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2009 CE Survey - Details on the Questions for 'Other'


2. If you answered "no", please share with us your reasons for not coming. Check all answers that apply.
  • Not a member
  • I would love to attend, but I'll have a newborn by then.
  • and too far and costly :(
  • I work for a state agency which has a reduced travel budget due to economic conditions. In any other year, I would have had institutional funding and support for this continuing education opportunity.
  • May depend on coverage here in Alaska; we have so few medical librarians here now.
  • Since I can go to only one distant meeting, I prefer to attend a national meeting.
  • I asked for it in my budget, but to date have not found out if it was approved.
  • Depends on the program.
  • Our institution, like many others in the Portland area, is freezing out-of-town travel due to the economic downturn. This is an unusual year. The classes you list look fabulous - any chance some of them could be web based? And maybe well-subsidized by PNC?
  • New baby.
  • Two of my staff members will be attending. I'll be staying at home, minding the fort.
  • Waiting to see program and staffing at work
  3. What ONE factor most influences whether or not you take a CE class?
  • I am more apt to attend if there is a CE class that justifies the travel. Still interested in evidence-based classes.
  • Hard to get technically set up for one in my workplace--would have to do it at home.
  • mostly just if it conflicts with other work travel, or family stuff I can't get out of. My default is to go, but sometimes other things come up.
  • Institutional funding to attend meeting
  • Time and money. I am a part-time sole librarian. I am now advised that I cannot have extra hours, nor can I expend monies for fees.
5. What other topics, or specific workshops or classes, would you be interested in having offered?
  • No additional topics to add, but copyright in the age of electronic resources would be at the top of my list.
  • What is happening with the Open Access movement in journals as well as books. What is happening in trends for ebooks
  • Library applications of emerging technologies.
  • 1. Technology...what is on the Horizon that might apply to libraries. 2. Helping the staff grow: Staff re-training and keeping the staff flexible, agile and excited about serving
  • Health Sciences in the non-Health Sciences Library - e.g. Community College library with nursing or other allied health programs
  • Resource sharing out of the box (Gina from ICFL gave a nice talk at NW-ILL), how hospital libraries can serve consumers more, even if it's not mandated by their administrations.
  • Maybe not a class, but open access and scholarly communication issues - what can librarians do to make this issue more understandable and visible
  • Anything Web 2.0-related
  • any expert searching classes on particular niche topics, anything about evidence based medicine and systematic reviews anything about clinical epidemiology
  • Stress management; how to stay engaged in work after many years
  • Anything related to instruction and assessment. New learning theory. Would love to get perspective from non-librarian educators as well as librarians -- maybe a joint session?
  • how to work with electronic publishers and knowledge of what I can put into the licensing agreements that would further protect and provide more for my institution.
  • This is a good list.
  • None beyond what you have listed
  • You've got lots of good ideas. I can't think of anything else off the top of my head.
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