html> PNC/MLA Board Meeting - Spring, 1996
Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association

Executive Board Meeting

February 24, 1996
Seattle, Washington

Approved - October 5, 1996

Present: Leilani St. Anna, Presiding. Natalie Norcross, Nancy Press, Terry Wiggins, Vicki Croft, Mary Wood, Betty Jo Jensen, Bonnie Chadbourne, Marcy Horner, Jan Schueller.

Absent: Suzy Holt.

The board reviewed the minutes of the 1995 board meeting, and suggested a few revisions. The board approved the minutes as corrected. Terry will make the corrections and send the minutes to the board. [e-mailed 3/12/96]


Treasurer - Vicki Croft: Vicki presented a summary report of 1995 activity. Vicki also presented a budget proposal for 1996, a report showing the 1995 budget and the 1994 - 1996 actual expenses, and a report of some key aspects of the 1990-1995 budget years. The 1996 budget proposal was amended during the course of the meeting. Vicki mentioned later in the meeting that we need to budget for an outside auditor.

Membership - Natalie Norcross: 75 have renewed membership for 1996, we have four new members, and 134 who were members in 1995 have not renewed. (Natalie, please help me fill in other numbers here.) We agreed that the membership committee will contact those who have not renewed; we will do a brightly-colored dues notice insert for 1996 for the next issue of the newsletter, and a dues form for 1997 will be distributed at the annual meeting with Vicki's name on it, and with the December newsletter with the new treasurer's name on it. It was recommended during the course of the meeting that brightly colored dues renewal forms be included in the December newsletter each year.

Natalie sent a set of labels for advertising Online Northwest. She proposed upgrading the software on which membership records are kept; the board approved. Natalie also asked for ideas on what to send to new members; the following items were agreed upon: PNC note pads, a back issue or two of the newsletter, national MLA information, a PNC membership roster, a list of holding of the lending library, a PNC Map, and a list of PNC committees.

Natalie will arrange for the MLA display at Grouse Mountain.

Bonnie will take PNC chapter materials to the chapter table at MLA in Kansas City.

Chapter Council - Nancy Press: PNC is in compliance with MLA requirements, i.e., 72% of MLA voting members who live within chapter boundaries are members of the chapter. (Fifty percent is required). Bonnie Chadbourne: The Chapter Project Award, which will be initiated soon, will mean having to share the responsibility for funding. PNC will not donate the requested $200 for this purpose until further information is brought back from KC. The Board agreed the funding should be graduated based on chapter memberships, and it did not want to contribute to a competitive award between chapters.

Chapter Council representatives always want information for the MLA News.

The Board discussed the delay in mailing & receipt of the MLA programs. Leilani will write a letter of protest to MLA.

Bonnie expressed concern with Chapter Council's having to meet twice at the MLA Annual Meeting. She hopes to use technology (e-mail and conference calls) so as to need only one meeting at MLA.

The Board briefly discussed a question related to the Platform for Change: Should the CE Committee be renamed the Professional Development Committee? The CE Committee will focus on the competencies discussed in the Platform.

Newsletter - Mary Wood: Mary's printer suggested projecting a 15% increase for the cost of paper. Mary did not increase her cost projection for the newsletter because she was under budget last year and is producing fewer issues this year.


1995/Seattle - Betty Jo Jensen: Betty Jo presented the final report of the PNC 1995 meeting. One hundred twenty people registered for all or part of the meeting. Sixty-four people made eighty registrations for three continuing education courses. A total of twenty organizations exhibited; 18 of them paid. Four exhibitors also sponsored some meal events. Total income for the meeting amounted to $30,100 and the chapter profited $4,072.86.

1996/Grouse Mountain Lodge, Whitefish, MT - Leilani presented a memo from the 1996 Conference Co-Chairs, Leeza Hamby and Susan Long. Leilani will respond to Leeza with some suggestions for the program, particularly on Monday morning, October 7, and she will check on the status of the budget for the meeting. Bonnie suggested imminent distribution of exhibitor information, as companies will soon budget for such events. The chapter will invite Rachael Anderson to represent MLA. [After the meeting, Leilani queried the board by e-mail for responses to Leeza's final question, about ISI's request for pre- or post- conference time on the schedule.]


The Board recommended proceeding with tax-exempt status as a group process in concert with other MLA chapters. It was noted that bulk mailing has to be filed at each local post office from which the mail will go out.


Jan Schueller, chair of the bylaws committee, presented copies of the current version of the PNC bylaws, dated 1990, and "Model Bylaws for use by Chapters and Sections of the Medical Library Association, Inc." She noted PNC has to make several changes to come into compliance with the MLA model bylaws; the chapter has never gone through the MLA review process. The Board discussed when officers should take office and when the fiscal year should be. Vicki will check with Ray Naegle as to when the fiscal year needs to be for 501-C-3 status. [Note: MLA's fiscal year is the calendar year.] The second vote for MLA institutional members will probably need to be dropped. The clause that committee chairs have to be voting members of MLA will probably have to be dropped. The annual meeting section may need to be changed.

Jan will draft the bylaws changes for HLIB. The draft has to be reviewed by the MLA bylaws committee before it goes to the membership for a vote. Nancy suggested that the Board members review the bylaws and send comments to Jan next week. Jan will do a summary for the June newsletter. The response of the membership will determine the timing of the voting.



Vicki and Suzy had discussed the contents of the manual before the meeting. Vicki and Suzy will decide what to include in the manual. Natalie will produce the manuals with a table of contents and subject dividers. For the next meeting, those present agreed to bring position-specific documents, already punched. Besides the material listed by Vicki and Suzy, the group suggested including a committee roster, model letters sent out in the past, and PNC Annual Reports to MLA.

The group agreed that the Chair-Elect will send out letters of appointment to committees, and that the Chair will send out thank-you letters for past service after the annual meeting.


Mary sees having an electronic newsletter as inevitable; the topic will be discussed at the chapter roundtable at MLA. Some issues are:

Who will maintain the e-mail address list?
What is the obligation to mail to people without e-mail?
We would not need to send two dozen copies to MLA for distribution to MLA leadership.
Would the committee structure change? (Is setting up and maintaining a Web page automation or publishing?)
What is the distinction between the content and technical aspects of the newsletter?
Who will archive the newsletter?

Leilani appointed Marcy to be in charge of an ad hoc task force on the future of publications to investigate these issues, as she wants a decision before Mary's term as editor is finished at the end of 1996. Leilani wants a proposal to the board, and a presentation at the fall board meeting. She thought we cannot get rid of print totally.

The group discussed the list of people who do not have internet addresses, and found that many names could be eliminated from that category. The idea of a scholarship or joint project with the RML to provide internet access to those without it was discussed and approved.

Leilani had a message from Suzy that she will be attending a meeting next week to discuss MLANET. She wanted ideas on what we want, and the group listed the MLA Preliminary Program, with Pre-Registration forms, Section Council information, Chapter Council information, JCAHO and NCQA information, and to allow mounting of regional/chapter Web sites.


Bonnie discussed this project, which is supposed to be done during the MLA Centennial Year, from the 1998 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia to the 1999 Annual Meeting in Chicago. The chapter's celebration will be at its Banff meeting, and will coincide with the national schedule, since it is not the chapter's centennial year.

Five people have volunteered: K. Murray, J. Schueller, D. Judkins, S. Safranek, J. Schnall. They will probably recommend a slide show. They will consider asking retired members to give talks, and will ask for a budget. Lenore Ingraham is writing a chapter history. The Centennial group will recommend that the 1998 meeting theme focus on the history of PNC. The board approved $1000 for the project for the 1997 budget year, and agreed to pay for partial expenses of the invited senior members, such as hotel and registration.


Carolyn Olson had submitted a proposal for a midyear committee meeting at Nancy's house. The Board approved the proposal, and wanted the group to aim to fly in Doreen Smith from Alaska. Leilani and probably Nancy Griffin will attend the meeting, besides those on the committee. The committee might want more money for lending library materials (e.g., Brynn Beals sent information about a tape that would be appropriate for the lending library). The Board also agreed to spend $500 to fund developing CE courses.


At its last meeting, the board set a goal of surveying the members to assess the value of PNC to its members. The survey will be done in conjunction with the CE committee. Nancy read a list of questions that she, Leilani, and Natalie had developed before the full board meeting. They were thinking that a charge for the research committee this year could be to develop the appropriate survey tool, and that perhaps they would ask Nancy Griffin to come to the CE committee meeting (or should someone be hired for the project?). Calling this effort the PNC Compass, the board budgeted $800 [later changed to $1100].


The job of a conference planning committee would be to reassess the conference planning notebook, and address how we can assist meeting planners. Leilani plans to appoint an ad hoc task force on conference planning and have it meet at Grouse Mountain. It would include some former program chairs. The board budgeted $800, which may include travel assistance.


Leilani expressed the interest she has noted in joint programs with other groups, such as patient educators, PNLA (should we expand beyond librarians?), nurses, consumer health librarians (Natalie, Michelle Spatz, Val Schultheiss), HIM people. What can PNC do to facilitate a joint project? How could we integrate the knowledge base? The group recommended that the CE committee set up a forum on patient education / health education / consumer health; it could propose a budget. The group stressed a joint venture with other health professionals, and that the CE committee could identify people in other areas. It would report to Carolyn and Leilani jointly. Vicki will set aside $500 seed money for a collaborative consumer health forum.


The board examined how it can integrate these areas, using the chapter map and MLA strategic plan as background for establishing the '96 goals and objectives. The chapter map will be revised next year.

With the remainder of meeting reported by Vicki Croft:


The 1996 budget was revisited.

The following changes were made:
Committee Luncheon$600
CE Committee Retreat$1200
The following additions were made:
Membership software upgrade$75
PNC Compass Project$1100
Collaborative Consumer Health Forum$500
Collaborative Internet Access Grants (with NN/LM PNR)$500
Scholarships for CE Development$500
Ad Hoc Task Force on Conference Planning$800

The maturing $1000 will be converted to a nine month term, and be designated for the Centennial Project, so that budget item was deleted. The Chair will not be requesting money to travel to Grouse Mountain.

Marcy asked about budgeting for an audit, now that we are incorporated and planning to apply for tax-exempt status. Current Chapter Business Guidelines indicate that a person may be appointed, as many chapters would find it cost prohibitive to hire a CPA for audits. Vicki will check with Ray Naegle to sure this has/will not change with PNC's new status. [Note from Vicki: It has not changed.]

The next board meeting will be at Grouse Mountain this fall.

Respectfully Submitted,
Terry Wiggins

March 8, 1996 - Rev. Mar. 13, 1996 - Rev. May 7, 1996


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