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2004 CE Survey - Details on the Questions for 'Other'


4. Are there other topics or classes you think should be offered? What are they?
  • I absolutely love Pat Wagner -- any presentation from her, especially on Leadership topics, would be greatly appreciated!
  • Listening for librarians, Interpersonal communication for librarians, Communication skills
  • I would love to have some training in QuickDoc.
  • Components, characteristics, functions, etc. of effective Web pages with emphasis on hospital libraries.
  • I always enjoy a clinical presentation from a health care professional that is a library user and supporter.
  • Would like to see some subject-oriented classes, e.g. genomics for librarians, pharmaceutical research made easy, patent-searching, etc. Many of us are not hospital or "medical" librarians and need more cont ed appropo for research orgs, rather than clinical settings.
  • Knowledge Acquisition, Management and Generation Tools for Librarians
  • Essentials of database searching
  • Advanced searching techniques, Clinical topics
  • - Health informatics and librarians - Integrating research into information service
  • maybe Camtasia or some equivalent. I wasn't interested in 2003, now I am! A year late, of course.
  • I'm not sure if the classes listed cover this: but I need to work on writing a business plan (not a business case) and I've heard from others that this is a real need for them, too.
  • Institutional repositories are somewhat of a hot topic currently. This might be something worth an offering.
  • I'm thinking maybe some classes on instructional design, or other teaching methods classes for how to design/create/teach classes for adults (which could be nursing staff, etc). How about some technical skills/hands-on classes other than PDA? Some of us may be designing web tutorials, or using other technologies in a classroom setting.
  • bibliographic instruction--how to accommodate various learning styles, how much information is enough, beyond PowerPoint
  • It would be interesting to understand how to permit various PDAs (Palm, Windows, etc) to hotsync with a library computer with privacy preserved. Perhaps UW has done this and could and could go over the issues.
  • the future of libraries...what is the next big thing in library science
  • Andrew Hamilton at OHSU teaches a "Beyond Google" class that is fantastic. I would recommend his class be held. Also he is working on a class we are calling "The other side of PubMed", which is about all those links that you can go to from PubMed. I would recommend that as well.
  • ---
  • wireless networks, at least an overview of what they are, how they work, security concerns - how to set up an internet hotspot in your library. UMLS and informatics, using snomed to help classify hospital information eg. procedure manuals for nursing
  • Open Access Publishing
  • Immunology for librarians, Intro to bioinformatics
  • Creating Searchable WEB Pages. This of course would be a series of classes. I am trying to learn this myself. If I do, I would really like to develop this class.
  • Web site usability
  • Building and designing and/or expanding library spaces - how to, determining space measurements, creating an information union - the library of the future. Optimizing library space - both public and staff
  • -- academic medical / health librarianship -- public health resources
  • You covered them..
  • Camtasia - I know this was recently offered by Harry Love from the UofW some people couldn't make it and might come if it was offered again.
  • Effective Google searching
  5. We welcome comments on the survey or PNC/MLA professional development opportunities in this space.
  • It was hard to limit to just five choices in the first question. I love the ease of using SurveyMonkey!
  • Thanks to the RML for taking our pulse each year.
  • How can rural health care providers better interact with rural hospital librarians
  • I appreciate your taking the time to create and provide this survey to us.
  • Leave the word "Dummy" out of the Knowledge Management course, and I'd sign up in a minute. I'll never understand why people think it's okay to call ourselves dummies.
  • I appreciate having possible course titles as choices. Gets me excited about the upcoming CE offerings.
  • Does PNC/MLA professional development efforts include a mentoring program?
  • The survey is very nicely done and the PD courses are very enticing.
  • More outreach and inclusion for Librarians without Master's degrees. Scholarship or grant opportunities to work for Master's degrees.
  • This is a good survey.
  • MLA credit is not particularly important to me. I prefer half-day classes. Thanks!
  • I'm a public librarian with responsibility for our consumer health collection. I'd be interested in a class that focused on providing medical information for medical consumers.
  • Many good course offerings
  • Can you do any/all of these as online modules/courses for a small fee (less than $50 each) for members? My institution, due to budget difficulties, offers no continuing education money and I find it difficult to afford Seattle hotel charges. It's also difficult to get away as it's a one librarian library I'm in.
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