Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association

Pacific Northwest Chapter (PNC)
MLA Annual Report 2004/2005

The Pacific Northwest Chapter, which includes states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, has about 150 members. The following activities this year support MLA's Strategic Plan and Priorities, as well as our chapter MAP.

Goal: Recruitment, Membership, and Leadership in the Profession and Organization

The Chapter was the recipient of the 2004 Majors/MLA Chapter Project of the Year award for providing Survey Monkey to its membership. Dolores Judkins, Patrice O'Donovan, and Peggy Baldwin were recognized for their work not only in spearheading purchase of the Survey Monkey subscription, but also in training PNC membership to utilize the program.

Again, in 2005 the chapter will receive the award for its PNC group purchasing program. Three members-Susan Barnes, Cheryl Goodwin, and Pamela Murray-were the driving force behind this. The first collaborative purchase in 2002 offered the PNC membership the opportunity to purchase shared access to 140 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins e-journals from Ovid. Since then, this committee continues to pursue other agreements with other vendors on behalf of the PNC membership.

As a result of this, the chapter is exploring the possibility of an institutional membership, which would allow greater flexibility in seeking vendor contracts and would also allow PNC/MLA to develop relationships with hospitals that would like to take advantage of these resources but do not have a library.

PNC formed two new standing committees this past year: Mentoring and Recruitment and Group Purchasing.

During the Fall, 2004 meeting the membership approved a student membership category, for which dues will be $10 per year. Any student is eligible for this, whether part-time or full-time, distant or resident.

Goal: Lifelong Learning

"Focus on the Future: Libraries of Yesterday and Tomorrow" was the theme of the 44th annual meeting, which was held October 2-5 in Seattle. In addition to a one-day Hospital Library Forum entitled "The Three P's of Library Success," four CE classes were held. Two Professional Development Scholarships were awarded to members to support their attendance and participation in this meeting.

In October 14-18, 2005 PNC's meeting will be at the Governor Hotel in Portland, Oregon. The theme for the meeting is "Medical Libraries: Core of Discovery," in deference to the epic journey Lewis and Clark made.

Goal: Advocacy

In conjunction with the 2004 annual PNC meeting, the NN/LM Pacific Northwest Region sponsored a one-day Hospital Library Forum entitled the "Three P's of Library Success." Fifty-eight individuals registered for this forum.

A letter congratulating the opening of a new Planetree hospital in the Portland area and offering PNC's support for the new library was sent to the CEO in November.

During its Fall, 2004 meeting, PNC celebrated its 50th anniversary. The banquet featured historical facts and pictures from the Chapter archives. Isabel McDonald, life member, has been a member longer than anyone else and her first meeting was in 1957. MLA presented the Chapter with a commemorative gavel.

Goal: Creating and Communicating Our Knowledge

Rather than publishing a web-based newsletter, the Publications Committee is investigating the possibility of using blogging software for chapter news items. The chapter has purchased a web domain (, which will be renewed every 3 years.

Goal: Building a Network of Partners

The Group Purchasing Committee, a new standing committee, continues to coordinate group purchasing access to online full-text journal subscriptions at an affordable cost to libraries in Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. Currently 53 participants have access to 240 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins e-journals, with several others considering joining that particular package. Currently nineteen members are participating in a nursing package from Ovid, with more due to join. The Group Purchasing Committee has estimated that about 50,000 health professionals plus students and faculty in health education programs are being served by these consortial agreements. The committee has begun work on a web page for PNC/MLA to provide information on other possible vendor deals. The web page will also list existing contracts, along with other possible vendor avenues. As a result of these consortial agreements with vendors, the chapter is pursuing the introduction of an institutional membership category.

A second tri-chapter meeting will be held with the two California chapters (NCNMLG and MLGSCA) in Seattle in Fall, 2006. The meeting will be at the Red Lion Hotel, October 14-18, 2006.

This report is informational and requires no action from MLA.

Chapter Officers 2005
Chair: Kathy Martin
Chair-Elect: Lea Starr
Past Chair: Vicki Croft
Recording Secretary: Gail Kouame
Treasurer: Heidi Sue Adams
Membership Secretary: Ann Girling
Council Reps: Dolores Judkins, Kim Granath
Newsletter Editor: Kathy Murray
Web Editor: Leilani St. Anna
Archivist: Janet Schnall
MLA/Credentialing Liaison: Janet Schnall

Committee Chairs 2005
Annual Meeting: Ann Haines, Ann von Segen
Mentoring & Recruitment: Dolores Judkins
Technology: Neal Van Der Voorn
Bylaws: Jan Schueller
Group Purchasing: Cheryl Goodwin
Governmental Relations: Bob Richart
Professional Development: Maryanne Blake


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