Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association

Pacific Northwest Chapter

The Pacific Northwest Chapter covers the largest geographic area of any chapter, and includes the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. Electronic communication, collaboration, and networking are crucial to our chapter. The following activities support MLA's Strategic Plan and Priorities, as well as our Chapter MAP.

Goal: Recruitment, Membership, and Leadership in the Profession and Organization

A mentoring/ recruitment committee is being formed, and a mentoring page will be created that will be linked from the PNC/MLA Web site. A task force will develop a proposal for a reduced annual membership fee of $10 to encourage library school students to enter the field of health sciences librarianship. PNC is also offering a scholarship for a library school student to attend the annual Chapter meeting.

PNC Bylaws' were updated and approved by the membership written vote in December.

Goal: Lifelong Learning

"Gold Rush: the Information Frontier" was the theme of the first ever Joint Meeting of the Northern California and Nevada Medical Library Group (NCNMLG), the Medical Library Group of Southern California and Arizona (MLGSCA), and the Pacific Northwest Chapter of MLA (PNC/MLA). This meeting was held January 28-31, in Sacramento, California. The NN/LM Pacific Southwest Region sponsored an all day symposium on health literacy. Six CE classes, chosen on basis of CE surveys from all 3 chapters, were held. The topics were: PDA's, immunology, marketing, Google and beyond, creating surveys using Survey Monkey, and designing web-based courses.

In lieu of PNC's annual fall meeting, PNC held a CE Day, October 17-18, in Seattle. Two CE courses were held: the Basics of Electronic Delivery and Using Camtasia to Create Digital Video Demonstrations. Nineteen members attended the electronic delivery class and eight for the Camtasia course.

Goal: Advocacy

A 2002 Automation/Technology Committee survey that identified electronic document delivery as a regional priority was the impetus for development of the above mentioned fall CE class. This survey was also part of the justification for the NN/LM PNR's new Electronic Document Delivery Awards. Proposals from 6 libraries for equipment and software were funded in 2003, and funding to include additional libraries has been requested for 2004.

Goal: Creating and Communicating our Knowledge

PNC has purchased a group subscription to Survey Monkey. This web-based software program is available for use by all PNC members for conducting their own surveys. A survey-designing class, using Survey Monkey, has been taught in several locations, including Portland and in Sacramento. Chapter members are successfully using this tool to conduct surveys within their own institutions.

The PNC web site is being redesigned and expanded, with added links to MLA and more PNC Committee web pages.

Goal: Building a Network of Partners

The Group Purchasing Committee is collaborating with the Washington Medical Librarians Association (WMLA) on offer with affordable online full text journal access via a group subscription package to libraries in 5 states and 1 province. This year nearly 50 institutions have access to more than 225 electronic journals. Participants include large and small urban and rural hospitals, academic and research libraries of varying sizes and type, and a provincial health care agency. WMLA has asked PNC to assume management for current and future consortia purchases and institutional chapter membership is one option that is being explored. PNC members will be surveyed for their present consortia contract involvement and future needs.

A tri-Chapter joint meeting was held in Sacramento in 2004, and discussion is underway regarding a future multi-chapter meeting.

This report is informational and requires no action by the MLA Board of Directors.

Respectfully submitted, Vicki Croft, PNC Chapter Chair, April 7, 2004

Chapter Officers 2004
Chair: Vicki Croft
Chair-Elect: Kathy Martin
Past Chair: Peggy Baldwin
Recording Secretary: Susan Barnes
Treasurer: Heidi Sue Adams
Membership Secretary: Ann Girling
Chapter Council Representatives: Patrice O'Donovan, Dolores Judkins
Archivist: Janet Schnall
Newsletter Editor: Kathy Murray
Webmaster: Leilani St. Anna

Committee Chairs 2004
Annual Meeting: Robin Braun
Technology: Susan Barnes
Bylaws: Jan Schueller
Governmental Relations: Bob Richart
Group Purchasing: Pamela Murray, Cheryl Goodwin
Mentoring and Recruitment: Dolores Judkins
MLA/Credentialling Liaison: Terry Jankowski
Nominating/Elections: Peggy Baldwin
Professional Development: Maryanne Blake


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