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2007 CE Survey - Details on the Questions for 'Other'


2. If you answered "no", please share with us your reasons for not coming to the meeting. Check all answers that apply.
  • Forgot to put in in my budget and for federal folks it's at a difficult time - right at change of fiscal year
  • personal obligations
  • I would love to come, but funding is a big issue. I have admin support, just no funds.
  • Idaho Health Sciences Library only has two health sciences librarians, my Director and me. We have to switch the meeting. One of us needs to stay at the library to serve our patrons and oversee the department.
  • Usually only able to attend the Portland/Seattle area conferences.
  • Informal policy allows me to attend these only every couple of years, due to funding concerns and fairness to other departments.
  • We currently have a budget freeze on travel/education.
  • I'm hoping to have a conflict with the Woods Hole course. We'll see if I get selected to attend that course. If not, I might be able to attend, but I have no funding from the institution at all this year.
  • Not directly in librarianship right now.
  • I live in California. Will attend NCNMLG/MLGSCA meeting  
  • Sending library applications coordinator in my place.
  • My library is not primarily a medical library, so I usually attend other library meetings. I attend PNC/MLA meetings when they are in/near Seattle.
  4. What other topics, or specific CE classes, would you be interested in having offered?
  • NCBI molecular biology databases
  • role of knowledge management/content management in providing just-in-time information to clients. (What do we need to know about km and content management - or do we need to know anything about these topics to provide better service to our clients).
  • Literature searching for systematic reviews; more advanced evidence-based practice support; annual technology update
  • teaching skills, presentation skills, management/supervisory skills,
  • Teaching techniques - how to give effective presentations, etc.
  • The issue of Mental Health information is a huge interest in my area of Idaho. We have had a high number of teen suicides as well as adults. I am addressing this issue the best I can, but more education would be helpful.
  • QuickDoc refresher. I always feel like I'm missing something since I figured it out for myself.
    Managing print & electronic journals in multiple ways (i.e. LinkOut, Ovid, aggregators like Serials Solutions, online catalogs)
  • evidence based nursing
  • Webpage content - what should we have on our webpages?
  • Like what you have offered.
  • Keeping up to date in linking electronic & print journals to PubMed for full-text access. Computer skills
  • A primer on Nursing Theory, I do a lot of work with nurses, and while I am comfortable with the medical aspect of their requests, I know that there is a lot of nursing theory that I don't know about, and nurses always seem to be refering to particular theories or frameworks, I would like to be more familar with them. In fact, more information on the basics (theories, frameworks, scope of practice) of a number of allied health professions would be very helpful. A primer on Patient Safety could also be interesting and helpful.
  • Organization-wide Information Management
  • Dialog training and/or a users group meeting
  • Class talking about non-traditional library role in acquiring, preserving, and directing users to unique local materials (rather than vendor-produced stuff). What is the difference between content management, knowledge management, and organization/preservation of corporation information? Recent article in Educause (Jan/Feb 07) talked about moving to 50% of academic library time being spent on unique local materials ... I've also had discussion with top management folks at local hospital who want the hospital librarian involved with corporate information ... partially as a way to show upper management the value of the librarian to the organization (since they obviously believe that a medical library is no longer valuable for its historical uses ...)
  • Evidence- based Nursing, which I couldn't take this last time.
  • NLM PubMed update class, Creating and implementing customer feedback/needs assessments (from the public, staff, physicians, healthcare agencies)
  • I liked the idea of the "Geeks Bearing Gifts" CE that was offered in October 06, though I couldn't attend. Would be useful to have an overview of podcasting, wikis, rss feeds, SecondLife(online environment, blogs, etc. - what they are and what is being done with them.
  • I will need training on Docline near the end of this year or in 2008.
  • grey literature
6. What ONE factor most influences whether or not you take a CE class?
  • Administrative support uncertainty
  • Although I want to attend CE classes, I cannot go because I have to switch the meeting with my Director in 2007. I did attend your CE courses in 2006 in Seattle. Those were wonderful!
  • My hospital has really clamped down on travel. I'll be lucky to even attend the meeting. However, I will apply for a scholarship, and, if I get it, I hope to apply the funds to a CE class.
  • If I'm able to attend the meeting I feel this is a great opportunity to attend the CE classes being offered and interact with other librarians.
  • Not coming to meeting
  • Likely won't be attending this year's meeting.
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