Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association

Time Line for Chair


  • Mid-winter report to MLA at end of month (check MLA website for actual due date)


  • Request that recording secretary send board/business meeting minutes to all board members for review
  • Chair's letter to membership on website


  • Alert all board members/committee chairs to familiarize themselves with their responsibilities on the PNC website


  • Schedule spring board meeting
  • Review MAP
  • Request written reports from committee chairs (including previous year's program chair) for board meeting
  • Review web page
    • Ask committee chairs to send updates to webmaster
    • Double check that all board meeting minutes, officers' addresses are up-to-date on website


  • Board meeting
  • Write PNC's annual report for MLA (check MLA website for due date)


  • Remind recording secretary to forward board meeting minutes to all board members for review, if not already done


  • Send out tentative board meeting agenda to board members
  • Compose rough draft of business meeting agenda
  • Request written reports from committee chairs for annual business meeting
  • Update website before annual meeting


  • Board meeting
  • Business meeting
    • Approval of previous year's business meeting minutes
  • Pass gavel on to new chair!!!

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