Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association

PNC Board Meeting Minutes – April 12, 2003

Start Time: 9:15 AM

     Peggy Baldwin, Chair
     Vicki Croft, Chair Elect
     Bob Pringle, Past Chair
     Heidi Sue Adams, Treasurer
     Anne Girling, Recording Secretary
     Kathy Martin, Membership Committee
     Bob Pringle, Nominating Committee
     Kathy Murray, Publication Committee
     Patrice O’Donovan, Chapter Council Representative
     Dolores Judkins, Chapter Council Alternate

Not Present/Written Reports:
     Maryanne Blake, Prof. Dev.
     Susan Barnes, Technology
     Terry Jankowski, CA Meeting
     Pamela Murray, Cooperative Purchasing (& phone)

Not Present/No Written Report:
     Jan Schueller, Bylaws
     Susan Long, MLA Nominating Committee
     Bob Richart, Government Relations


Treasurer – Heidi Sue Adams

  • 2002 Budgeted / Actual (see written report)
    • $7 interest earned not reflected in total inflow.
  • Vancouver meeting – final treasurer’s report not submitted.
    • Kathy Murray will send it to the treasurer.
  • Proposed Budget – 2003 (see written report)
    • Add $20/mo. for online access to Survey Monkey to Software & Supplies.
  • Begin work on 2004 budget during Fall Board Meeting
    • Peggy to add to Fall Board Meeting Agenda

Professional Development Committee – Maryanne Blake - Written Report Submitted

  • 2003 Professional Development Survey
    • Developed using SurveyMonkey
    • Response rate better than 2002 Survey
    • Change survey release date from Dec to Jan
    • Increased publicity is needed
    • Is picking from a list of classes (MLA, SLA), better than open-ended questions?

  • CE possibilities for Fall 2003 – Dolores will discuss them with Maryanne Blake
    • Electronic interlibrary loan class ½ day
    • Survey Monkey class ½ day
    • Vendor Negotiation class ½ day

2002 Annual Meeting – Vancouver – Diane Helmer

  • No report submitted; Kathy Murray has a copy of the report; she forgot to bring with her.
    • A copy of the report will be e-mailed to Board members. (Note: report received 4/14/03)
  • Annual Meeting Professional Software purchased for and used at Vancouver meeting did not live up to expectations. Reports not what was wanted, name badges not ideal, and software version not current.
    • Kathy Murray to contact Katie Corcoran at MLA regarding their Registration Software.

2004 Meeting – Sacramento - Terry Jankowski - Written report submitted

  • Preliminary program- online only; do we want to send print copies to PNC members?
    • Membership Committee to send postcard ad for Sacramento meeting w/ URL for online registration
  • 2 hours needed for PNC Business Meeting, only 1 hour provided in current schedule
    • Terry Jankowski to Notify Sacramento Planning Committee of need for an additional hour for PNC Business Meeting.
  • Advertise to Pacific Northwest area librarians.
  • Thank you gifts for Sacramento hosts: gift basket of items representing each of the PNC States/Provinces
  • Publicity – article in NW Notes, HLIB-NW e-mail message, “Who’s Going to Sacramento” on PNC Web site, and promote at Western Library Association Annual Meeting.
    • Terry Jankowski to get postcards (~300) from Sacramento Visitors Bureau, use to advertise meeting; send to PNC and non-PNC PNW area librarians
  • First 5 (?) to register would win USB flash drive, sunscreen, wine, etc.

Membership Committee - Kathy Martin

  • Lists of 2003 Membership and Non-renewals for 2002, 2002, 2000, and 1999 submitted.
    • Board members and Committee Chairs knowing of persons (on the 2002 or 2001non-renewal lists) who should be removed from the Membership Database should submit those names to Kathy Martin
  • Should those persons on the 2000 and 1999 non-renewal lists be deleted from the Membership Database?
    • Membership committee members to contact persons from their state on the 2000/1999 lists to determine their interest in PNC membership. Names to be deleted will be sent to Kathy Martin.

Chapter Council Report - Patrice O’Donovan & Dolores Judkins

  • Apply for MLA’s Chapter Project of the Year.
    • Topics:
      • Survey Monkey Class
        • Dolores volunteered to write up Survey Monkey Class; past and projected uses throughout the Chapter.
      • ILL TIFF file Trial
        • Write up Trial of Using TIFF files for ILL
    • Bob Pringle participated in Chapter Council Sharing Round Tables at MLA
  • -Participated in Chapter Council Sharing Round Tables at MLA

Technology – Susan Barnes – Written report submitted

  • Goal: increased use of electronic document delivery (EDD). Most common barrier: not sure how to begin. Low-stress starting point: capability of reading TIFF files.
    • NN/LM PNR to offer funding, Summer 2003, for acquiring equipment and software.
  • Test: Ability to Read TIFF Files – 29 libraries took part in test; 27 PNC, 1 WY, 1 ND
    • Susan Barnes will provide an article for NW Notes describing this test.
  • E-copy software
    • Heidi Sue Adams will provide an article for NW Notes describing this product.
  • DocView – see PNC Technical Committee Web page

Program Committee

  • 2003 Fall CE: Electronic Document Delivery &/or SurveyMonkey Class - Seattle
  • e
  • 2004 Meeting – Washington
  • 2005 Meeting – Oregon
  • Annual Meetings should try to clear $2500
    • Kathy Murray will add this to Conference Planning Manual
  • PNC Membership should be verified when registering for PNC Annual Meetings.

Publication Committee - Kathy Murray

  • What do committee members expect they’ll be asked to do as a member of this committee?
  • Emily Hull left but is still willing to maintain the PNC Web site.
  • PNC Web site is in need of a major upgrade.
    • Committee Chairs to develop relevant content for addition to the web site, e.g. annual goals, reports, members, etc.
  • Requested articles for Northwest Notes.
    • Subject: EFTS (Melissa), Survey Monkey software (Dolores), E-copy software (Heidi Sue)

Nominating Committee - Bob Pringle

  • Positions to be filled – Chair Elect, Chapter Council Representative, Recording Secretary, Membership Committee Chair, Nominee for the MLA Nominating Committee
  • Many names were suggested as possible candidates for these positions.
    • Nominating Committee members will ask the suggested people if they are willing to run and for which positions they would be willing to run.
  • Encourage Canadian PNC member candidacy.
  • Solicit candidates via HLIB-NW and NW Notes.
  • New Board Members and Committee Chairs to begin in office following the Sacramento meeting, Jan 2004. Current Board Members and Committee Chairs to serve until close of Jan 2004 meeting.

Old Business:

New Group Purchases – Pamela Murray (by phone)

  • WMLA contract with LWW (billed through OVID) is up for renewal. New members cannot be added to the contract; only new members, who have been involved in other LWW consortial agreements, can be added.
  • Does PNC want to take over the contract or establish a different Group Purchase Agreement? OVID? EBSCO? Other?
    • A formal letter is to be sent to Pamela Murray, Susan Barnes, and cc’d to the WMLA Executive Board stating that PNC does not want to take on the LWW contract.
    • -Board to discuss further at MLA and at the Board Meeting this Fall.
    • Peggy, Patrice, & Dolores to survey PNC members: Are you currently a member of a Consortial Agreement? To what do you currently subscribe? To what would you like a subscription?
    • Board Members are to submit to Peggy Baldwin a list of all current Online Agreements, how they are paid, and what additional databases are desired by Friday, April 18, 2003.
  • Request proposals from other vendors?
  • Offer PNC Institutional Memberships ($100) a benefit would be access to the Consortia.
  • Consider offering Consortia membership to non-PNC libraries?
  • Schedule a meeting with Pamela Murray and Susan Barnes during MLA.
  • Ask Pamela Murray, Susan Barnes, & Nanette Welton to Fall Board Meeting to discuss this. Discuss legalities with Nanette Welton, independent contractor working with RML.

Survey Monkey class report

  • Dolores reports the class was well received by those attending. Suggests it be offered again by state associations (WA, ID, MT) and/or as 2003 CE offering this Fall.
    • Dolores Judkins to propose to the Professional Development Committee that they consider offering it as a CE class this Fall.

Internship Web page - Dolores Judkins

  • Page to be available on the PNC Web site by June 1, 2003.
    • Dolores and Kathy Murray will see to this.
  • Advertise scholarship for student to attend PNC Annual Meeting.
  • Advertise openings for Internship positions.
  • List of Pacific Northwest area libraries open to library internships and qualifications for acceptance.
  • List of Library Schools with Internship Programs and their requirements.

New Business:

Streamlining the procedure for receiving and recording PNC membership dues - Kathy Martin and Heidi Sue Adams

  • Providing each member with a membership number would facilitate faster and easier searching of the Membership Database.
    • Assign a membership number to each member; make it part of the address label. (Kathy Martin)
    • Membership Number to be added to the PNC Annual Meeting Registration form. (Kathy Martin)
  • Updating member information.
    • Add a box to the PNC Annual Meeting Registration form to indicate changes to name, address, phone, e-mail, etc. (Kathy Martin)
  • On occasion PNC mail has been opened and checks have been cashed before being reaching the PNC Treasurer. Reimbursement can be time consuming.
    • A PO Box should be rented and used by the treasurer for receipt of PNC correspondence and checks. (Heidi Sue)
    • Changes should be added to the Treasurer’s Duties in the Responsibility Manual. (Bob Pringle)

MAP Activities

  • Library school student scholarship for attending PNC Annual Meeting
    • Add student scholarship, to be offered the first time in 2004, to the MAP (Peggy Baldwin)
  • Establish a biennial Award for Publication (web or print) by a PNC Member.
    • Committee to be set up, by the Publication committee, to determine criteria (peer-review, journal quality, etc.).
  • Develop a CE class on Vendor Negotiation
    • Ask Professional Development Committee to see about finding a co-sponsor for the class. (Peggy Baldwin will discuss with Marianne Blake)
    • Coordinate with State Library Associations.

Action items from the October Board Meeting:

Student Internship Web page on PNC site

  • Dolores to develop a page about internships for the PNC/MLA Web site
    • Kathy Murray and Dolores to have a page on the PNC Web site by June 1, 2003
  • Kathy Murray agreed to get contact names from Library Schools with Internship requirements to Dolores

PNC to provide a $300 scholarship for a library school student to attend the 2004 PNC Annual Meeting

  • Student must reside in the PNC region, but may be attending any accredited MLS program.
    • Add to Responsibility Manual -- $300 meeting scholarship to be offered to a PNC library student. (Bob Pringle)
  • Application criteria and process for applying to be developed by the CE Committee
    • Applications to be received and reviewed by the CE Committee, then given to the board for selection. (Maryanne Blake)
  • Application available on Internship Web Page (Dolores Judkins & Kathy Murray)

Responsibility Manual - Bob Pringle
Items to be added:

  • Reimbursement of Board Members
    • Changes in the reimbursement of Board members for attending Board meetings
  • Library Student
    • $300 meeting scholarship to be offered to a PNC area library student to attend the PNC Annual meeting.
  • Annual Meeting- Program Chair, Duties
    • Change “Prepares budget and fee schedule for approval by Executive Board 1.5-2 years prior to Annual Meeting…” to “Prepares budget and fee schedule for approval by Executive Board 9 months prior to Annual Meeting…”

Program Planning Manual - Kathy Murray

  • Annual Meeting Treasury Audit – have we done one, should we do one, does MLA require that one be done, and/or should it be deleted from the manual?
    • This item will be removed from the Manual.
  • Review Audio/Visual needs. What is needed? Who will provide it? What are the costs if the facility provides it?
  • Annual Meeting Program Chair – budget should be sent to the Executive Board 9 months in advance, not 1.5 to 2 years in advance. (See Responsibility Manual, page 13 of web printout.)
    • Bob Pringle to make changes in Responsibility Manual. Kathy Murray to make changes in Program Planning Manual.
    • Changes also to be sent to Robin Braun
  • Continue revision of Program Planning Manual.
  • Vendors Database. Should it be Web accessible? This must be discussed with the Web Host (UW). Should there be a Web-based form for requesting changes to the database? Should there be separate data sets for each conference? We are trying to avoid having separate data sets for each conference. Database would need to be available for use by multiple users.
    • Set up a meeting vendors database test as part of the preparation for the 2004 Annual Meeting (Kathy Murray, Leilani St. Anna, Emily Hull, Technology Committee representative)
  • How do other Chapters manage their vendor lists?
    • Contact MLA / Chapters to see how this is handled. (Kathy Murray)

2004 Annual Meeting – Seattle - Robin Braun, Program Chair

  • A copy of the Contract with the Washington Athletic Club, site of the 2004 Annual Meeting, was provided to all Board Members.
    • Meeting contracts should be sent to Kathy Murray for review prior to signing. Make this change in Conference Planning Manual.
  • Concurrent Programming: should this be considered in order to provide additional content? Should meeting be shortened?

End Time: 2:40 PM

Respectfully submitted by: Anne Girling, Recording Secretary

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