Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association


AHIP Chapter Credentialing Liaison

Chair: Kim Granath
Purpose: To promote the Academy of Health Information Professionals in the chapter by sharing information about the academy and encouraging membership.

Annual Meeting [2013]

Chair: Kathy Murray
Purpose: To plan, organize and run the annual meeting.


Chair: Janet Schnall
Members: none
Purpose: To establish and maintain control of the working papers of the organization.


Chair: Jan Schueller [2012]
Members: Doreen Smith
Purpose: To insure a functional set of bylaws that govern and regulate the organization of PNC/MLA.

Communications Committee (formerly Publications)

Chair: Kathy Murray [2012]
Members: Leilani St Anna (website), Mike Robinson (blog), Sally Bremner (editing).
Purpose: To facilitate communicate between members and with other organizations.

Conference Planning Committee

Chair: Kathy Murray
Members: Chairs of current and immediate past Annual Meetings.
Purpose: To provide consulting and resources for annual conference planning committees.

Group Purchasing [on hiatus 2011]

Chair: Pam Spickelmier
Members: Heidi Sue Adams, Cathy Burroughs, Patricia Devine, Nancy Henderson, Ann Rutherford, Kathy Martin, Ken Willer
Purpose: Respnsible for overseeing the Chapter's group purchasing efforts.

Governmental Relations Committee

Chair: vacant
Members: none
Purpose: To foster awareness of the governmental processes and activities as they relate to PNC/MLA and its membership.

Membership Committee

Chair: Sally Bremner
Members: Sally Bremner (Alaska); Helen Robertson (B.C. and Alberta); Kathy Fatkin (ID); Gail Wilkerson (MT); Beverly Schriver (OR); Mary Beth Simiele and Betsy Bartholomew (WA).
Purpose: To assist the Membership Secretary in recruiting members in their states.
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Mentoring and Recruitment

Chair: Liisa Rogers, Lisa Oberg [2012]
Purpose: To develop liaisons with students and new librarians with experienced medical librarians; to provide information on medical library opportunities such as internships and practicum; and to encourage potential library school students to consider medical librarianship.

MLA Nominating Committee Candidate

Candidate: Heidi Sue Adams [2012]
Purpose: PNC/MLA candidate for MLA Nominating Committe. Committee prepares annually a slate of nominees for president-elect and for each director elected by the membership at large whose term expires. (Explanation of MLA Nominating Committee Process)

Nominating and Elections Committee

Chair: Laurel Egan
Purpose: To name slate of candidates for chapter offices and to conduct chapter elections.

Professional Development Committee

Chair: Chris Shaffer [2012]
Members: Victoria Bauer-Koch, Nikki Dettmar, Patricia Devine, Michelle Goodwin, Maria Tan, Janet Tapper, Joan Wilson
Purpose: To assess need for, plan, offer and evaluate continuing education programs for PNC/MLA members.
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Technology Committee

Chair: Amy Harper [2012]
Members: Emily Glenn, Isaac Huffman, Ann Madhavan, Jonathan Potter, Rose Relevo, Laura Zeigen
Purpose: Responsible for investigating emerging technologies, informing members of potential uses, and integrating appropriate technologies into the PNC/MLA web site and communications.
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