Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association

PNC/MLA Executive Board Meeting 10/20/02 Vancouver, BC

Present: Dolores Judkins, Patrice O'Donovan, Kathy Martin, Kathy Murray, Nola Higley, Peggy Baldwin, Bob Pringle

The meeting convened at 10 am

Peggy Baldwin offered to be secretary pro tem

The minutes from March 20, 2002 were approved


Bob has submitted articles on selected sections from the MAP for Northwest Notes. Peggy will continue doing this.

As a part of the effort to encourage internships in libraries, Dolores will write an article for Northwest Notes.

Kathy Murray suggested offering scholarships to library school students for the annual meeting. Dolores offered to develop a page about internships for the PNC/MLA Web site. She will also see if the northwest library schools (UBC and U of W) would link to our site, as well as the distance learning library programs that have programs in the northwest. Kathy Murray agreed to get contact names from these institutions and send the information to Dolores.

It was agreed that a $300 meeting scholarship would be offered to one student each year. The student would submit a one page application saying why they want to attend the meeting. That student would be asked to give a report to the board (or for Northwest Notes) about their experience attending the meeting. The treasurer would receive applications and the board would look them over. Bob will add this to the Treasurer's duties in the Responsibility Manual. Nola will increase the budget for scholarships from $1200 to $1500 to include the student scholarship.

Peggy will add this to the MAP. "By 2004, add a $300 scholarship for a library school student to attend the annual meeting."

The MAP will be discussed at the membership meeting. A straw vote will be called at the meeting, followed up by an email vote if there are not enough members present. There are 178 PNC members, so 45 members must be present in order to vote at the meeting. (25% or the total membership required by bylaws).

Dolores brought up the idea of using a web site called Survey Monkey to design survey tools. She suggested that the we buy a subscription to this service and give the members the user name and password to design surveys for their own work setting. Subscriptions are $240 / year. A particular survey can be password protected in order to just allow a particular set of people to view and take the survey. A CE class about using Survey Monkey and good survey techniques will be offered in the spring – March or April, in conjunction with OHSLA. Dolores, Patrice, and Peggy offered to do the training, with others carrying the training to other places in the Pacific Northwest. We should apply for the “Chapter Project of the Year.”, which awards $500 from MLA.

We will have the Executive Board meeting the day before the Survey Monkey class, at the same Willamette Falls facility we had last March’s meeting at.

We will have the Survey Monkey class in an OHSU training room, the day after the board meeting.

We will take these ideas to the Professional Development Committee, for the Survey Monkey class in the spring and something about electronic interlibrary loan in the fall.

Peggy offered to talk to Cathy Burroughs about any contributions she could make to the Survey Monkey training, because of her evaluation experience.

Treasurer's Report

Last year the Board agreed to reimburse Board members who had to come to the Annual Meeting a day early in order to attend the Board Meeting, and who were not being reimbursed by their institution for doing so, up to $100 in lodging expense for that night. Starting this year, Board members will be reimbursed the actual amount of their lodging expense (in the same circumstances). (This resulted in Kathy Martin, Dolores Judkins & Patrice O'Donovan being paid $108US each for one night's lodging in Vancouver for our Oct. Board meeting.) Nola increased the budget for board meetings to $3500 in order to accommodate this change. Bob will put the reimbursement of Board members into the responsibility manual.

The address for Heidi Adams, the new treasurer, will be put on the membership forms even though we are not at the end of the year, so that Nola does not get checks mailed to her well into next year.

Nola check on getting an update to Quicken.

Vancouver Annual Meeting Report (Diane Helmer, program chair)

The meeting sold 190 room nights The raffle will include a vest, a 1 night Coast Plaza hotel package, two books, a PDA. There is a total, at this moment, of 92 conference attendees – 79 all inclusive, 10 conference only, 1 one day only, and 8 CE only. 17 exhibitors. The exhibitors were supposed to pay $500 Canadian, but a number of them paid $500 USD The expected profit is between $1800 and $2500 USD.

Greg Rowell will get the vendor database back to Peggy and get copies of his letters.

Program Planning Manual (Kathy Murray)

Changes made or to make to the Planning Manual:
  • The calendar has been moved to the front for visibility.
  • p. 5 -- change the wording from ''self-sustaining'' to ''making money'' with an expected profit of $2500.
  • p 14 --Will add listserv contacts and library schools for meeting publicity.
  • p 15 -- budget
  • p 17 -- Has taken the word decorators out of the manual since this a service of the hotel.
  • Not sure what to do about meal tickets. This will be discussed at conference planning committee meeting. Meal tickets are not being used at this meeting.
  • Needs to add annual meeting evaluation form, copies of contracts, letters in manual to the manual.
  • p 9 -- continuing education at meetings should be Professional Development Committee’s responsibility
  • Should we invite the new program chair to board meeting to give guidance on how to plan a meeting?
  • Should applying for MLA credit, build into class cost? Will put some guidance about honorariums in the manual
  • We need a cancellation policy for full refunds at the last minute -- accommodated for extraordinary death in the family, no longer have job, etc.
  • The manual needs to clearly delineate CPC and annual program committee duties. What activities could be done somewhere other than the program city – registration, etc?
  • We should carefully indicate US/Canadian dollars on registration form.

Bylaws (Jan S)

The revisions submitted to the MLA bylaws committee have been approved. The only comment they made is that we should use the word majority, rather than plurality for voting when we have two candidates. It was voted that we add this to the bylaws change -- majority for two candidates and plurality for more than two. The bylaws say that we need a 2/3 approval of the votes cast.

Announcements about the annual meeting need to be sent out 1 year ahead

Jan has agreed to be parliamentarian. PNC will pay for an updated copy of Robert's Rules of Order for Jan. Jan will count to make sure that we have the 45 member quorum we need for voting at the meeting.


It was agreed that at future annual meetings we will ask that the State reports be kept to 3 minutes, , but not at this meeting. Since it is the responsibility of the membership chair person, it will be her (his) responsibility to communicate this limit to the people being asked to give the reports.

It was agreed that we need to plan for 3 hour business meetings in the future. The meetings seem to be getting shorter. If we don't need all of entire 3 hours in order to get the business done, then we will end sooner. We will require committee chairs to give us a written report if they are unable to attend, and encourage them to find someone to give the report in their absence.

Publication Committee

Kathy Murray said that she and Emily Hull will be working to update the look and the organization of the site. They will be soliciting suggestions from members (what works and what doesn't)

Kathy would prefer not to do the newsletter in HTML and PDF versions. There are a number of people who still get a mailed copy, and the PDF version works better for that. She will look into adding bookmarks to the PDF version for navigating around the newsletter from one place to another.

Technology Committee

Bob reported they got over 120 responses to their survey. Susan Barnes will report at the annual meeting.


We will have a joint board lunch meeting before 2nd day business meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.

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