Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association

Executive Board Meeting

Monday, October 24, 1999
Seattle, WA

Present: Kim Granath, Maryanne Blake, Bob Pringle, Pam Bjork, Barbara Crain, Kathy Murray, Pam Spickelmier, Sarah Safranek, Leilani St. Anna, Lisa Oberg.

Carolyn Olson called the meeting to order at 9:00AM at a South Center Campus meeting room at the University of Washington.

Minutes of the April 2, 1999 board meeting were approved with a few name spelling corrections.

Committee Reports:

Annual Meeting, 1999 Sarah Safranek

Sarah reported that we will not lose any money on this conference which has 87 registrants and 14 vendors. The committee is going to survey those who did not attend to find out why. PNC is an awkward sized conference; the rates are really high for a large hotel because we are too small a group while small hotels cannot address our meeting room needs. The conference evaluations will hopefully tell us whether it is a disadvantage to our members not to have a conference hotel. It was more time consuming to have to make room and catering arrangements for the board meeting, for example. It will be interesting to see how these costs factor into the overall conference costs because we have never done it this way before. One idea is for program planning to rotate between member states rather than reside with the local committee. It is cheaper to make meeting arrangements using local talent.

Annual Meeting, 2000 Kathy Murray

Kathy presented a conference schedule template for the meeting at Alyeska Resort, September 16-19th. CE would be on Saturday and Sunday, the 16th-17th. A possible keynote speaker is Linda Stone, but the group suggested a local speaker on tribal medicine as another possibility. A presentation on telemedicine, a clinical speaker, a panel on "Thinking Outside the Box," speakers on Alaskan medicine and the Health Aid program, and a poster session would round out the other days. A group rate which is five per cent off the excursion rate is being arranged with Alaska Airlines.

Annual Meeting, 2001 Beverly Schriver (written report)

The contract with Salishan is signed. Prices for food will be set six months prior to the event. All event rooms will have an Internet connectivity upgrade by the time of the event. There is a Business Resource Center at our disposal for last minute signage, etc. A site visit by 5-6 committee members is being planned for November or December 1999.

Committee chairs have been assigned: Program—Bev Schriver & Steve Teich; Hospitality—Cathy Jordan; Hotel/Room Bookings—Kathy Martin; CE—Dolores Judkins; Registration—Patrice O’Donovan & Madelyn Hall; Treasurer—Judith Hayes; Exhibitors—Peggy Baldwin & Jerry Curry.

The whole planning committee is meeting every six weeks in Portland. Beverly will drive up from Eugene for these meetings and will be reimbursed for gasoline from the PNC/MLA Planning Committee budget. Brainstorming for themes/topics has begun. Kathy Murray has been contacted for an update on the theme for 2000 in Alaska. Beverly and Kathy will meet in Seattle at this year’s meeting to share information. Brainstorming for speakers for 2001 will begin with the October planning meeting.

Bylaws Janette Schueller (written report)

This was the year that the PNC Bylaws, last revised in 1990, underwent a major revision. After input and review by the Chapter board, the revisions were submitted to the MLA Bylaws Committee in December, 1998 and were approved with only minor changes in March of this year.

The Chapter voted on the changes and they were adopted in July. The archives is being researched to determine the complete chronology of revisions. When that is completed, the new version will be sent to MLA Headquarters and posted on our web site.

Chapter Council Bob Pringle (written report)

The Chapter Council Rep’s report for this year is that most of my interaction with MLA has been in passing along requests for updates on whom in the chapter is responsible for what. Occasionally I ask someone to actually report something to MLA. Our web site has been most useful in finding out which committees have chairs, etc., and providing the dates of our fall meeting.

Otherwise, my major function seems to have been to ask folks at MLA a few questions for the board, and to work at the Chapter Sharing Roundtable event during the MLA annual meeting.

Conference Planning Leilani St. Anna (written report)

The committee's charges include:

1) provide support and serve as a resource for the Annual Meeting Committee;

2) streamline conference planning process;

3) provide templates, sample documentation, and recommend standard formats to support annual meeting planning and production.

The committee met physically in December, 1998 and February, 1999, as well as conducting business via email. In the past year, we gathered data from past years' meetings, documentation and produced templates. Electronic versions of an Annual Meeting Planning Timeline, Annual Meeting Report Template, Annual Meeting Content Guidelines, and Annual Meeting Fees History have been produced and will placed on the PNC/MLA web site. We will be meeting with the 1999 Annual Meeting Committee to work through the meeting report template.

Areas of concentration for the coming year include documenting 'wisdom' from past meeting planners, documenting the budget process, and evaluating why members do not attend annual meetings and what is important in an annual meeting.

Membership Barbara Crain (written report)

6 life members; 16 new members; 161 total current membership. This compares to a total of 186 in 1998 and 182 in 1997. There were approximately 54 members who did not renew for 1999.

This January in an effort to save postage money a dues reminder was posted on HLIB-NW and the notice was posted in several forms on our web site. At the beginning of April, 119 1998 members still had not renewed; a follow-up letter was mailed to them. Some members were confused because this letter said "second" notice and many felt that they had never received a first notice.

The dues notice was changed to remove the Institutional Membership option and to have a committee check off form attached to it.

New members were welcomed via e-mail and recognized in Northwest Notes.

Emily Hull updated the member list on the web site, and members were encouraged to check there for their membership status and correct e-mail addresses.

Barbara will send a renewal reminder to those on the list we think might still be interested in membership to remind them to join or to find out why they did not join. She will send out email to the board with those non-renewal choices before mailing this out. We will go back to sending invoices out snail mail on the first go-round, which will be announced at the business meeting. Invoices will be mailed in November for next year. Barb will ask for committee members at the business meeting from each state to be on the membership committee. Betty Jo Jensen has been voted in as an additional life time member.

Nominations Committee Maryanne Blake (written report)

There were three vacant positions on the board this year: Chair Elect, Treasurer, and Recording Secretary. Two members agreed to run for each open position. For the office of Recording Secretary Chris Beahler and Kathy Nelson were the candidates; Kathy was elected. For the office of Chair Elect, Janice Bacino, and Janette Schueller were the candidates; Janice Bacino was elected. For the office of Treasurer Lisa Oberg, and Nola Higley were the candidates. There was a tie. A coin toss in the presence of the Board decided the office according to the Bylaws procedure. Nola Higley won the tiebreaker. 150 ballots were mailed to members and 62 were returned.

Professional Development Committee Lisa Oberg (written report)

Current membership of the Committee includes: Janice Bacino, St. Peter's Community Hospital; Dolores Judkins, Oregon Health Sciences University; Mary Ellen Lemon, Healthwise; Nancy Press, NN/LM; Barbara Saint, University of British Columbia; Doreen Smith, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital.

PNC Web Site

A section of the PNC/MLA web site is maintained by the Professional Development Committee and is available at Information available includes roster of current committee members, upcoming CE opportunities in the PNC region and professional development funding opportunities. Suggestions are welcome, as well as CE courses you would like to see included.

PNC CE Survey

Together with Nancy Press and the continuing support of the RML, the PNC CE Survey ( was revised and the 1999 survey was posted to the PNC/MLA web site in December 1998. 74 surveys were returned (of 198 members). The most frequently suggested course topics continue to be using Internet resources such as Web DOCLINE (when it is released), Advanced Internet searching, and using Web plug-ins and helpers. For complete results see

PNC Annual Meeting - Seattle, WA, October 24-27, 1998

Three courses were arranged for the meeting:

1. EndNote...Bibliographies Made Easy

Greg Tananbaum, ResearchSoft, Inc.

19 attendees

2. Search Strategies for the New NLM

Maryanne Blake, MLS, Network Librarian, NN/LM PNR, Seattle, WA

Leilani St. Anna, MLIS, AHIP, Information Management Librarian,

University of Washington Health Sciences Library, Seattle, WA

38 attendees

3. Focus Group Interviewing: A Qualitative Research Methodology for the


Beryl Glitz, AHIP, MLS, Associate Director, NN/LM PSR, Los Angeles, CA

Claire Hamasu, MLS, Outreach Coordinator, NN/LM PSR, Los Angeles, CA

16 attendees

1999 Goals

* Develop a packet for instructors to use as a guide to developing courses.

* Strengthen the PNC/MLA web site with the addition of broader CE opportunities to the Professional Development page, that are regularly updated.

* Identify qualified instructors to explore the possibility and feasibility of arranging classes for several topics that have been suggested by members or are a priority of the PNC Board; including grant-writing, writing competencies and job descriptions and doing performance evaluations.

* Reevaluate pricing structure for PNC classes. Classes have been as reasonably priced as possible, but the increasing demand for Internet-related classes and the corresponding equipment needs make it difficult for courses to be both inexpensive and cost-effective.

* Identify cooperative opportunities to work with other regional groups (local SLA chapters, OSHLA, etc.) to bring national courses to the area by splitting expenses, etc.

Kim will try to find a new chair of the Professional Development Committee because Lisa is stepping down.

Publications Kathy Murray

Overall content and contributions have improved. This last issue was an exception probably because it was so close to the annual meeting. Kathy received nothing for the issue that was due in October so she did not get anything out. She will bug Janet Schnall for the chapter history, and contact Emily Hull for the number of hits on the PNC site. Committee reports will appear in the next Northwest Notes.

Treasurer’s Report Pam Spickelmier (written report)

January 1, 1999 through October 17, 1999


Beginning Balance: $1,167.02


Dues: $3,623.00

Interest Income – Checking: $167.00

PNC Program: $215.90

Board Meeting Meal Reimbursement: $32.00

Transfer from Certificate of Deposit:2187.11


SUBTOTAL $6,225.01



Annual Program Committee Advance & $2,425.78

Bank Charges: 79.77

Canadian Exchange: 111.40

Professional Development Grants (3): 450.00

Legal-Professional Fees: 103.00

Lending Library: 66.00

Liability Insurance: 275.00

Printing & Postage: 50.82

Travel ( Spring Board Meeting & MLA Chapter Chapter Council Rep): 2,201.35


SUBTOTAL: ($5,699.12)

Ending Balance 10/17/99—Checking: $1,692.91

Reserve Fund—Certificate of Deposit: $3,381.59

Total Assets as of 10/17/99: $5,074.50

We are going to come close to collecting $4000 in dues this year which is good. We are treading water on our income/expenses. Our biggest expense is board travel which will be worse next year with two board members coming from Montana. The program loss on the Idaho meeting was $700; Seattle might do better. Our reserves have dropped from $13,000 to $5000 in three years. Maybe we need to have two dynamite days of CE and a day to network. Or maybe we need to alternate program with CE from year to year. Dues cover our expenses and a little of the meeting. The three years prior to Pam taking over as Treasurer, the annual meetings had made money; now we have lost money for the last three years.

Old Business

Task list of unfinished business

Thank you letter to Mary Ellen Lemon from Board Completed

Double check on Mary Ellen’s unreimbursed receipts from conf. Completed

Ask Archivist to complete chapter history to submit to MLA Bob will check

Appoint AHIP credentialing liaison Terry Ann Jankowski volunteered

Check on possibility of West Coast hotel contract PNC not big enough

Recruit membership committee members for each state Done at Business Meeting

Recruit chair for Electronic Resources Committee Carolyn will recruit from volunteers

Need rep for Gvt. Relations Committee Marcia Batchelor volunteered

Lisa Oberg needs to talk to Maryanne Blake to identify successful grant writers—goal 4a

Update responsibility manual & establish guidelines for identifying office candidates Maryanne will do in December

Logo Completed

Board letter & certificate to Betty Jo Jensen Completed

Invite MLA board representative to PNC meeting Rosalind Dudden attended

Have conference planning manual avail. on web site & process to revise it annually; develop registration software template Progressing

Contact Jim Henderson about free student membership to PNC from UBC library school Carolyn will do



Maryanne got a camera-ready copy of the logo on a disk, but it is in Mac format. She will get it converted into the right format and in various sizes and have it loaded onto the web site. Bob also got some logos, but it was decided to have the official one be the one that is on our web site and our stationery.

New Business


Discussion continued on why we have had to dip so far into our reserves. The centennial project cost more than we brought in in dues; meeting advances; meetings losing money; and board travel have all contributed. Now we are dealing with higher expenses than the dues increase is covering. We can cover our expenses except when the annual meeting loses money or when we have an expense we have not budgeted for.

It is a wonder that any of our conferences make money because the planners are inexperienced. We are not using our accumulated wisdom. We need to have good written agreements with speakers for what we will pay for and what we will not. Our expectation should be to break even on conferences; we should not be planning on profits from the annual meeting to run the organization. The program planning manual that is under construction is meant to solve some of these problems. We need to standardize our conference reports so it is easier to see from conference to conference what is going on. We need to find someone with expertise on conference budgeting especially. Conference reports should include what went wrong and what should be done differently next time so we can learn from our mistakes. Past chairs cannot remember these details much past the conference itself so it is important to do this right away. Conference instructions will include draft forms of vendor contracts, vendor letters, hotel contracts, speaker contracts, and CE contracts.. We are working toward the local group making local arrangements only.

Meeting location for 2002

Kim will ask Vancouver BC if they are interested. We were contacted by the Midwestern Chapter to piggyback with them. Piggybacking with California is another possibility; they always have their meeting in March. If we had one then, maybe we would not have to have one again in the fall. If Vancouver is not interested in 2002, Kim will check with Heidi Heilemann or Mary Buttner from Stanford about California. Nevada and Arizona also meet with California so we would be a third chapter. We could meet one year in California and one year in Portland.

Carolyn adjourned the meeting at 12:35PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Pam Bjork, PNC Recording Secretary

Action List

Post new bylaws on web site: Emily Hull

Get chapter history: Janet Schnall; Bob will pursue

Membership survey renewal form for 1999 non-members: Barbara

Send renewal invoices to everyone: I

Revise CE survey: Lisa

Add Betty Jo Jensen to publications list as life member: Kathy

Ask Dolores to chair CE: Kim

Get logo converted to IBM format: Maryanne

Lisa talk to MAB to identify successful grant writers for goal 4a: Lisa

Update responsibility manual: Maryanne

Ask Jim Henderson about student membership: Carolyn

Ask about 2002 meeting for Vancouver: Kim

Talk to California group about joint meeting: Kim

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