Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association

PNC Board Meeting Minutes October 17, 2003


Start Time: 6:10pm
End Time: 9:25pm

Members Present:
   Peggy Baldwin, Chair
   Vicki Croft, Chair Elect
   Pamela Murray, Cooperative Purchasing
   Heidi Sue Adams, Treasurer
   Anne Girling, Recording Secretary
   Kathy Martin, Membership Committee
   Kathy Murray, Publication Committee
   Patrice O'Donovan, Chapter Council Representative
   Dolores Judkins, Chapter Council Alternate

Members not present/Written Reports Provided:
   Maryanne Blake, Prof. Dev
   Terry Jankowski, CA Meeting

Members Not Present/No Written Report:
   Susan Barnes, Technology
   Jan Schueller, Bylaws
   Susan Long, MLA Nominating Committee
   Bob Reichart, Government Relations
   Bob Pringle, Past Chair & Nominating Committee

Subject Discussion Follow-up/Action Responsibility
Anne Girling -
   4/12/03 Board Meeting Minutes
Approved as written.
Send to Web-mistress for placement on the PNC Web site.
Anne Girling
Anne Girling -
   5/4/03 - Purchasing Group Meeting
Approved as written.
Send to Web-mistress for placement on the PNC Web site.
Anne Girling
Agenda Changes Requested that Pamela Murray be allowed to give her Purchasing Group Committee prior to the Treasurer's and Membership's Report.

Moved, seconded, and approved.


Pamela Murray
Purchasing Group Committee

~Committee's function, goals, and organization have not yet been defined.
~Cheryl Goodwin was added to the committee.
~Diane Carroll has been contacted regarding joining the committee

   ~Purchase of LWW full- text journals Main focus: negotiate a purchase agreement for LWW full- text journals. Twelve additional libraries have expressed an interest in being a part of the group. That is the number needed to make the purchase do-able. Pamela Murray will continue working on this project.  
   ~Does MLA approve this type of activity? According to Ray Naegele this type of agreement falls within the MLA charter and by-laws.    
   ~Cost per User ~A pricing formula is still being worked on. The WMLA contract has each member sending payment to WMLA; they then send a check to OVID. We would prefer that each institution pay OVID directly.
~Pamela is working with OVID's Christian Patrick regarding this purchase.
   ~Concurrent Users ~Is a 3 concurrent user license enough? We are not currently getting any "license exceeded messages".    
   ~Electronic ILL ~Articles must first be printed, then scanned, then they may be sent electronically. Is this what we want?
~The agreement MUST contain an ILL clause.
~PNC involvement with this contract will begin in January.
Check with Nanette regarding OVID's history of providing ILL clauses. Kathy Murray
   ~Survey of "Wants" ~Has not been done yet. Survey to be conducted in time for results to be presented at Jan. Business Meeting. It is to be sent out PNC members and other interested persons via HLIB-NW. Dolores Judkins
   ~Group Composition ~If participation is restricted to PNC members, it will promote increased membership. Should PNC institute an "Institutional Membership"? Should Institutional Membership be required for participation in the Purchasing Group?    

Heidi Sue Adams
Treasurer's Report
2003 Budget Report

Written copies of "2003 PNC/MLA Treasurer's Report", "2004 Proposed Budget", and "PNC-MLA Conference 2002 - Budget Summary" were given to all Board Members.

~Acceptance of the 2003 PNC/MLA Treasurer's Report as written was moved, seconded, and approved.
~Acceptance of the PNC-MLA Conference 2002 - Budget Summary as written was moved, seconded, and approved. A note should be sent to the Vancouver Meeting Committee, Diane Helmer, commending them on a job well done.

Kathy Martin
~Membership list for 2003 and non-renewal lists for 2002, 2001, 2000, and 1999 were given to Board Members; board members were asked to review the list and identify persons to be deleted from the PNC mailing list. Names of retired and no longer working members given; their names will be removed from the mailing list Kathy Martin
  ~Should the names of past members, who have not renewed since 1999, be deleted from the mailing list? Yes - moved, seconded, and approved. Kathy Martin
  ~Membership renewal promotion The names of all members who renew by Dec. 15, 2003 will be included in a drawing for a one-year MLA membership. Kathy Martin will send renewal notices out early
Terry Jankowski
   Sacramento Meeting -
     Jan. 28-31 2004
~Written report submitted.
~Prizes for early Registration: USB Disk Drive, Bottle of CA wine, Costco Phone Card
Ask CA registrar to send a list of PNC Members who have registered by Jan 1st to Terry Jankowski for the drawing. Terry Jankowski
   ~Alaska Door Prize Archie McFee Basket filled with representative items from each PNC State/Province. Alaska - Ulu; OR - wine; WA - Cougar Gold cheese; ID - Potato Cookbook; MT - Huckleberry chocolates; BC/ALB- Maple Leaf shaped Maple candy.  
   ~Advertise/Promote Meeting ~Sacramento Postcards: Too expensive to send to all PNC Members.
~Mail meeting materials to everyone on the PNC Mailing List.
~Place a link on Annual Meeting section of the PNC Website.
~Send hotel information, preliminary program, registration form, and Early Registration Drawing information out by November 30th.
Heidi Sue will donate the paper; Dolores and OR PNC members and interns will arrange the printing and mailing
Marianne Blake
October CE
Written Report submitted Acceptance of the written report was moved, seconded, and approved as written.  
Vicki Croft
   2004 Annual Meeting -Seattle
   Washington Athletic Club
~Planning Committee Chair - Robin Braun
~Contract has been signed.
   More information needed regarding expenses.
~Theme: Synergy - the Library as a Place
~Main Speaker: an architect
~50th Anniversary Party instead of a banquet
~Planning meeting scheduled for November.
~Preliminary Program to be completed by Jan.
~CE - Ask Connie Schardt to teach an Evidence-based Librarianship class?
Internship Pages on the PNC Web site The information is ready to be sent. Dolores to send it to send it to Kathy Murray.  
Chapter Project Award Suggested by Dolores Judkins that we submit our purchase, promotion, education and usage of SurveyMonkey for the MLA Chapter Project Award. Moved, seconded, and approved that we do this. Dolores will write it up and submit it to MLA.
Reimbursement of Board Members for meeting attendance Board Meeting Expenses:    
  2003 - October - since most board members would not have traveled to Seattle if the board meeting were not being held, PNC should pick up travel and hotel costs for all members. Payment of all travel and hotel costs for board members attending the October Board Meeting was moved, seconded, and approved.  
  2004 -
   Sacramento - 1 paid hotel night
   Seattle - 1 paid hotel night
  Discussed payment of Board Members travel & hotel expenses for attending board meetings. Discussed the use of video-conferencing or teleconferencing instead of meeting in person. This could pose a problem for some board members and prevent some PNC members from running for PNC Office. Motion was made that PNC should pay for 1 hotel night for meetings held in conjunction with Annual Meetings and all expenses for those meetings held separately. Motion was seconded and approved. The Procedure Manual should reflect this change. Peggy Baldwin will take on the Procedure Manual project during her Past Chair year.
  Members need to be made aware of which Board Meeting expenses will be paid for by PNC before they agree to run for office. The Responsibility Manual should indicate that the Nominating Committee is responsible for informing potential candidates for office about the Expense Reimbursement Policy Kathy Murray will take care of this.
  The PNC Website should say that Board Members are eligible to apply for grants to pay for attending the Annual Meeting.   Kathy Murray will take care of this.
Heidi Sue Adams
   2004 Proposed Budget
Written proposed 2004 budget submitted.    
  Changes to the proposed budget:
~ $1000 - Meeting Advances- not needed (We won't pay any of the costs for the Jan meeting, but we will not make any money either.)
~ $ 240 - Board Meeting Food - change to $400
~ $1500 - Scholarship - change to $3000
Acceptance of the PNC/MLA 2004 Proposed Budget, with all suggested changes, was moved, seconded, and approved. Heidi Sue will provide copies of the revised budget at the January Board Meeting.
  Provide $300 Scholarship for a Pacific NW area Library Student to attend the PNC Annual Meeting. Advertise to students in PNW Library Schools and to PNW students attending Distant Learning Library Schools. Dolores will compile a list of Distance Learning Library Schools.
  Registration Software - should we purchase?
   Vancouver's experience - negative
   MLA's experience - negative
   Other Chapters' experiences?
Request recommendations (pro and con) from other Chapters Patrice will send a message to the Chapter Council List.
Food for Board Meeting in Sacramento Postpone for now. Discuss via e-mail. Peggy will initiate discussion.
50th Year Anniversary Committee 50th Anniversary to be celebrated during the 2004 Annual Meeting replacing the Banquet.    
  Janet Schnall was suggested for Committee Chair. She can set up the committee as she sees fit. Potential members - Edith and Isabel. Dolores volunteered to be a committee member. Contact Janet to see if she is willing and if she would write up a History of PNC.
Committee Chair would contact potential committee members.
Peggy will contact Janet.
  Co-ordinate plans with.2004 Annual Meeting Planning Committee.
Ask lifetime members to participate?
Committee Chair would co-ordinate with Robin Braun  
Procedure Manual Should contain "Transfer of Duties" procedure for each Office An Official Procedure Manual needs to be written. Peggy Baldwin will take on the Procedure Manual project during her Past Chair year.
    Timelines for Treasurer and Membership Secretary duties to be submitted for inclusion in the Procedure Manual. Heidi Sue Adams and Kathy Martin
Continuing Education Grant

The Leadership and Management Section of MLA is offering a Chapter-level Leadership Education Challenge Grant for up to $2500.

Copies of the Grant Application were given to all Board Members present.

An abbreviated leadership class to be offered for CE at the 2004 Annual meeting was suggested. Kathy Martin will look into this.

Respectfully submitted by: Anne Girling, Recording Secretary

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