Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association

Executive Board Meeting

Friday, April 2, 1999
Seattle, WA

Present: Barbara Crain, Maryanne Blake, Carolyn Olson, Pam Bjork, Kim Granath, Edean Berglund, Kathy Murray, Bob Pringle, Pam Spickelmier, Lisa Oberg, Sarah Safranek, Leilani St. Anna.

Carolyn Olson called the meeting to order at 9:30 AM at he home of Maryanne Blake in Seattle.

Minutes of the Oct. 26 board meeting were approved with no changes.

Committee Reports:

Annual Meeting, 1998
Mary Ellen Lemon, Program Chair, submitted a written final report (attached). The meeting lost money but not much, and we only expect to make money on conferences held in big cities where we can be assured of higher attendance. That is why we are switching over to alternating the annual meeting between Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver, B.C. Carolyn will send her a letter from the Board thanking her for her service and the excellent job that she did. The next "Message from the Chair" column in Northwest Notes will also include congratulations to Mary Ellen about the meeting.

In the future the income/expenditure sheet should not include "dues paid with registration" as income. Income from CE should be listed separately from registration. Pam Bjork, Recording Secretary, will forward a copy of the meeting's income/expenditures for Leilani St. Anna, the Conference Planning Committee Chair; but from now on the Annual Meeting Program Chair should automatically send a copy of the report to that committee. Pam Spickelmier, Treasurer, has reimbursed Mary Ellen for all out-of-pocket expenses. Carolyn will double-check to make sure Mary Ellen turned them all in.

The Conference Planning Committee should be in charge of all the conference details except for the program. It should be working on finding a Seattle hotel that is as nice to work with as the Benson in Portland. We are such a small conference that Seattle is more expensive.

Annual Meeting, 1999
Program Co-Chair Sarah Safranek brought us up to date on the conference plans. The theme of the meeting is "Access in the Millennium." The location is the Seattle Center in Seattle on October 25-27th. Carolyn announced that the board meeting will be on Sunday AM October 24th so we will have to come in on Saturday. The official welcome will be on Monday with the big event in the evening. We will be having an NN/LM, Pacific Northwest Region-sponsored Technology Forum on the program in the morning that day; in the afternoon we will hold a technology fair, where practical applications of new technologies will be demonstrated. The business meeting, a clinical speaker, and dine-around will be on Tuesday and possibly with time also for OHSLA; CE will be offered on Wednesday. Details of speakers and presenters and topics that have been lined up so far are listed in the attached report. Sarah might be able to get Michael Eisenberg to come to speak. WLN/OCLC could be invited to demonstrate their products; many people in the region are not that familiar with OCLC products because they have been using WLN. Another possible vendor display that was suggested was web-based OPAC's. The RLG usually meets at the end of the annual meeting, but Sarah will suggest to Nancy Press that it be on Saturday instead so it does no interfere with CE.

Annual Meeting, 2000 Kathy Murray is working on the slate of speakers for the Alaska meeting. She is talking to Eugenie Prime, who is very entertaining. Cindy Cunningham from Seattle is now with and could speak on e-commerce linked to the topic of libraries. Neither has been officially invited. The Board gave Kathy the go ahead to check further.

No report.

Jan Schueller forwarded the bylaws report in writing. The 1998 bylaws revisions have been approved by the MLA Bylaws Committee, with only minor suggestions from the committee. The next step is submission to the membership thirty days prior to a mail vote. The Board reiterated that the only official venue for board communiqués is publication on HLIB-NW as part of our official newsletter which acts as our archival record.

The bylaws say that they may be amended by mail so maybe we can do this by electronic mail. However, six members do not have personal e-mail; some only have institutional e-mail. Carolyn will poll the membership in early April to see if there is any objection to using e-mail rather than snail mail to amend the bylaws. Election ballots will continue to be done only through the postal service. Pam B. will send the present and proposed language of the bylaws text to Kathy Murray so she can put it into the newsletter on or before May 1st, the required thirty days prior to the vote. She will also send the text by regular mail to the six people without e-mail. (She will get those names from Barbara Crain). The Bylaws Committee will send out the vote on June 1st. Pam Bjork will receive the vote and delegate the counting of the votes to someone else.

Chapter Council
Bob Pringle reported that MLA is asking us to complete the chapter history. WE need to ask Janet Schnall to finish the chapter history so we can get it into the MLA newsletter. Bob pointed out that it is good to have a communication link between MLA and the chapter. It is not vital; but it is useful. He does not think there is a need for an alternate. The most significant issue recently has been whether MLA's Credentialing Committee should allow AHIP members NOT to have to have an MLS if they meet other qualifications and have the experience to qualify. Carolyn will appoint an AHIP chapter member to be a credentialing liaison. Janice Bacino, Heidi Sue Adams, Nancy Griffin, Natalie Norcross, Kathy Martin, and Robin Braun were suggested as possibilities.

The chapter council representative should be a board member. If the representative cannot attend the MLA chapter council meeting, he/she should find a substitute who is also a PNC board member.

Conference Planning Committee
Leilani St. Anna stated that the committee has been meeting to work through the conference planning process to standardize it. The committee plans to have the majority of work on registration and budgeting done this year. Peggy Baldwin has in place a database of vendors. The committee has done nothing about a hotel contract. Carolyn asked Leilani to pursue a West Coast contract (West Coast is the company that owns the Benson in Portland and has been so accommodating), but Leilani thought it might be more appropriate for this to be done on the board level because it affects financing. West Coast owns the Vance and the Roosevelt in Seattle, and someone needs to visit those places and see if they have two big rooms, breakout rooms, sufficient electronic support, etc. Carolyn will check with Caroline Mann, who chaired the last Portland meeting. The Seattle meeting is in 2002 so we need to get something booked soon.

The following cancellation policy was approved by the Board. "Cancellation requests must be received no later than two weeks prior to the meeting date. Refunds will not be issued after that time except for catastrophic emergencies. Refunds will be processed within six weeks after the meeting. Registration may be transferred to another person. No refunds will be issued for CE at any time."

MLA and RML will be given exhibit space at no charge. Exhibitors pay for meeting food events, except for breaks and lunch with exhibitors, but do not pay for their registration.

PNC committee meetings should have space on each program. Time will be allotted, but meeting space (if an expense) will not be provided. When possible, time for state meetings will be allotted.

Barbara Crain pointed out that the membership renewal form is on the web page now in HTML and Word. She prefers the Word form because of the convenient box of information. Maryanne volunteered to add a PDF format if necessary. There is no institutional membership for PNC so the forms need to be corrected.

Membership is falling off overall. (Barbara's written report is attached.) Connection and relevance are two of the keys. We need a member from each state on the membership committee. Kathy volunteered for Alaska; Pam S. for Idaho. Barbara will find someone for each of the remaining areas. Suggestions were Heidi Sue Adams for Montana; Ann von Segen, Beverly Shriver for Oregon; Brynn Beals, Cheryl Goodwin, Bonnie Chadborne for Washington. Barbara will provide each committee member with a list and ask them to contact individuals in their state who are MLA members but not PNC members, as well as those who have failed to renew their PNC membership.

Professional Development Committee
Lisa Oberg distributed a written report which is attached. The 1999 CE survey was conducted electronically for the first time. Results are posted on the Professional Development section of the PNC web site. Members seems to be most interested in technology courses.

Currently she is planning two half-day classes for the 1999 annual meeting which will be offered at the Seattle Center facility with no hands-on. Extensive remodeling of the teaching facilities will be going on at the UW fall quarter, and it is not certain PNC classes could be held at facilities there. We might to able to offer an additional 1/2 day of CE on Sunday which would open up some possibilities. One of our goals was to offer a course in writing job descriptions; Tamara Turner is a possible instructor. Other possible topics are compensation analysis, marketing your library and marketing yourself, performance criteria and evaluations, and writing competencies for hospital libraries.

Kathy Murray will publish the newsletter by the end of the month. She needs to hear about changes, new hires, interesting projects, etc. in our individual libraries. It would help if the state membership liaison people could let Kathy know about news tidbits. Timely items go out on HLIB-NW as soon as they need to rather than waiting for the next publication.

MLA does not recognize publishing in an electronic format as counting towards AHIP certification. They do count bylined articles in chapter (not state) newsletters. They are not yet giving credit for web development either.

Treasurer's Report
Pam Spickelmier presented a proposed budget (attached) as a starting point for discussion. PNC did not do too badly this year and did not lose as much as it did the previous year. The budget is based on projected dues received to date, whereas we should get at least $4000 in dues this year so that would improve the outlook. Pam is concerned that we might have to cash in a CD to cover expenses. We made less interest on the account last year; board expenses were up because travel is more expensive; the annual meeting lost money; and board travel to MLA will be more expensive this May. The year's printing costs were in conjunction with the annual meeting. Liability insurance only has to be paid every other year. The centennial project was completed in l998 so there will be no expenses for 1999, which will help offset the annual meeting loss. Newsletter expenses are minimal, and Kathy is covering them. We could lower the scholarship fund if we have to. Overall the budget looks OK. The board agreed to defer the decision of whether to cash a CD or not to Pam. We can decide about whether to cut back on any other expenses after we see how the Seattle meeting does.

Old Business

Review of 1998-9 Chapter map goals (attached to meeting's agenda)
Goals 1 and 2 have been accomplished for 1998-99.

Goal 3a for 1998 was accomplished in Boise.

The Board decided to give Goal 3a for 1999 to the Electronic Resources Committee to work on. Marci Horner is already on this committee. Suggestions for potential members were Ann Marie Clark, Peggy Baldwin, and Leah Starr. Carolyn will contact Ann Marie and see if she will chair the committee. Integrated systems vendors are located on Berkeley's site. Kim is also working on a vendor list for integrated systems and has Yale sites on licensing. The ARL also has licensing sites. Document delivery providers are listed on the RML web site. Leilani will check Peggy Baldwin about the vendor contact information.

Goal 3b---The survival kit has been purchased. The Professional Development Committee needs to be developing a workshop for writing job descriptions. Carolyn will include a request in her "Message from the Chair" column that members who have taught or exhibited to others in the biomedical community contact Kathy Murray with that information so it will become part of the official record.

Goal 3c---The Governmental Relations Committee is not active because there is no chair. Marcia Bachelor and Vicki Croft are possibilities. We need someone to subscribe to ALA's electronic legislative alerting service and forward messages selectively to HLIB-NW.

Goal 4a---The Professional Development Committee needs to identify successful grant project writers who are willing to assist in grant preparation. Kathy Murray has written several. Lisa will talk to Maryanne Blake for other names. We also need to include professional grant writers.

Goal 5a2 will be accomplished as soon as the bylaws are up on the web. The Responsibility Manual needs updating badly.

Goal 5b on establishing guidelines for identifying candidates for office is the responsibility of the past chair. Maryanne will work on them and double-check with Marcy Horner. The Program Planning Manual is available on the web. Barbara will send the database she developed for conference registration to the person doing it for the upcoming conference. Excel would also work for this purpose.

Goal B.3---Northwest Notes has been sent to the University of Washington Graduate School of Library and Information Science this year and will be sent this year also to the University of British Columbia's graduate library/information science school. We gave away a PNC/MLA membership to a health sciences library student at USGSLIS this year. WE need to contact Jim Henderson and ask him to see how this might be arranged at UBC.

PNC Logo
We need a camera-ready, scaleable, transparent, electronic version of our logo. Kim, Kathy, and Bob will ask contacts they have about pricing. Bob has a possible free source. If that does not pan out, Kathy and Kim will price it out so that it can be built into the budget.

New Business

Guidelines for Expenses & Honoraria for Speakers/Members


  • PNC members
    -No honorarium
    -Travel and room expenses are not paid by PNC.
  • Non-PNC members
    -Negotiate. Model a contract after MLA's speaker contract.
    -Lump sum honorarium, including travel, room, etc. (We will agree to pay "x" amount for travel, and then it will be up to the speaker to look for air deals.)
    -Lump sum will pay for a maximum for two nights hotel.
    -Car rental covered.
    -Can adopt a per diem from a university as a guideline.


  • We will encourage course certification but not require it.
  • If members are teaching a CE offering at the request of PNC and do not intend to teach the class elsewhere, PNC will subsidize the cost of certification if it is not already certified.
  • We will pay PNC members $300 for a half day course (2 instructors=$200 each); $500 for a full day. If asked, these fees also apply to non-members, but the fees will be negotiated as needed.
  • PNC will pay for handouts.
  • All expenses, including handouts, must be known before publication of the preliminary program, or PNC cannot reimburse for them.
  • We need to factor in equipment expenses when setting the course fee.
  • We will charge more for technology courses than for didactic ones.

Member Participation in Committees
We need to advertise for committee membership. The committees and their descriptions will be listed as part of the PNC membership renewal form where members can circle the one(s) they are interested in. The new committees listed in the minutes of the October 29th meeting will also be included if the membership approves the bylaws revision.

Betty Jo Jensen's Retirement
Betty Jo Jensen is retiring and was PNC chair and program chair. Carolyn will send her a letter and certificate stating that she is a life member. We will also invite her to the evening event at the annual meeting.

Inviting Board Member to Annual Meeting
The PNC Chair invites an MLA board representative to the annual meeting. Carolyn will decide between Bernie Todd Smith, Rosalind Dudden, or Frieda Weise; and let the conference committee know. MLA representative(s) must register and pay for the meeting/meals.

The Board likes the idea of a cookbook for practical ideas for putting technology into practice, e.g. making CD's, making posters, PowerPoint hints, scanning, creating a PDF file, etc. The Electronic Resources Committee has now been assigned to work on this. The cookbook could be located in a password-protected place on our web site that members access, but others would have to pay to get into.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:40 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Pam Bjork, PNC/MLA Recording Secretary


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