Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association

Executive Board Meeting

April 25, 1997
Seattle, WA

Approved - October 14, 1997

Present: Marcy Horner, Presiding. Kathy Murray, Natalie Norcross, Pam Speckelmier, Leilani St. Anna, Janice Bacino, Nancy Press, Maryanne Blake.

Absent: Bonnie Chadbourne, Jan Schueller, Leeza Hamby

The board reviewed and approved the minutes of the fall 1996 executive board meeting.


Treasurer -- Pam Spickelmier: Pam presented a report of activity December 1996 through April 1997. Pam also presented a budget proposal for 1997 which was approved by the Board. Leilani indicated that she would need to secure the Banff location with a check for $2,000 out of this budget if we are to proceed with the plans for 1998. Supplies were increased by $150.00, $1,000 was added to the pilot project as seed money and the CE/Scholarship fund increased to $1,500. Use of this fund needs to be promoted.

Membership -- Natalie Norcross: For 1997 there are 6 life members, 7 new members, and 139 renewals for a total membership of 152. There are 38 members from 1996 who have not renewed. Membership has declined from 202 in October 1995, to 157 in 1996, to 152 in 1997. Natalie reported that she had state representatives following up on members who had not renewed. The following suggestions were made as methods to make members more aware that dues have not been paid: 1) Include personalized invoices in registration packet; 2) Mail invoices to members that do not attend annual meeting; 3) Publish current membership list on website.

Discussion was presented on bestowing life membership to a colleague. Action was delayed as the Board was unclear as to the guideline or criteria for life membership. NATALIE AGREED TO CONTACT JANET SCHNALL to review association history and board meeting minutes TO IDENTIFY THE GUIDELINES for life membership and TO REPORT to the Board. The Board recommended that guidelines for life membership be included in the responsibility manual of the Membership Chair and that the Membership Chair track and make recommendations of possible life membership candidates.

Newsletter -- Kathy Murray. Kathy reported that the newsletter has gone electronic and that the only concerns expressed were about printing format. Paper copies of the newsletter were sent to 20 recipients. EDITORS OF OTHER CHAPTER NEWSLETTERS WILL BE NOTIFIED that we will no longer be sending a print copy of our newsletter.

Discussion followed on the location and maintenance of the newsletter and the association's web pages. Currently Leilani has a few pages loaded for the association ( and the newsletter is at the University of Alaska. Kathy expressed the view that MLA will eventually be the best site for our web pages, however they are not yet operational and until such time UW or UA might be the best site. Other alternatives would be to open a pay account. Concerns were expressed that as part of the MLA site, the chapter have the ability to access the site for prompt editing. As a member of the MLA Web Team, NANCY SAID SHE WOULD BRING THESE CONCERNS TO MLA.

The Board discussed which committee should be charged with the planning and development of the association's web site. It was suggested that a Publications Committee, chaired by the webmaster, have this responsibility and that the newsletter editor be a member of this committee. Kathy proposed that the webmaster would be responsible for loading the pages , but that each committee member be responsible for updating the contents of their respective pages.

Nominating Committee -- Leilani St. Anna: Leilani solicited suggestions for candidates for the fall election. This year we will be electing a Chair-Elect, Recording Secretary, and Membership Chair.

By Laws -- Leilani reported for Jan Schueller that she requested a deadline of July 1 for any proposed bylaws revisions from the PNC Board. Proposed revisions will be reviewed by MLA and then will be submitted to the membership.
In addition Jan asked if we wanted to consider changing our calendar year to MLA's year or should the issue be dropped. This change would affect the officeholders, especially the treasurer who would have to assume office in the middle of the fiscal year. The Board recommended that the Bylaws Committee drop consideration of changing our year of office.

Chapter Council -- Bonnie Chadbourne: Nancy Press reported for Bonnie Chadbourne that she has been appointed to the Chapter Award Selection Committee, Chapter Council Project of the Year Committee, and that she will attend Chapter Council at MLA in Seattle.

Bonnie requested that the Board approve scheduling of the chapter centennial activities during the 1999 Seattle meeting instead of the 1998 meeting in Banff so that we could sponsor the attendance of our life members. (action followed later on agenda)

Nancy requested volunteers to chair some chapter roundtable discussions and reported that Chapter Council had abolished membership compliance.


Program 97 -- Marcy Horner: Marcy presented a tentative program for the annual conference to be held in Portland, October 14-18 at the Benson Hotel. The theme will be "Surviving and Thriving in an Age of Technology," and will include Michael Gorman, Dean of Library Services, Cal-State, Fresno, as the keynote speaker. In addition there will be a panel on alternative medicine and a presentation by Richard Zimmerman from Legacy Health Systems on the future of hospitals and the economics of health care.

Program 98 -- Leilani St. Anna: Leilani said it was her understanding that the Calgary people would be handling the facilities planning for this meeting and that the Edmonton contingent would serve as the program planning committee. As yet, no leadership has been established for these groups. Kathy pointed out that Maryanne, as chair for that meeting, will be the liaison between the Board and the planning committee for this meeting. MARYANNE WILL TOUCH BASE with Lea Starr to check on the progress of the meeting. We will delay in sending a contract and deposit to the Banff facility until Maryanne confirms that planning is moving forward.

Program Planning Manual/Conference Planning Ad Hoc Committee --Leilani St. Anna: Leilani reported that an hoc committee of Vicky Croft, Carolyn Mann, Peggy Baldwin and Leilani met at the fall conference to identify issues that make the planning of a conference stressful . Items included fear of running in the red, lack of any experience in conference planning, a plethora of details to be mastered, and needing to plan so far in advance. The Board concurred that we need a standing conference planning committee composed of people who have been on previous program planning committees to guide others. THE BOARD WILL RECOMMEND TO THE BYLAWS COMMITTEE that a standing committee of 3-4 individuals be appointed to serve for 1-2 years. The Board directed the Ad Hoc Committee to continue with the help of Betty Jo Jensen.


Responsibility Manual -- Leilani St. Anna: Updating the responsibility manual is the responsibility of the past chair. Leilani will load the electronic version of the web site and will message each board member and committee chair to submit revisions, electronically, by a set deadline. Any attendant tools, supporting documentation or examples should be included and dated. Committee chairs should bring a hard copy of these materials to meetings for reference. The Responsibility Manual should be included in the organization^Rs website.

PNC/MLA Centennial Project -- Bonnie Chadbourne: After discussion, the Board recommended that the chapter history exhibits be prepared for the 1998 meeting, and that the centennial celebration with the lifetime members be moved to the Portland meeting if this is acceptable to the Portland Local Arrangements Committee.

Scholarships -- Pam Speckelmier: The Board discussed broadening the opportunities to take advantage of the scholarship program. This year there will be $1,500 available for PNC/MLA attendance, course development, or alternative CE offerings. The guidelines for awarding scholarships shall be changed to read "The PNC Professional Development Fund is designated to encourage participation in PNC approved ( strike sponsored )professional programs," and "A maximum of $100 will be awarded per applicant," will be struck from the guidelines. For the PNC/MLA Course Development Fund guidelines [Northwest Notes 17(4) Oct-Dec 1996] "A maximum of $300 per applicant" will be removed.

Tax-Exempt Status -- Pam Speckelmier: The budget was amended to include $750.00 for filing 501C3 tax exempt status. The chapter needs to file separately from MLA.

Compass Survey -- The Board reviewed the draft Compass Survey and made recommendations for revisions. Leilani will target to send the survey around June 16 to be returned by July 7. The survey will be sent to current and former members from 1992 forward.


MAP -- Due to a lack of time, the Board agreed to meet later this summer to attend to the MAP.

The next board meeting will be in Seattle the first week in August.

Respectfully Submitted,
Janice Bacino
July 18, 1997

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