Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association

Executive Board Meeting

March 15, 2001. Portland, OR

Present: Janice Bacino, Kathy Martin, Beverly Schriver, Patrice O'Donovan, Dolores Judkins, Kathy Murray, Bob Pringle, Nola Higley.

Call to Order: by Chair Janice Bacino, at 10:15 AM, Airport Embassy Suites Hotel, Portland, OR.

Minutes: of Sep. 16, 2000, board meeting were approved as drafted.

Officer and Committee Reports:

We discussed MLA governance, our roles in it, and in PNC.


is charged to explore and advance electronic document delivery. We may want to recommend a CE class at the 2002 meeting in Vancouver, BC.

Professional Development (formerly CE):

has a new chair, Kelly Thormodson of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle, and members.


Nola Higley presented her report, & we accepted it. We're in decent shape for the moment.

Chapter Council:

Bob Pringle noted that neither he nor Edean Berglund, our alternate, will be attending MLA in Orlando this spring. Fortunately, Dolores Judkins, our new alternate, will be attending, and will fill in for all of us at Chapter Council and the Round Table sharing sessions.


: Kathy Martin went over her renewed/not renewed lists, and the folks she's gotten to help track membership in each state: Kathy Nelson, ID; Anne Girling, AK; Cheryl Goodwin, WA; Gail Wilkerson, MT; Jim Henderson, BC.


Kathy Murray reminded board members to use the Subject line PNC/MLA ALERT: on h-lib when sending official information for the Chapter. Most messages should go through her, though specific ones regarding our responsibilities need not. She hopes to have another newsletter issue out soon.

2000 Annual Meeting:

The Alaska meeting actually made $1100! Congratulations! Those who attended continued to flaunt the excellence of the meeting to those who'd not been able to come.

2001 Annual Meeting:

Beverly Schriver reported. We gave her plenty of unsolicited (and maybe even useful) advice.

2002 Annual Meeting:

The board reviewed a report from the Chairs, regarding hotel selection and planning. It will be October 19-22, 2002, at the Coast Plaza Suite, 1763 Comox Street (at Denman St), in Vancouver, BC.


We confirmed the need for 3 positions at the next election: Chair-elect, Recording Secretary, and Nominee to the MLA Nominating Committee.

Conference Planning:

Kathy Murray reported on plans to revise the Meeting Planning manual. We reviewed her draft survey designed to find out why the meeting is important to the members, and why many don't attend. A useable manual remains a goal.

2003 Annual Meeting:

We agreed to have it in Seattle, in an attempt to try our Seattle-Portland-Vancouver, BC location tri-cycle. It would be useful to find out if the meetings can in fact make about $2500 profit if held in those locations. (We told Kathy that we probably would not hold it at Lake Chelan; she'd received a query from a resort there.) We suggested a Sea-Tac airport hotel as a possibility for the 2003 meeting; folks would be able to find transport to shopping if they really wanted it (is there a Westin there?). Conference planning tasks should be as decentralized as possible (is it the Inland NW turn?) E.g., the Professional Development Committee should identify, from the survey and other sources, the emphasis for classes at an annual meeting. They should plan most of them, so the local arrangements/program chair only has to arrange facilities and logistics on-site, and suggest classes based on their local knowledge. Janice will invite INWHSL to coordinate the program, since we need a chair in place this summer.


Nola Higley offered a draft budget; we made some modifications. We recommended, when our savings CD matures in May, that she add $500 to it and put 1/2 in an annual CD and 1/2 in a 6-month CD. She can then rotate them so we have an annual CD maturing, and available for use, every six months. We also agreed that we need to put financial goals for the Chapter in the Map.

Responsibility Manual:

The board reviewed Kim Granath's excellent suggestions, made some revisions, and adopted the manual. Janice Bacino will send it to the web editor for posting. We agreed that revision of the Map (our 5-year strategic plan) should begin at the next annual meeting, with work done by the board. We may need a two-day session in the spring to make significant progress (based on experience of past Map-makers).

Joint Meeting?:

California groups meet in the winter. We may want to explore this for 2004. Janice and Kathy Murray will talk with them about the possibilities. We should choose a location separate from each, such as Reno, NV.

Next Meeting: See you at Salishan!

Adjourned: at 4 PM.

Minutes recorded by Bob Pringle

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