Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association

Executive Board Meeting

September 9, 2001. Salishan Lodge, Glenedan Beach, OR

The meeting was called to order by Bob Pringle at 10:20 a.m. Draft minutes from the March 15 2001 Board Meeting in Portland were approved.


Bob Pringle, Kathy Martin, Nola Higley, Kathy Murray, Patrice O'Donovan, Dolores Judkins, Kim Granath, Beverly Schriver, Chris Beahler, Diane Helmer.

Membership Report by Kathy Martin:

There are 163 current members, with 16 new members, and 30 non-renewals. People should nudge the people they know to renew. The Membership Committee sent out an e-mail message asking for names of people we might encourage to join; contacted membership committees asking them to encourage non-renewals to renew; and sent out an e-mail to HLIB encouraging list members to join PNC. Tasks they have left to do are to send out an HLIB notice asking current members to suggest new names for membership; send out 2002 renewal notices; and send out an email welcoming the 16 new members this year.

Discussion about increasing publicity for scholarships. Treasurer will put announcement in HLIB. Also send information out in the registration packet. In the Responsibility Manual, need to add to Treasurer's responsibilities to send out an alert a month before the 6 week deadline. Nola will draft an alert for the Vancouver folks.

Treasury Report by Nola Higley:

PNC/MLA currently has two 1 year CD's maturing six months apart. Money will always be accessible this way, not tied up. Our checking balance, as of 9/6/01, was $5,514.45, and our Reserve Account Balance on 7/13/01 was $9,098.23, for total assets of $14,612.68.We also discussed getting a gift for the outgoing chair, and decided on a windsock.

Chapter Council Report by Delores Judkins:

Delores reported that the Chapter Council meeting was an excellent meeting. (She went this year as Bob Pringle's alternate.)

Developments at this meeting:

Carol Jenkins is the new chair.
The MLA Bulletin will be linked to PubMed (BMLA)
Already have, or will have to get a bigger server for MLANET.
There is a real shortage of medical librarians, and that will only increase. An article in Modern Healthcare discusses medical librarians.
UptoDate wants to link to PubMed
MLA is currently working on an independent reading program for MLA CE. CE is partnering with public librarians.
Terry Jankowski is the AHIP representative.

Nominations Committee Report by Kim Granath:

The 2001 ballot included 5 candidate for 3 positions: Chair-Elect, Recording Secretary, and MLA Nominating Committee nominee. A total of 194 ballots were mailed out and 105 were returned. The new PNC officers are:
Chair-Elect: Peggy Baldwin
Recording Secretary: Cheryl Goodwin
MLA Nominating Committee Nominee: Edean Berglund

PNC/MLA Bylaws Committee Report submitted by Jan Schueller, Chair

In late 2000 MLA Headquarters distributed the newly revised Model Bylaws for Chapters and Sections of the Medical Library Association, Inc. The PNC Bylaws Committee has been reviewing our bylaws for any mandated or advisable changes, which are minimal. In addition, comments were solicited and received from the PNC in such areas as budget completion dates and elections. A revision document will be ready for member consideration in Fall 2001.

Other Discussion:

Conference Participation by Membership.
Currently less than 1/2 of the membership is coming to annual meetings.

Ongoing question is the problem of location. We have decided to have meetings in the major cities (Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver) from now on. Membership wants to be close to downtown, but hotels are more expensive. But ambiance is important. For 2003, INWHISL has accepted responsibility for the conference in Seattle.

Recommendation: That the MLA speaker speak at the business meeting rather than at the RML breakfast. Business meeting has always been the second morning.

Some discussion that CE needs to be more diversified. For example, a lot of libraries can get documents with their existing technology, but don't realize it. Should do a panel on this topic.

Meeting Survey Report by Kim Granath:

Got 61 returns on the electronic meeting survey. Reasons members said conferences are important to them:

  • Hearing from our colleagues
  • Networking
  • CE

Reasons cited for not attending meetings:

  • Logistics
  • Funding
  • Other Obligations
  • Too long and too expensive

Board discussed having weekend meetings or 2 day meetings to cut down on cost.

2004 Conference in Sacramento by Kathy Murray:

Board approved a joint meeting with California that year in Sacramento. Southwest has very cheap flights to California. California group will get any profits, but we will talk about the possibility of them coming to the PNW, and us keeping profits for that meeting.

Thank Yous

Need a formal thank you to Jan Schueller for her work on the Bylaws Committee, and a gift.

Also a thank you to Janet Schnall for keeping the Archives.


This document will contain the goals and objectives for the chapter, and a 5 year plan. Bob Pringle proposed that he, as chair elect, and one other person go over the project. Then plan a two day retreat to work on the Map for 2002.

Discussion about whether Board can get one night lodging paid for if it's not in the body of the meeting. The final motion was the following:
Those members that have to pay out of their own pockets will be reimbursed $100 and after this year, full reimbursement for the one night. This was adopted unanimously.

Suggestion: Have a meeting with planning people from past and future conferences to discuss basic conference ideas.

The meeting was adjourned at 4 PM.

Minutes recorded by Chris Beahler, Recording Secretary

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