000 PNC/MLA Board Meeting were approved with corrections, motion by Bob Pringle, second by Kathy Murray. Final copy will be sent to Emily Hull for web-page and a paper copy to archives.

Discussion began with question on the $2500.00 needed as profit for annual meeting to keep the PNC/MLA solvent, referred to in minutes. Kathy Murray reported vendor support is less than in past years, this year only a few checks were given for sponsoring breaks. Board reaffirmed that the profit expectation is for coming meetings after Salishan in 2001, it is hoped that the Alaska meeting will be able to return seed money but there is no expectation of profit.

Committee Reports:

Membership---Barbara Crain - written report

2000 Membership to date: 7 life members, 11 new members , 167 total PNC/MLA members. In 1999 at the Seattle meeting we had 161 members. Dues notices were mailed at the beginning of December with follow up second notices at the end of March. The March notice included a brief questionnaire about reasons for lapsed membership. The most common reason, "I just forgot" followed by a change in job. Membership committee volunteers were appointed at the 1999 Annual meeting. They are: Loretta Andress - Alaska; Jim Henderson - British Columbia; Kathy Nelson - Idaho; Steve Teich - Oregon; Jan Schuller - Washington; Barbara Crain - Montana. This committee was responsible for contacting lapsed members in their state or province. Committee chairs were notified of members who volunteered for specific committee assignments on their renewal forms. Web update was done on the member list June 30, 2000. We have streamlined the information a bit and plan to update the web site quarterly. Membership database was sent to Kate Corcoran at MLA for chapter compliance and to Ann Girling for Annual meeting registration. Mailing labels were provided as requested. Several of our new members were vendors.

Barbara has followed up with MLA on selling of mailing labels. It is an acceptable practice, but our members in the past have said no to the request. We will ask at business meeting about survey and putting option on renewal form for permission to sell name to select vendors.

Treasurer--- Nola Higley (written report)

PNC/MLA Treasurer's report 1/01/00 through 9/15/00: Inflows were transferred funds from Pam Spickelmier, $4,910.20, membership dues, $3,985.52, interest from checking $212.63, bank credit for Canadian exchange, $9.50 and Seattle meeting receipts $9,421.77 for a total of $18,539.62. Outflows were for advance for Alaska meeting $500.00, banking fees $36.20, Board meeting expenses for Seattle March 2000 $463.00, liability insurance $275.00, donation to McClure Award fund, $100.00, legal/fees $5.00, CD purchase $8.000.00, postage $105.87, Travel (Board meeting Seattle, Chapter representative Vancouver) $2922.76 for total of $12, 407.83. The checking balance for PNC is $6, 131.79 there is $8,190.34 in a CD reserve for total PNC/MLA Assets of $14,322.13. This healthy treasury is due to the Seattle meetings impressive income last year. We must note, however, that our income this year has exceeded expenses by only $1221.59, meaning we must continue to be alert to ways of increasing income and curtailing expenses, while enjoying our present prosperity.

Nola had an independent review of the checking account for the PNC/MLA for the period of December 1996 through February 2000, the records were found to be in order. A summary of income and expenses for last 10 years was reviewed. The expenses exceeded income in 1990, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1996 and 1997. The Seattle meeting was financially a success. A financial task force led by Nola and Bob should report next spring to the board on how these trends are impacting the chapter.

Chapter Council--- Bob Pringle - written report

Here's a winter report for the Pacific Northwest Chapter Representative

  1. Professional Development. Facilitated a Benchmarking table at the CC Roundtables for the 2000 MLA Annual meeting.
    Recruited Robin Braun as the Pacific Northwest Benchmark Chapter Educator.
    Co-taught, with Bonnie Chadbourne of OCLC, a class on use of the Conspectus method of collection assessment during the PNC annual meeting in Alaska.
  2. Advocacy. Member of Majors Chapter Award Committee.
    Completed and posted the Chapter history for MLA News.
  3. Organization. Identified potential Chapter Council Representatives and Alternates for the PNC Nominating Committee. Both positions were filled.
    Successfully ran for Chapter Chair-elect, effective on completion of term as CC representative.
    Provided Chapter information to MLA members and officers as required.
    Participated in Chapter Board meetings and discussions.
  4. Research. PI for Benchmarking Project within the Chapter, replicating the Canadian study. Presented a poster at MLA 2000 and wrote an article (in press) on initial results.
  5. Information Technology. Used Chapter and MLA websites to gather information for reports and discussion.
    Continued use of e-mail to communicate within the Chapter and MLA.

2000 Annual Meeting (AK)---Kathy Murray

The Alaska planning committee had contracted for 60 rooms at the resort for this conference, since so many people are sharing rooms if we contract 60 we probably will need 120 registrants to meet this level of commitment. With the Westin Alyeseka Prince Resort charging for meeting rooms regardless of number of rooms actually filled this was not a problem, but the $900.00 of expenses for the room fees was a surprise to the planning group. They covered this by reducing costs in food items. Conference pre-registration was 43 all inclusive, 3 for conference only, and two vendors registered for program. 105 registered for the digital copyright program which was sponsored by the Alaska Library Association and free to its' members, 21 have registered from AkLA. The program on critically evaluating information was cancelled; there were only 5 participants who pre-registered and Sherilynne Fuller was planning to come only for the time to teach this class. 7 registered as first time attendees.

1999 Annual Meeting (WA)---Kim Granath - written report

The total registrations for Seattle annual meeting were 105, which did not include the 9 speakers. 51 registered as all-inclusive (including 11 vendors), 36 were conference only, 8 CE only. Geographical breakdown of attendees: Alaska, 6; British Columbia, 5; Idaho, 6; Montana, 4; Oregon, 13; Washington, 48. The program planning committee was chaired by Chris Beahler and Sarah Safranek, continuing education, Lisa Oberg, Program Website, Valerie Lawrence, Registration, Leilani St. Anna, Technology Forum, Cathy Buroughs, Vendors, Mary Ann Blake.

2001 Annual Meeting (OR)--- Beverly Schriver -written report

"2001 Hal Unplugged a PNC/MLA Odyssey" is the theme for the conference scheduled Sunday, September 9 at noon to Thursday September 13, 2000. Valerie Lawrence has courageously agreed to replace Madelyn Hall on the registration committee. A checking account will be opened in September. Roy Tennant will be the keynote speaker in the afternoon of September 11th, he will also present a CE course that same day. His topic usually includes his perspective on where libraries are heading in terms of collections and services and the challenges of integrating them with the "old" (tried and true) collections and services. The CE course could be either Digital Libraries or Web Management, both of which would be lecture/demo rather than hands-on. A letter of commitment has been sent to Roy. We are continuing to gather CE/clinical speakers ideas.

Concern was voiced over date of meeting with no Saturday night stay. This makes it very difficult to get affordable airline tickets. Traditionally we have had CE on Sunday, in order to allow participants to arrange a Saturday night stay. The early September date may also be a problem for the academic libraries on semester system, generally most of September is scheduled for library instruction with new students. Janice Bacino will follow up with committee particularly about the 60 rooms contracted with Salishan Resort.

2002 Annual Meeting (BC)---Diane Hilmer and Shannon Long agreed to co-chair.

No committee has been formed yet. They have not yet reserved a hotel or established their timeline. Kathy Murray will help them as a member of conference planning committee.

Award Announcements-Kim Granath

It appears that HLIB is the forum for announcing awards to members. We need to include these in state reports to the Northwest Notes Newsletter.

Election Results---Carolyn Olson - written report

The following candidates have been elected for the coming year (2001): Chair elect - Bob Pringle, Recording secretary - Chris Beahler, Membership secretary - Kathy Martin, Chapter council representative - Patrice O'Donovan, Chapter council alternate - Dolores Judkins, MLA Nominating committee nominee - Sherry Dodson. Thanks to all who agreed to participate, ballots were tallied by 3 individuals. 94 votes were received.

Benchmarking---Robin Braun - written report

Robin was appointed the PNC/MLA Benchmarking Chapter Educator (BCE) at the MLA 2000 Annual meeting in Vancouver BC. She attended the BCE Training session on May 8, 2000. She also attended the Best Practices Through Benchmarking open forum and the Benchmarking Initiative: One More Opportunity for Questions and Answers. Bob Pringle, Vicki Croft and Robin participated in a poster presentation, detailing the benchmarking experience of INWHSL (a local consortium) using the Canadian Health Libraries Association Benchmarking Tool Kit (7/98). The report has been submitted to the new Journal of Hospital Librarianship for publication.

Robin is on the mla-bce listserv. She wrote a brief article for Northwest Notes on Benchmarking for the Jan-June 2000 issue. As a personal MLA member, she has been gathering the data for her employer Empire Health Services to submit to MLA. She has discussed her experiences and frustrations with Kate Corcoran at MLA headquarters. Robin will present a Benchmarking Session on Monday September 18, 2000. She will review each question on the Benchmarking data worksheets and provide definitions for the terms used. Robin will discuss where she found the data for her institution and the frustrations in trying to answer certain questions. Although only 2 institutional members from PNC have submitted Benchmarking data so far, Robin will be encouraging further participation and is available to assist PNC members with Benchmarking questions.

Committee Reports ---written reports

Professional Development

Lisa Oberg sent a report for the Professional Development Committee. Members include Lisa as outgoing chair; Janice Bacino, St. Peter's Community Hospital, Helena MT; Dolores Judkins, Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland OR; Mary Ellen Lemon, Healthwise, Boise ID; Nancy Press, NN/LM PNR, Seattle WA; Barbara Saint, University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC; Doreen Smith, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, Fairbanks AK; Ann Robertson, Evergreen Hospital Medical Center, Kirkland WA; Dorothy O'Brien, Good Samaritan Hospital, Corvallis, OR and Karin Thomsen. They have a section on the PNC/MLA web site on continuing education. It contains information on upcoming CE opportunities in the PNC region and funding for professional development. Suggestions are welcome.

Nancy Press with funding from the RML has revised the PNC CE survey and it was mailed in January 2000 to members. The most frequently suggested course topics continue to be using Internet resources such as web DOCLINE and Advanced PubMed searching, as well as document delivery options. Complete results were posted on the web.

The annual meeting had nine courses offered by the program planning committee: Reading and evaluating reports of clinical research: A basic introduction - Sherrilynne Fuller HSL, University of Washington, Seattle; Designing web pages - John Iliff, University of Alaska, Anchorage; Digital copyright issues - Sarah K. Wiant, Washington and Lee University, Lexington VA; Advanced web page design - John Iliff, University of Alaska, Anchorage, Web DOCLINE, SERHOLD, DOCUSER & Loansome DOC - Susan Barnes, NNLM/PNR, Seattle; Using the OCLC/WLN NLM Conspectus - Bonnie Chadbourne, OCLC/WLN, Lacey WA, Bob Pringle, Intercollegiate Center for Nursing Education, Betty M. Anderson Library, Spokane; Ovid Applications training - Staff New York City, PubMed update - Linda Milgrom, NNLM/PNR, Seattle; Using Microsoft Access to build library databases - Peggy Baldwin, Providence Medical Center, Portland.

MLA's continuing education committee is presenting a satellite teleconference entitled " The effects of E-journals on your libraries" as a part of their distance learning program. The teleconference will be downlinked at the University of Washington November 15, 2000, 1:30-3:00 p.m. CST.

The goals for the committee include developing a packet for instructors to use as a guide to developing courses.

Government Relations Committee---written report

Marcia Batchelor has been forwarding the "Alert" messages from the American Library Association Washington Office Newsletter listserv, ALAWON to hlib-nw. The messages usually call for help lobbying on behalf of libraries, literacy, Internet filtering etc, as bills come before Congress.

Archives---written report

Janet Schnall reported the 2000 meeting is the 40th annual meeting of PNC/MLA and the first one held in Alaska. The early history of the PNC/MLA formerly know as the Pacific Northwest Regional Group has written by Janet Schnall and posted to the PNC web site. A summary was submitted to MLA News by Bob Pringle and Janet Schnall "Geographically challenged Pacific Northwest Chapter has a proud history". The MLA Oral History committee has produced an interview with Gerald J. Oppenheimer. The interview was conducted by Diane McKenzie and Janet Schnall, with the transcript edited and prepared for publication by Diane McKenzie, June 2000. Copies can be found in the PNC/MLA Archives; in the University of Washington Libraries collection and the NN/LM PNR circulating collection.

The inactive records of PNC/MLA are kept at the University of Washington Libraries Manuscripts, Special Collections, University Archives Division. Any records (especially Program Chair's records from this meeting) should be sent to Janet Schnall as Archivist of PNC/MLA. When committee chairs give reports, please announce the names of committee members.

Members are welcome to ask the Archivist for information that is in the Archives. This is especially helpful when members apply to MLA's Academy of Health Information Professionals and need verification of holding an office in PNC/MLA. Please allow enough lead-time to search the Archives, as some of the archives are located off the University of Washington campus.

State Reports---

Loretta Andress submitted the report for Alaska. The Alaska State Legislature has allocated $34 million to the University of Alaska Anchorage, of which Health Sciences Information Service is a part for the expansion of the Consortium Library and construction of a parking structure. HSIS will be housed in the new addition, with a view of the mountains. HSIS and the University are a part of the new Anchorage Municipal Libraries joint catalog. It makes available in one location the holdings of University campuses throughout the state, as well as the Anchorage Public Library and Alaska Resources Library. The plan is that all Alaska libraries will eventually be included.

Kathy Murray was awarded a faculty development grant to review and evaluate the HSIS collection. She is also attending the Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory fellowship in Medical Informatics in October. Loretta and Kathy hosted a visitor from the NLM in December. Heather Wilder; a postgraduate medical librarian spent three days at the Consortium Library learning about it's operation and assisted in developing a Microsoft Access database. HSIS has purchased a scanner to send email journal articles and is conducting a survey of Alaskan health care providers. The survey will be used to plan the library services to better serve users needs.

Meeting adjourned at 10:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Nelson
Recording Secretary PNC/MLA
Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center
PO Box 2077
Idaho Falls 83403-2077
Email -

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