Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association

Executive Board Meeting

Friday, March 27, 1998
Seattle, WA

Present: Maryanne Blake, Carolyn Olson, Bonnie Chadbourne, Barbara Crain, Kathy Murray, Marcy Horner, Nancy Press, Pam Spickelmier, Madelyn Hall, and Emily Hull (in the afternoon only).

Maryanne called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m.

The minutes from the last meeting were reviewed and the following points were recommended for revision:

a. Add Bonnie Chadbourne and Mary Ellen Lemon to those present
b. Change "make" to "made" on page 3 under MAP

Bonnie then moved the minutes be accepted, and Carolyn seconded the motion.

BY-LAWS: Maryanne spoke to Jan Schueller for a verbal report. There are no changes since the Portland meeting. The revised bylaws are to be sent to MLA when all the changes are made; MLA should then approve.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Lisa Oberg, new chair of the Professional Development Committee, sent a report to Maryanne. She and Nancy Press conducted the PNC/CE survey, the results of which are available in Northwest Notes. The CE survey was revised and mailed. Lisa would like the Board's opinion whether the members should be surveyed again. Following an examination of the survey and discussion by the Board, it was decided to do a uniform survey once, and send the results after the May MLA meeting. The survey will be mounted electronically on the Web, (a print version will be mailed to those members without Web access) by Emily. Information about the survey will be announced in Northwest Notes, and it will be emphasized that this survey does not take the place of the annual survey conducted by Nancy Press and the RML. The survey can be mailed back to Nancy by mail, electronically, or fax.

Continuing Education: A 1998 goal of the Professional Development Committee includes posting in Northwest Notes CE opportunities anywhere. Lisa will be point-man and distribute the information via hlib-nw. The Board discussed CE classes in general, and specifically how to mount clearer guidelines and/or step-by-step instructions for CE classes, with a possible link to MLA's homepage. Maryanne will speak to Lisa Oberg about putting opportunities on the Web after speaking to Emily about the standards. The Board also decided Maryanne could speak to Lisa about a one-page summary to present to potential CE course developers/instructors. Professional development funds could be found on this page. Although one can teach non-certified courses, Carolyn encouraged those developing courses to apply for MLA CE credit. Carolyn also suggested taht the Professional development Committee could have a mentor/advisor help individuals through the CE process, e.g., development of objectives, course evaluations, and measurement tools.

ANNUAL MEETING REPORT - 1997: The report was written by Caroline Mann, conference chair of the 1997 meeting held in Portland, October 1997. The Board discussed the fact that the fees for the annual conference have not been raised in several years, and may need to be increased, especially since vendor support is falling. Kathy recommended that Caroline summarize that portion of the report on rising costs, for publication in Northwest Notes.

ANNUAL MEETING REPORT - 1998: Mary Ellen Lemon, this year's conference chair, provided the following information about the meeting: the annual meeting will be held in the Grove Hotel in Boise, Idaho, October 28-29. The Board will meet October 26. Registration for CE classes will begin that date, with the Consumer Health CE classes held on the 27th. The theme this year is "Partnering for Community Health Information." The keynote speaker is Dr. Albert Bandura, a behavioural psychology expert. Pam Spickelmier acknowledged the Benson Hotel (in Portland) and its cooperation with the Grove Hotel in Boise.

The Board discussed a broader base for vendor exhibits, with consumer health publishers like Krames a possibility. Since this meeting includes public health educators, it was felt this would be one way to get more exhibitors.

ANNUAL MEETING REPORT - 2000: Kathy announced that there is a signed contract, and money paid. The question was raised whether emphasis should be on speakers or CE?

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: The Board currently does not own a software program; Barbara used Access to create her database. An idea was raised to put the membership on the web site; Emily will be consulted regarding this. Further discussion about membership was tabled until the afternoon session.

CHAPTER COUNCIL: Nancy Press discussed that there are no requirements for chapter compliance; people who are members of MLA may not be members of PNC. It is a matter of recruitment.

Nancy and Maryanne encouraged people to participate in the Chapter Council roundtables; it was suggested that putting this information on the web site would be a good place to review it.

By mid-May, Nancy and Boonie will no longer be Chapter Council representative and alternate. Bob Pringle (representative) and Edean Berglund (alternate) will assume these duties, and the Board should encourage them to use the Web to post information.

One of Nancy's goals was to voice disappointment with MLA and their web site people. Bonnie expressed concern over what our dues really do for us? The Pacific Northwest Chapter is one of two chapters not to give money to MLA for the Centennial. Maryanne recommended that Nancy talk to Bob and Edean about these concerns to help with their transition. A quick survey on hlib-nw could be done, e.g., "What would you like on the MLA site?" A suggestion from the Board was for MLA to mount the Brandon-Hill list annually.

Bonnie recommended the Board write a letter expressing our Chapter's dissatisfaction with MLA. Kathy suggested that Maryanne put an action item in her annual report expressing this same dissatisfaction. The Board would like to see MLA responsible for publishing:

a. salaries of MLA staff
b. job descriptions of MLA staff
c. an annual accountable report

The Board also recommended that Brandon-Hill be published on the Web two months after publication in the Bulletin of the Medical Library Association.

CENTENNIAL REPORT: Bonnie reported on five different projects that the chapter is involved with for MLA's Centennial celebration:

a. The PNC/MLA Centennial luncheon - October 1997
b. $500 given towards development of a poster presenting archival material
c. Oral history projects of our chapter's lifetime members. Pam Bjork is coordinating this effort
d. Plans for the Boise meeting to celebrate 50's style. Dolores Judkins is the contact for this
e. The Chapter elected NOT to do a fundraising or birthday card to MLA

Bonnie emphasized that the Board needs to be aware of these activities for new members. Bob or Edean may be assigned to the activities when Bonnie steps down. The poster will go to the Boise meeting, with all materials to be later returned to the Archives. Jan Schueller, Sarah Safranek, and Janet Schnall are creating the poster. The Centennial Committee will be in charge of the materials until directly after the Boise meeting, when it will all be archived.

The Chapter will continue to do oral histories on life members as they are selected. Kathy suggested broadening our scope to include others who may not be life members, but of interest to the Chapter; e.g., Edith Throckmorton.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Pam presented the budget as well as income and expenditures through March 3, 1998. The Board discussed meeting software for registration packets, etc., and whether one should be purchased. Carolyn will investigate options, and Marcy will investigate a template for Access. It was agreed that we should add money to next year's budget for software, but not to this year's.

Janet Schnall, PNC Archivist, will be presented with a surprise honourarium in October at the annual meeting. (The Responsibility Manual needs to list PHOTOGRAPHER as an assignment). In the Treasurer's Report, the honourarium will be "hidden" under Centennial fund, to keep it a surprise for Janet. Nancy moved for travel expenses approval for Janet; Barbara and Bonnie both seconded the motion.

Nancy asked whom we should share money with for Board travel to MLA for chapter representation. It was decided that we could offer Edean monetary support as alternate; Nancy will speak to Edean.

The meeting income was changed from $2400 to $2800, with a total of $6695. Nancy moved to accept the amended Treasurer's Report, and Marcy seconded the motion.

PUBLICATIONS COMMITTEE: There was no printing charge for the last newsletter as only 10 were printed. Maryanne will write a letter to Loretta for the next newsletter; to be done by April 17th. Kathy asked if there was anything we would like to see included or excluded in the newsletter? She reported that it was difficult to get people to write articles. The Board thought summaries of some of the quick surveys done by hlib-nw members would be of interest to put on the web site. Marcy suggested an article on the growth of hlib-nw, and how hlib-nw can be useful. Maryanne will check with Mary Ellen Lemon to see if Bandura's talk can be published in the newsletter. Nancy would like to see success stories, not just NLM related articles. She felt human-interest stories, e.g., Jim Henderson's successes in Canada, are vaulable archival material. Maryanne's action item will be to call people for summaries of their hlib-nw posted surveys.

ANNUAL MEETING 1999: The Board recessed for lunch. Over lunch, the 1999 annual meeting was discussed. There were geographic and logistic problems with holding a meeting in Olympia or Tacoma, so it was decided to hold it in the U district of Seattle. Instead of a conference hotel, members can attend classes and events throughout the campus, and select from a variery of motels, hotels, etc. The working theme is "PNC Lite."

PNC/MLA MAP - DRAFT: The draft is still unfinished. Following are some of the suggestions and action plans discussed at the Board meeting:

Goals 2 and 3 were reviewed at the Board meeting last October. Kathy suggested deleting the note in Goal 2.

Goal 5 - 5.A needs an action verb. Leave STRATEGIES, but remove the phrase: THE PNC/MLA RESPONSIBILITY MANUAL ANNUALLY. There is also a gap in Goal 5; the first measurement indicator ends in a question.

GENERIC STRATEGIES: COMMUNICATION- A.2 should be placed under MEMBERSHIP and not COMMUNICATION. Remove SOLICIT MEMBER... as a measurement indicator, and make it an action item. Change that sentence to read: SOLICIT MEMBER PARTICIPATION TO NORTHWEST NOTES. Amend to the second measurement indicator, "...AND PUBLICIZE IT ON OUR WEB SITE." Include as an action item: BY 1999, HAVE ONE NEW AUTHOR (CONTRIBUTOR) TO NORTHWEST NOTES, PER ISSUE. A.5 should be expanded to other organizational newsletters, and should read: SHARE MEETING PLANS AND OTHER NEWS WITH OTHER CHAPTERS AND GROUPS.


The Board then discussed membership to PNC; issues such as how do we get people involved in the organization, benefits of joining PNC, and outreach to new people in the region. Kathy recommended placing information about our organization in their professional newsletters; e.g., PA's, community colleges, physicians, etc. It was suggested working with WLN for contacts. Board members discussed how membership or joint meeting participation helps offset costs. The web site should be utilized as a source of information, e.g., placing the membership application there; annual meeting information, etc.

After discussing whose responsibility it was to share information about PNC's meeting plans - Professional Development Committee or Program Chair - Maryanne acknowledged that PNC/MLA needed a publicity person, differing from Communications.

Barbara had some concerns about membership, which she brought to the attention of the Board. These included: recruitment - is there a goal to recruit a certain number of members? - and identifcation of potential members. After discussion, the Board felt that the RAC representative could be the individual states' contact person for PNC. PNC will be willing to have a reciprocal arrangement with other professional library organizations to share membership lists. State to these potential members that PNC can work with you, help you, and work together for furthering each others goals to a mutual benefit. This networking satisfies our action plan under COMMUNICATION to work with other organizations. Maryanne will contact the chair of each professional library organization in our region (e.g., OHSLA, WMLA) for a liaison.

A goal for PNC is to have Emily put a "New Member" section on the web site, by October 1998. This web site could also be used to announce new members.

A second concern of Barbara's was membership renewal. PNC membership operates on a calendar year. Board members felt that once a lapsed member was identified, the state representative could then contact the lapsed member. Also, the Membership Secretary should send out a second notice for renewal, again stressing the benefits of membership.

Bonnie spoke of trends in the membership population. Analyzing the members, many are middle-aged, and their priorities have changed. Perhaps PNC could be a link for other chapters to look at trends and shifts in focus?

Maryanne moved that she would take on the responsibility of drafting the generic strategy, section B, MEMBERSHIP of the MAP, and e-mail it to the Board by April 5, 1998, for approval. She will also convey other MAP changes to Leilani St. Anna for amendment. Leilani will post the revised MAP on her web site, not PNC's. Nancy and Kathy both seconded the motion. The MAP will then get moved to the PNC web site after all the Board members approve. Marcy will take responsibilty for the MAP changes; Maryanne will work with her.

The Board discussed how the greater problem was participation, not membership; that along with joining, comes belonging. Kathy asked if Committee Chairs still had committees to become involved with. It was felt it is best to know who people are before recruitment, so that interests or abilities could be better matched with what needs to be done. Kathy also mentioned that members should be encouraged to present at PNC as an opportunity.

Projects for 1998 according to the MAP:

  1. List of relevant resources on vendor contracts
  2. Survey members as to the needs of information about vendor contracts
  3. Vendor Survey

Maryanne will look at the MAP and see what needs to be completed - perhaps a survey? She will then put on hlib-nw.

Since the October 1997 meeting, Emily has added to the web site:

a. link to the conference in Boise
b. 1998 Board members
c. Fall '97 Board and business meeting minutes
d. Program planning
e. Northwest Notes
f. Membership information

Emily and the Board looked at things to be added:

a. MAP
b. revised by-laws
c. Compass survey results
d. Spring '97 Board meeting minutes
e. October 1997 meeting minutes
f. Minutes should have the dates they were revised and approved
g. Chapter history
h. Application for professional funding/grants
i. Guidelines for what should be on our site
j. Membership directory

Emily has set up an access counter on our page; numbers from this could be used for monthly statistics.

Respectfully submitted,

Madelyn Hall
Recording Secretary PNC/MLA


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