Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association

Executive Board Meeting

Friday, March 24, 2000
Seattle, WA

Present: Janice Bacino, Edean Berglund, Barbara Crain, Kim Granath, Kathy Nelson, Carolyn Olson, Bob Pringle

Kim Granath called the meeting to order at 10:16 a.m. at the Doubletree Hotel Seattle Airport Olympic Room 2.

Minutes of the October 24, 1999 PNC/MLA Board Meeting were approved after motion by Carolyn Olson and second by Barbara Crain.

Committee Reports:

Carolyn Olson, as past chair, is updating the responsibility manual. She will include such items as "the chair will send a written thank you note on chapter letterhead with dates of service on committees to members to serve as documentation for personal portfolios" this should help members meet AHIP documentation needs. "The letter will be written after they annual chapter meeting, no later than November 15th". She is preparing, in calendar format, items that need to be completed along with deadlines for the PNC board members. Another item for the responsibility manual is the Membership Secretary will notify Committee Chairs of members who select a committee on the PNC membership form.

Membership, Barbara Crain

The electronic web based chapter renewal was not as successful as hoped for in 1999, so a paper form of renewal was sent in December with good returns. The notices were sent in early December, rather than in November (a change from the responsibility manual). Barbara asked for volunteers to follow up in each state or province why former members did not renew. There were various reasons for not renewing such as retirement or no longer working in the field. Barbara sends Kudo's to Anne Girling for her helpful communications with the membership chair.

Barbara shared a survey from the Northern California/Nevada Chapter. They were trying to get some benchmarking information on dues and board meetings. She will use the treasurer's report that Nola prepared to answer the questions and will ask the chapter to share with us a summary of the results they obtain.

The PNC membership list on the web is probably a duplicate of information that is already available on the RML pages. We will ask the webmaster to provide a link to the RML membership pages with current data, rather than trying to update as each membership renewal appears. Discussed changing format to just name, state and renewal date for members to verify they have paid their dues with an email link to Barbara Crain if there is a question, rather than to Nola, the treasurer.

Treasurer, Nola Higley (written report)

Nola sent a written treasurer's report. Our annual meeting last fall made a windfall profit by sharing costs with the RML. We are no longer in immediate danger of bankruptcy. However, the meetings after Alaska and Oregon will need to make a profit to keep expenses and income current.

Carolyn suggested taking a longer view of our financial status as an organization. We need to evaluate expenses, dues and revenue for the PNC. Treasurers balance the yearly budget, but with a three-year term of office we are not looking long range enough. In the 1990's our reserves were being used to support expenses and the revenue was inadequate. Our membership is stable with about 120 paid members, but dues alone do not meet our expenses.

The bylaws call for an audit with change of treasurer. We may not need a paid auditor, but a review by someone familiar with finances and not on the board. This person should look at trends as well as balances. Carolyn will work with Nola to schedule an audit on the calendar for the end of her term in three years.

Chapter Council, Bob Pringle - written report, March 24, 2000

Once again, most activity is communicating chapter responsibility information to MLA's Chapter Council officers and other committee folks. There is great interest at MLA in the date and location of our annual meetings. Our web site has proven invaluable in keeping MLA and me up to date (kudos to our Web editor, Emily Hull!). Edean Berglund is working on Chapter Council elections committee this year. The Chapter History is on the web site. I'll be editing it for submission to MLA News.

Bob Pringle, Head Librarian
Betty M. Anderson Library, Intercollegiate Center for Nursing Education
2917 West Fort George Wright Drive, Spokane, WA 99224-5290
Phone: 509-324-7342
Fax: 509-324-7349

1999 Annual Meeting (Seattle), Sarah Safranek

Sarah and Chris Beahler, conference chairs are sending report to Kim. They were able to send the PNC $9331.77 after paying meeting costs, a remarkable sum for our small conference. The RML support of shared speakers made this possible.

2000 Annual Meeting (Alaska), Kim Granath (for Kathy Murray)

Kim has invited Michael Homan from Mayo Clinic to attend the PNC annual meeting in Alaska. If he is unable to attend, Carol Jenkins the MLA president-elect or M.J. Tooey were suggested as possible MLA representatives. The MLA breakfast is scheduled for Tuesday, September 19, 2000. The duty to send an invitation for MLA speaker needs to be added to the PNC board calendar.

Kathy Murray has reported to Kim via email that things are in hand for Alaska meeting. The vendor letters are ready to send out. The first clinical speaker that was approached is not able to present, so another speaker is being approached. Kathy is in Australia on vacation until the end of April; so further information will not be available until May.

2001 Annual Meeting (Oregon), Beverly Schriver

Beverly is working at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Eugene, her meeting report is not yet available.

Old Business:

Thank you from MLA for donation to McClure Education Fund was shared. Kim will send the original letter to chapter Archivist Janet Schnall.

2000/2001 Map Goals were reviewed.

Goal 1, Objective 1.A: Provide quality continuing education courses and programs to the membership. Our indicator: by 2000 foster development of one new course or workshop. The statistics class that was offered in Boise by Lisa Oberg, Janet Schnall and Bill Gembala, the genetics class that Suzy Holt presented and the document delivery class that Jean Shipman presented all met this objective.

Goal 2, Objective 2.A: To advocate the use of new methods of health information delivery and support the dissemination of information on library innovations and trends. Our indicator: by 2001, offer at least three classes or formal sessions that stretch the technological limits of members. The technology fair in Seattle, as well as End Note class met this objective. Discussion on need for further educational support in this objective included fire walls, licensing and copyright, electronic document delivery. Oregon has librarians with lots of experience in contracts and licensing and Kim described the position at the University of Montana that reviews all of the library contracts. Janice expressed interest in electronic document delivery classes.

For Goal 3, Objective 3.A.2: Explore members' need for collective and/or individual vendor contracts. A checklist of relevant resources and contract options might be of interest, maybe even some selected vendor links on our web page. The indicator: by 2000, survey members as to their needs for collective vendor contracts for products and services. State Library projects have probably met this need in the states that have licenses for all residents. The PNC board is not pursing collective vendor contracts. By 2000, offer a program on negotiating vendor contracts. A checklist on items that might be problematic could be developed, such as avoiding "indemnity clause". Edean shared that her hospital's compliance officer provided feedback that the library always kept them honest on copyright issues; now they need to be seen as the in house authority on licensing issues.

Objective 3.C.3: To provide members with information on legislative issues and support lobbying efforts where appropriate. By 2000, investigate the practicality and legality of inclusion of a budget item for lobbyist. The board feels MLA is better suited for this objective as most issues are national or deal with federal law. By 2001, develop generic tools for letter-writing campaign. Marcia Batchelor has been forwarding to HLIB-NW the ALAWON messages having to do with governmental relations. These email alerts include information on what to write and how to contact your government officials. Edean suggested that it might be helpful for those members who are quick with the delete key to include in the subject line when issue is especially important to the Medical Library community or Kim might send a follow up message asking HLIBBERS to be sure to respond on issues that are particularly of interest to PNC.

Goal 4, Objective 4.A: to support research in health information. By 2000, have at least one research paper presented at PNC/MLA annual meeting. Robin Braun and Bob Pringle are doing some Benchmarking research and have planned a poster session. Kim did a research study on actual use of computers by library patrons. She could come up with a poster on this interesting study. By 2002, consider funding research by PNC/MLA members. The board is willing to look at proposals, but of course this will depend on the state of the treasury at the time of the request. We need an application process for this.

Goal 5, Objective 5.A: To ensure the continuity of governance of PNC/MLA. In 2001, have a 2 day retreat for board members to revise the PNC map. Discussion centered on when the revised MAP needs to be completed. Beginning with the next annual meeting and next spring meeting the MAP should be reviewed. The revised MAP needs to be presented to PNC members at the annual meeting 2002 for approval in 2003. The board decided that at Salishan meeting in 2001, we would have a transition board meeting with time for MAP revision planned in the 2002 Spring board meeting agenda. Interested parties will be encouraged to meet by email (maybe using instant messenger) to review MAP. If reports can be submitted electronically prior to our transition meeting with new officers, it could help set stage for MAP revisions to be considered. Having the current MAP as a template will also speed this process. Our look at the goals and objectives today enforced that these don't really change, but the measurement indicators selected widely vary over time, so a 2 day retreat may not be necessary.

Goal 6, Objective A: To foster excellence and leadership though communication. By 2001, hold a joint meeting with another chapter or association. We did share lots of our 1999 annual meeting with another group (the RML); arranging shared speakers and programs. It allowed the technology fair to be held and kept our meeting costs very low. A joint meeting was considered for 2001, however selecting Alaska for our site discouraged others due to travel costs. By 2001, PNC/MLA will consider itself an electronic-based rather than paper-based organization. The web master Emily Hull has really made the PNC web site useful. We need all the committee chairs and members to submit items to web as well as contribute to Northwest Notes. Objective B: To promote and increase membership in PNC/MLA. By 2000, survey MLA members who are not PNC/MLA members to ascertain why. Barbara sends MLA members a welcome letter and invites them to join PNC, the membership committee members contacted former PNC members who had not renewed. In April, she will get report from MLA on members who reside in our region. By 2001, increase Canadian membership by 10%. This has been difficult, but we only need one new member to join from Canada to meet this objective. With the Canadian members working so hard on the Vancouver MLA meeting in May the board agreed not to pursue this until after MLA.

Web Site Discussion

centered on how well the PNC web site is maintained. Emily has been so gracious to accept changes and corrections at any time from anyone. The link to Northwest Notes is housed on a server in Alaska, Kathy Murray is responsible for changes or correction in this publication. The planned changes on the membership list were again discussed. The Treasurer forwards the application to the Membership Secretary. Barbara has been waiting until she has several names (about once a quarter) and submits the names to the web master Emily. This will be included in the responsibility manual, that changes are sent to web master for publication. The timing should be up to the web master.

The recording secretary is responsible for sending the minutes after board checks and approves to the web master and Northwest Notes. The 1999 PNC business meeting and board minutes need to go to Emily. Carolyn will follow up on this. The board requests every committee chair send a copy of committee goals and the committee members names to Emily for posting on the PNC web site.

Discussion on appropriate thank you to Emily for all her work on PNC's behalf. Edean moved PNC send her flowers acknowledging her excellence in service. Carolyn seconded and motion was carried.

Membership in committees

Lisa Oberg is continuing as CE chair. We did not elect anyone for the MLA nominating committee as a candidate from our Chapter. It is not covered in the responsibility manual how to deal with this omission, so Carolyn will add to past chair responsibilities nominations including membership secretary, chair elect, recording secretary, MLA nominating committee candidate, as well as other rotating elections. Suggestions were made for possible candidates and Edean moved the Chair selects a nominating committee candidate, contacts them by email and forwards the name to MLA as soon as possible (Monday, March 27th?). Janice seconded the motion, which was then voted on and carried.

There have been problems getting committee positions filled. The Conference Planning Chair is a huge job, and needs help from experienced people. The local meeting past chair is a good resource and the PNC needs to articulate that a commitment of three years is expected when chairing this committee for continuity. The first year can be spent learning what you can from current chair, the next year you lead the planning, and the third year is spent being a resource to the incoming chair. Because this has not been asked before, we can't expect Beverly Schriver to do this, but it should be considered for 2002. Leilani St. Anna does not want to chair this committee any longer, but will stay on for continuity. The manual has lots of good information but still needs updating. Maryanne Blake had volunteered to get this updated, Kim will follow up with her on expected time frame to complete. We need seasoned meeting planners in this role as resources to local planners. The original board vision was the annual meeting could be more standardized with fewer pressures placed on local planners, but it is difficult to plan a meeting at a distance. The committee has evolved to take on details that can be done off site such as registration and mentoring the local committee.

Spring meeting time

Board travel is a large expense for this meeting with members in several different states and airfares were very high for this meeting. However, we as a chapter have stated that we want a geographically diverse board. Our region has too much winter weather to arrange a February meeting; early to late March seems to be workable for the board to meet. The one time a year expense is needed to keep the PNC board focused and accomplish the work of the chapter.

New Business:


Bylaws require budget approval by February 1st but this is not feasible. The budget could be shared with board by email and approved at the Spring board meeting in the future. Instant messenger email might be easiest way to approve this budget with revisions suggested by board. Kathy N. will send members an invitation to join the AOL instant messenger service. The board will sign on as a list of co-workers and then can arrange a virtual board meeting on the system. Kim will follow up with Jan Schuller to make sure bylaws match budget requirements in the responsibility manual. The manual suggests the annual budget needs to be approved by March 30th. After approval, the final budget needs to go to Northwest Notes and web.

Nola will add some money to CD's and has put the checking into an interest bearing account. Our expenses will exceed revenue when our annual meeting is only expected to break even. We need to be aware of long term impact of not covering all expenses. It is not fair to ask the Alaska or Salishan resort meetings to cover more than the seed monies, but for in the future we need annual meeting revenues of over $2,500 to keep the organization financially sound.

Kathy Murray will be asked to submit the Alaska meeting budget by June 1 to Nola. We will review it by email and see what money may need to be moved from CD's. Nola had proposed adding the $9000 from Seattle meeting to CD's, discussion was on looking at Money Market accounts or other higher yield investments. Kim will ask Nola to check with MLA on what common chapter practice is. The board suggestion is that only $8000 go to CD keep $1000 in checking for expected expenses.

After the Salishan meeting we need to be clear with program committee that we need a profit of at least $2500 to meet usual PNC expenditures. We can't just repay the seed money and keep the PNC solvent. The interest from CD's will not meet the budget. Again discussion was if PNC can find a financial advisor to look at our long range trends. We can't really afford to hire a consultant, but we will be back in serious financial trouble if our meetings do not make us money to operate. Discussed how strategy of getting big name for CE will bring in revenue, but using big name as the key note speaker is really an expense. Board is responsible to keep control of budget, but our largest expense is board travel and our region is geographically distant.

Again revisited question of audit. Nola needs to check with Pam to see if this was done at change of treasurers as bylaws suggest. If not, we may want to ask some savvy members as a task force to go over books and look at our financial status objectively. Nola could be chair of this group. Kim and Carolyn will follow up on some suggested names. The board formally adopted the draft budget with a few suggested changes. Board members were reminded by Kim to save receipts for any expenses over $10 except mileage. Edean will be requesting funds as next vice council chair for MLA in Vancouver in May, this item was included in the budget.

MLA Benchmarking Initiative

Bob Pringle and Robin Braun are following up with this. Robin's name was submitted to MLA. She will be at the annual meeting in Vancouver in May, but there may be a conflict over the meeting time for Benchmarking Initiative. Either Robin or Bob will attend training meeting. Robin will probably report on this in Alaska.

MLA Membership Committee

Barbara Crain is our liaison to the MLA Chapter Council for membership matters; M. J. Tooey chairs the Chapter Council. Barbara has subscribed to the Chapter Council Listserv.

MLA Mentor Task Force

We haven't done any formal mentoring activities, but various members are mentoring each other informally. We haven't had that much change in our

membership to see the need for a formal program. We have few potential Mentees.

Mailing List Purchase

One consideration for revenue is selling our mailing list. One vendor (Rittenhouse) has asked about this, some chapters sell mailing label sets or spreadsheets for about $50 for one time use. On our next years dues mailing, we will add a box to mark if you do not want your name shared with selected sponsors. We will also encourage our vendors to consider ads in Northwest Notes to reach members. We need a standard rate for ads available to interested sponsors. Barbara will check if MLA has any direction on this.

2002 Chapter meeting and beyond

Conference planning is for a city location for 2002 PNC meeting. Vancouver or Tacoma were suggested as possible spots. Local arrangements are very time consuming, Kim asked Lea Starr for suggestions and sent an email to Diane Helmer but no reply yet. Northern California/Nevada Chapter is considering including us in a joint meeting. We would prefer a joint meeting be held in their area.

If we do not hold joint meeting, a resort possibility for 2003 is Chico Hot Springs in Montana. If could be a simpler conference. But members would have to fly to Bozeman and drive from there. Another suggestion was Spokane or Silver Falls, Oregon.

Action Items:

Kim reviewed the list of action items. She has invited a MLA Officer to the Alaska meeting. She reported we had no mentoring activities in the chapter to MLA on 3/25/00. Lisa Oberg will chair professional development committee, Kim will email her to follow up on identifying successful grant writers within PNC membership. Carolyn Olson will have a draft of updated responsibility manual by July 1. Cheryl Goodwin has agreed to chair the Electronic Resources Committee. Kim will notify Emily Hull about message to chairs to update web pages. Robin Braun will serve as MLA Benchmarking Chapter Educator. Kim will send a very special thank you to Chris and Sarah for the 1999 annual conference success, on PNC Chapter letterhead. The only active link on the PNC web site for Alaska is the Alyseka resort at this time. Online registration information should be coming soon. The 2002 site selection is in process. Kim and Janice will follow up with Diane Helmer. Future joint conferences will not be actively sought, but board is open to investigating any offers from other chapters.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Nelson
Recording Secretary PNC/MLA
Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center
PO Box 2077
Idaho Falls 83403-2077
Email -

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