Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association

Executive Board Meeting

Monday, October 26, 1998
Boise, ID

Present: Maryanne Blake, Kathy Murray, Marcy Horner, Carolyn Olson, Bob Pringle, Pam Spicklemier, Barbara Crain, Madelyn Hall.

Maryanne called the meeting to order at 8:47 a.m.

The minutes from the last meeting were reviewed and the following points were recommended for revision:

  • a. Under BYLAWS change the second sentence to read: "The revised bylaws are to be sent to MLA when all the changes are made; MLA should then approve."
  • b. Change all references of the regional listserv to hlib-nw from H-LIB.
  • c. Under CHAPTER COUNCIL change the sentence to read: "Nancy Press discussed that there are no requirements for chapter compliance."
  • d. Under TREASURER'S REPORT add the date: March 3, 1998.

Barbara then moved the minutes be accepted with revisions, and Marcy seconded the motion.

BYLAWS: Questions were asked by the Board members regarding lobbying for standardization of bylaws with MLA. Marcy stated that freedom vs. control might be an IRS issue. Chapter bylaws must coincide. Maryanne said that Bob, as Chapter Council representative, should ask MLA about this issue.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: Barbara reported that membership is up (see attached report). People often join PNC/MLA at this meeting to receive a reduced registration fee. The issue of how and where (electronic vs paper) to publish the renewal forms was discussed. Marcy suggested sending the renewal form out as a PNC Alert, and only mailing forms to those individuals to whom Kathy mails a newsletter. The goal is to become a fully electronic chapter. The desired timetable is: electronic notices sent in January; 2nd notices sent by April 1st. Kathy discussed membership and the bylaws, and that there should be punitive action if not paid. Bob stated that this should be stated in the Procedure Manual as generically as possible. A group is needed to work on an amendment to Section 3 in the bylaws. The Board discussed the amount of work and the danger of being too specific with dates, etc. Bob stated that specificity is okay in the Procedure Manual, but not in the bylaws. IT WAS DETERMINED THAT MARYANNE NEEDS TO CHANGE THE BYLAWS, ARTICLE 3, MEMBERSHIP, SECTION 3 TO READ: A MEMBERSHIP ENROLLMENT MAILING SHALL BE COMPLETED ANNUALLY. INDIVIDUALS WHO HAVE NOT PAID ANNUAL DUES ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO VOTE." The procedure manual should reflect enrollment dates and final payment dates for membership.

Barbara will send a membership disc for next year's meeting so the registration committee will have a database to work with. She is using Microsoft Access, which is compatible with Excel, and which most PNC/MLA members have access to. Barbara sends a welcome packet from PNC/MLA to any MLA members in our region who are not members of this chapter.

Emily has put the renewal form on the website. The Board decided to drop the MLA membership part. The list is updated monthly.

TREASURER'S REPORT: (see attached report)

Four members applied for and were given scholarships to attend this meeting. It was decided the amount given should be at the Board's discretion, and not limited to $100. DEPENDENT ON FUNDS AVAILABLE, THE AMOUNT WILL BE DETERMINED BY THE BOARD, BUT NORMALLY EQUIVALENT TO ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEE PLUS 1/2 DAY CE CLASS.

CHAPTER COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE: Bob had several items to mention or ask about as the new chapter council rep. These included:

  1. Wanted any news stories on PNC/MLA activities for the Nov-Dec newsletter. Bob will send this after the meeting.
  2. Bob will get together with Janet Schnall to work on a history of this chapter.
  3. Bob asked whether this chapter had done a Chapter Project. The answer was no, but it was suggested that the vendor project would do.
  4. Bob asked about the End-of-the-Year Report. Maryanne told him that she would send it.
  5. Again, the level of control seems excessive from MLA, which refers back to the previous discussion. The Board questioned whether we need all this approval, and that there might be legal reasons for it. Bob will investigate.
  6. Due to the unhappiness over MLA's website, Bob will compare it to SLA and ALA's.

PUBLICATION COMMITTEE: Kathy suggested adding the following to the PNC website:

  1. calendar (including deadlines)
  2. Committee memberships and Chairs
  3. Candidate bios before election
  4. Past presidents
  5. Lifetime members' bios
  6. Upcoming meetings
  7. Links to MLA chapters and MLA website
  8. Lending library list linking to the RML website

Six people still get print copies of the newsletter, Northwest Notes. Maryanne also sends a copy to the University of Washington Library School.

Discussion ensued about sending a copy of the newsletter to other agencies. THis could be beneficial to PNC/MLA, and also serve as a network for potential meeting opportunities. Maryanne revisited the idea brought up at the March 1998 Board meeting about a Publicity Person (possibly on the Publications Committee) and a Program Planning Committee for PR purposes.

ANNUAL MEETING 1999: Co-chairs for the 1999 meeting to be held in Seattle are Chris Beahler and Sarah Safranek, both from the University of Washington. No dates have been set. Two ideas were brought forth about how to conduct the meeting:

  1. Meeting with another group, specifically SLA, to form a joint meeting. The rationale was that PNC/MLA could get better rates as a larger group.
  2. PNC LITE at the University of Washington, where rooms in the area are about $85 per night, compared to $140 elsewhere in the city. The RML could hold a Technology Forum in conjunction with PNC.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: No report (coming to the main business meeting on Thursday).

BYLAWS: Jan Schueller sent a report stating that the bylaws changes were passed on to MLA, and we will hear back from them.

CONFERENCE PLANNING: Leilani will report at the business meeting on Thursday.

ANNUAL MEETING 2000: Kathy reported on the meeting scheduled for Alaska in 2000. It will be a resort conference, not a high-tech conference. The theme is VOLUNTARY SIMPLICITY - DOING WHAT WE LOVE, and Cecile Andrews may be the keynote speaker. The conference will have a Round Table approach.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Marcy reported that there were 91 total ballots cast in the last election. The winners are:
MLA Rep. Nominating Committee - Patrice O'Donovan
Chair Elect - Kim Granath
Recording Secretary - Pam Bjork

Bios will be put on the website, and Marcy will notify all the candidates.

The Responsibility Manual states that two months before the meeting date, ballots will be mailed, instead of August 1st.

Scholarships of $200 were awarded to:
Janice Bacino
Maureen Carleton
Beverly Schriver
Patrice O'Donovan


The Board broke for lunch. At lunch, it was decide to make Jay Daly, creator of QuickDoc, an honourary member of PNC/MLA.

Discussion at lunchtime also included what to get Janet Schnall as a surprise gift for being PNC?MLA's Archivist for life. Maryanne suggested a fountain pen. The Board approved up to $75 expenditure for such. The presentation will be at the banquet Wednesday evening.


Following lunch, the Board discussed a membership dues increase recommended by Carolyn. Reasons for the increase were:

  1. The meetings are no longer the source of revenue they once were.
  2. There is lower vendor support
  3. Expenses are higher than our income, and the checking balance is decreasing.
  4. The Board is trying to contain and reduce costs by using the electronic newsletter instead of paper.

This will be discussed at Thursday's business meeting, and information will be in the November Northwest Notes on the website. There will be a membership vote in December, with proposed dues increase effective in January. Maryanne will make a statement about this in a Message FRom the Chair in the newsletter. Ballots will go to Pam. Also on the ballot will be proposed MAP changes (upcoming). Barbara will send Maryanne mailing labels.

1998 MEETING REPORT: Mary Ellen Lemon reported on preparations for this meeting in Boise. Her major concern was to break even financially. At this date, there was $16,000 in the bank. There are 82 registered (including vendors), 62 of whom are all-inclusive registrations. Mary Ellen felt the meeting should pull at least 30% more. CE will pay for itself at this meeting. The economics of putting on a conference will be a topic at the business meeting on Thursday.

Exhibitors can no longer be depended upon for support, and/or physical presence. Vendor support has been diminishing every year for the past several years. PNC/MLA membership may want to re-evaluate their coming to the meetings, and see if they would support the membership in other ways. Another idea was to send a vendor representative, but not have exhibits. In this way, vendors could be more involved with our activities such as Round Table discussions. Other cost-cutting ideas mentioned from Board members were to cut the Welcome Reception, or not involve vendors with food-related events. The meeting could be held in a smaller hotel if exhibitors were not included. The idea of PNC LITE may impact vendor support also.

Bob suggested looking at the vendor lists from the past 2-3 meetings. Also, do a survey of the vendors, not only the vendors who came, but those who did not come, and the reasons. Carolyn will speak to the vendors here for feedback.

Mary Ellen was also concerned about the cancellations occurring just before the meeting. Board members questioned whether there was a cancellation policy, and said there was one in the Conference Planning Manual. Cancellations greatly impact CE. It was advised to put the cancellation policy on the PNC/MLA website, and also at the bottom of the registration form, so members are aware of it.



Goal #1 under measurement indicator 2:

"each issue of" was deleted, and "on an annual basis" was added

Generic Strategies:


A new measurement indicator for A6: "By 1999, a new column will be initiated in Northwest Notes authored by members."

A6 now reads: "Increase communication within members by encouraging written contributions to Northwest Notes."


B. To promote and increase membership in PNC/MLA Measurement indicator: "membership database is maintained on an on-going basis."

B1 Recruit MLA members who live in the region who are not PNC/MLA members.
B2 By 2001, increase Canadian membership by 10%. (we have 17 members currently).
B3 By 1999, send issues of Northwest Notes to both library schools in the region (UW and UBC).
B4 By 2000, survey MLA members who are not PNC/MLA members to ascertain why.

Kathy suggested as a measurement indicator to annually give one free PNC/MLA membership at each school (UBC and UW) to the health sciences library students, beginning in 1999. This is to be reviewed when the MAP is done.

Goal 5 - strategies:

Objectives: change 5A to read: ENSURE the continuity of governance of PNC/MLA

5A1 to read: REVIEW guidelines for identifying candiadtes for office annually

5A2 - delete

5A3: List the core documents to go with this objective: Responsibility Manual; MAP; Program Planning Manual; Bylaws

5A4 to read: Organized process for transferring responsibilities and documents from past to incoming officers and Committee Chairs.

Measurement indicators:

5A1 to read: By 1998, guidelines for identifying candidates for office will be developed and included in the Responsibility Manual under the Nominating Commitee.

5B to read: Facilitate Chapter meeting planning (remove "strategies")

5B1 to read: Establish the Conference Planning Committee

5B2 to read: Revise the Program Planning Manual annually

5B3 to read: Publish the Program Planning Manual on the PNC/MLA website

5B4 to read: Develop a computerized annual meeting registration template

Measurement indicators:

By 1998, make the Conference Planning Committee a PNC/MLA Standing Committee

By 1998, make the Program Planning Manual available on the PNC/MLA website

By 1999, develop registration software

By 1999, the Conference Planning Committee will have a process in place to annually review and revise the Program Planning Manual.

Goal 4 okay

Goal 3:

Delete the last measurement indicator: "By 2001, PNC/MLA members will have at least one collective vendor contract in place."

Objective 3A to read: To improve librarians' abilities to use vendors effectively,

Measurement indicators:

1 to read: "By 1999, develop an instrument to survey members as to their needs for vendor contracts and conduct a pilot survey."
2 to read: "By 1999, develop a list of relevant resources on vendor contracts (e.g., Northwest Notes article; book for lending library; web page with links to useful resources)"
3 to read: "By 1998, offer panel of vendors and librarians at annual meeting. The rest of the measurement indicators stand.


3A1 to read: "Develop ways of providing information to members on vendor or products."

3A2 to read: "Explore members' needs for collective and individual vendor contracts."

3B2 to read: "Educate other health professionals about the role of the health information specialist/librarian."

Measurement indicator for 3B:

#2 to read: By 1999, present workshop on writing effective job descriptions.

add: By 1999, begin gathering instances where librarians have taught or exhibited, or in other ways have communicated to others in the biomedical community."

3C measurement indicators:

#3 to read: "By 2000, investigate the legality and practicality of having a budget item for lobbyist."

#4 to read: "By 1999, where available, the Governmental Relations Committee will subscribe to each state's in our region, electronic alerting service, and inform the membership when action needs to be taken."

Goal 2 okay

Kathy suggested putting a form on the PNC/MLA website to collect data about members who teach, exhibit, etc. She will talk to Emily about this.

Goal #1 - make it "by 1999.."
Take out "annually" and change to read "foster development of one course or workshop by 2001."

Under publish - make "annually."

For Lending Library, make date 1998.

1B3 - charge of the CE Committee. Lisa Oberg has this up on the website, and it will be advertised in Northwest Notes.



LOGO: The question was aksed about where was the logo, and which logo is the true PNC/MLA logo? Can this be exported as a GIF or JPEG form so members can download and use it? Barbara will investigate this possibility. Both Maryanne and Barbara will see what they scanned for the logo and determine which looks best. Emily needs to have the best copy for the website. Bob will ask the Graphics Department at ICN to do this, if Maryanne or Barbara cannot.

MEETING LOCATION: Maryanne reviewed comments from Steve Teisch, Janice Bacino, and a librarian in Yakima regarding the meeting location; large city vs. Montana, Idaho, etc. hosting. Kathy opened up discussion again about a joint meeting with the California-Nevada chapter.

To look at new ways to run this meeting, the Board needs to hear from the membership about preferences. Some options to present to the PNC/MLA membership at Thursday's business meeting are:

  1. Continue as we are
  2. Alternate Seattle-Portland sites
  3. Alternate city-resort sites
  4. Have a two-day meeting; CE one day, and business meeting the 2nd day
  5. No vendor exhibits (have vendors support PNC/MLA in other ways)
  6. Meet with other chapters and/or organizations

Maryanne will discuss this in her Welcome Address to the membership on Thursday, October 29, 1998.

Maryanne adjourned the meeting at 5:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Madelyn Hall
Recording Secretary PNC/MLA


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