Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association

Executive Board Meeting

Tuesday, October 14, 1997
Portland, Oregon

Approved - March 27, 1998

Present: Maryanne Blake, Nancy Press, Leilani St. Anna, Pam Spickelmier, Janice Bacino, Marcia Horner, Kathy Murray, Bonnie Chadbourne, and Mary Ellen Lemon.

Marcy called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m.

The minutes from the last meeting were reviewed and the draft accepted with revisions.

Treasurer's Report: Pam presented the budget as revised April 1997 as well as income and expenditures through 10/8/97. It was agreed that we budget $50 annually for the archivist to take pictures at the annual meeting. It was proposed that next year's budget for the oral history should include an honorarium for chapter history authors.

Bylaws Report: The Board agreed to delete the Research Committee in the proposed revision of the bylaws. Thus, Article VIII will read "Standing Committees shall be the Automation/Technology Committee, Bylaws Committee, Conference Planning Committee, Governmental Relations Committee, Membership Committee, Professional Development Committee, and Publications Committee."

Membership Report: No membership report was made. The Board reiterated the need to give members renewal notice by separate mailing or in conference registration packets. Current membership will be listed on the web pages if acceptable to the membership at the business meeting.

Conference Planning Committee: The charge of this proposed standing committee was discussed. Currently the Conference Planning Committee is an ad-hoc committee of Leilani St. Anna, Betty Jo Jensen, and Peggy Baldwin. As a standing committee its role would be advisory and supportive, but distinct from the local Program Planning Committee. The goal of this committee will be to reduce the stress on the local Program Planning Committee. Its responsibilities will be

  • 1) to keep program planning manual up to date, including revisions to the WebPages;
  • 2) to review and approve conference site contract and assist in contract negotiations;
  • 3) to guide the streamlining of the program planning process and long range scheduling;
  • 4) to develop and maintain a vendor packet, including vendor contracts;
  • 5) to develop a refund policy for conference registration;
  • 6) to reevaluate registration process including the implementation of standard registration software; and
  • 7) to audit the income and expenditures of the local Program Planning Committee, including developing a standardized budget and reporting format.

The composition of the committee could include past chairs of local Program Planning Committees, a representative of Professional Development Committee, and chair of the current local Program Planning Committee.

MOTION: Starting with the 1999 meeting, the program site contract will be reviewed by the Board and signed by the PNC Chair. Nancy Press so moved, Bonnie Chadbourne seconded, and the motion passed. The appropriate changes will be made in the Responsibility Manual.

Centennial Projects: Bonnie Chadbourne summarized the Chapter's plans to celebrate the MLA centennial. A luncheon will be held in Portland featuring the 5 life members as guest speakers. Janet Schnall, Jan Schueller, and Sarah Safranek are preparing a poster representing the Chapter for the national meeting. Oral histories from all life members are being taped for addition to the archives. A celebration is being planned for the Boise meeting, including display of the poster from the national meeting. And a Chapter history will be published on our website. The Centennial Committee has elected not to do fundraising for MLA.

Chapter Council: The presentation presented by Nancy Press at Whitefish summarizing the findings of many years of our CE Survey was submitted as a Chapter Project Award.

Election Results: Leilani St Anna reported the results of the election of officers:

  • Chair-Elect: Carolyn Olson
  • Chapter Council Representative: Bob Pringle
  • Alternative Chapter Representative: Edean Berglund
  • Membership Secretary: Barbara Crain
  • Recording Secretary: Madelyn Hall
  • MLA Nominating Committee Candidate: Terry Jankowski

Professional Development: Carolyn Olson reported that a letter of thanks has been received from Suzy Holt for receiving the course development grant. Her class on medical genetics will be presented at MLA in Philadelphia for 8 CE units. Suggestions for future course development were discussed and recommendation was made that the application for professional development fund grants be publicized, include posting on our website.

Financial Plan: It was discussed that the long-term goal has been to have one year operating expenses in reserve. Currently we are using the profit from the annual meeting to fund professional development grants, the Compass Project, and the Chapter History Project. The Board needs to establish budget guidelines and goals for the Program Planning Committee. It was agreed that future budgets should include Board travel expenses associated with pre-conference meetings.

Publications Committee: The Publication Committee now has two co-chairs, Kathy Murray as newsletter editor and Emily Hull as editor of the website. After assessing access to the MLA website, the Board decided to keep the Chapter website housed at its current location at the University of Washington. The responsibilities of the web editor will include

  • 1) to serve as alternate ex-officio board member;
  • 2) to chair a website committee with representation from each state;
  • 3) to maintain and update the website with content provided by the Board, committee chairs, and the membership;
  • 4) to develop and revise standards, goals and objectives, and procedures for the website; and
  • 5) to provide print copies of all versions of core documents to the archivist. The website will include the Responsibility Manual, Bylaws, professional development and scholarship information, the MAP, directory of officers and committee chairs, CE offerings, the newsletter, and the web pages for the annual program. The Board charged every committee with contributing pertinent information to the website.

Compass Survey: The Board reviewed and discussed the results of the Compass Survey as summarized by Leilani.

MAP: The Board reviewed the PNC/MLA MAP in light of the results of the Compass Survey and appropriate changes and clarifications were made. The revised MAP will be published on the website.

The Board took a brief recess.

1998 Program: Mary Ellen Lemmon reported that PNC/MLA 1998 conference will be held in Boise at the Grove Hotel, October 27-30. Tuesday will be reserved for full day CE, Tuesday night for the welcoming reception, Wednesday and Thursday for the conference and Friday for the Board meeting. The exhibitors will be all day Wednesday and the business meeting on Thursday. Discussion followed as to possible keynote speakers and CE courses. The Program Planning Committee expects to emphasize presenters and classes on consumer health information one day and information on vendor contracts the other day. Maryanne commended the Boise group for being so accommodating in moving their program up by one year.

Respectfully submitted,
Janice Bacino
Recording Secretary


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