Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association

Executive Board Meeting

March 15-16, 2002
Willamette Valley Hospital Community Health Building, Oregon City, OR

Chair Bob Pringle called the meeting to order at 9:30 AM, March 15, 2002, in the Willamette Valley Hospital Community Health Building, Oregon City, OR.


Bob Pringle, Kathy Martin, Nola Higley, Kathy Murray, Patrice O'Donovan, Dolores Judkins, Kim Granath, Beverly Schriver, Chris Beahler, Diane Helmer.

Bob Pringle volunteered to record the minutes (he brought his laptop).

Meeting 2002 Report:

Diane Helmer, by phone, reported that the website was freshly updated, with confirmed speakers listed, at Vendor support is initially good. Hotel costs are @US$90-110 per night. She will announce the site on HLIB after we see it. Progress looks very good. The board asked Kathy Murray to ask Diane if there is room for committee meetings to be set on the program, perhaps during roundtable lunch Tuesday.

Minutes of Fall 2001:

approved with changes. The Chair will send them to the Web editor.

Treasurer's Report

and this year's budget were sent by Nola Higley. A verbal report from the Salishan meeting indicated a profit of $1,375.42 in addition to return of the $1000 seed money; they will be sending this to the treasurer shortly. In the proposed budget: note cost of the Spring 2002 board meeting will be lower than usual, because one distant person did not come, & no one had hotel expenses. Change the budget to $3500 for board meetings, $500 for CD addition. The board approved the budget with changes, including a $250 symposium scholarship. Increase software budget to $400 for possible conference registration software purchase.

Professional Development Committee:

Janice Bacino reported for Kelly Thormodson on the Sync or Swim teleconference. PNC co-sponsored with the Washington Medical Library Association, the University of Washington, and the Regional Medical Library Thirty-nine people participated in Seattle. PNC gave them $100; the video is available for loan from the PNC lending library at NN/LM PNC. INWHSL also sponsored it in Spokane; 21 people attended, with grant support from the WA state Library.

Bylaws Revision review:

Jan Schueller sent a proposal. We reviewed them, and like them with the minor changes noted. The Chair will send them to the Bylaws Committee, for voting as soon as feasible.

California meeting 2004:

The Board meeting minutes from Salishan indicate we voted to approve a joint meeting in California in 2004 with the Northern California and Nevada Medical Library Group. The meeting will be held on January 28-31, 2004, in the Capitol Plaza Holiday Inn in downtown Sacramento, The board discussed upcoming meeting intervals, and decided that it makes more sense to have the California joint meeting take the place of our Fall 2003 meeting. INWHSL will be asked to host a Fall 2004 meeting in the Seattle area (downtown preferred if possible) instead. We recognize this will affect those with calendar year budgets more than those with other fiscal year budgets. Kathy Murray will announce the alert on HLIB. The 2003 Chair (Peggy Baldwin) will chair the business meeting in California; the 2004 chair will chair the 2004 meeting in Seattle.

Meeting discussion:

We decided that the program Chair of the annual meeting will invite the MLA rep, usually the President-elect, to come to the annual meeting and speak at the business meeting.

Leadership Symposium:

Chapters have been asked by Chapter Council to support and encourage attendance at the leadership symposium at the 2002 MLA Annual Meeting in Dallas. The Board charged our Chapter Council Representative & Alternate (Patrice O'Donovan & Dolores Judkins) to announce applications for a scholarship to this symposium, with the two of them judging entries. The successful attendee is to briefly report on the result of the symposium in NW Notes.

MAP revision:

The Board began revising the MAP. After we're done, a proposal for change will be sent to the membership.

The Board recessed at 4:30. It reconvened at 9:15 AM on Saturday, March 16, 2002.

The Board continued revising the MAP.

In the future, the Board wants to consider appointment of Board members to roles as liaison to various committees, so that someone on the board has the job of monitoring progress of committee activities. We may assign that to the past chair, either to develop the process or to do it.

The Board voted its appreciation to Kathy Martin and Willamette Valley Hospital for the most excellent facility and support for its meeting. If WVH is willing in the future, this makes an excellent venue for such meetings when a number of the Board are in the Portland area.

Adjourned: at 2:40 PM

Minutes recorded by Bob Pringle.

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