Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association

September 19, 2000
Girdwood, AK


The meeting was called to order by Kim Granath, Chair, board members were introduced, and the minutes of the last meeting were approved with corrections. Nancy Press was appointed Parliamentarian. Past Chair, Carolyn Olson and Chapter Council Representative, Edean Berglund were excused.

Executive Board Reports

Treasurer-Nola Higley
The current checking account balance is $6,121.79. We have $8,190.34 in a one-year CD at 6.4% interest with total assets of $14,322.13. The healthy treasury is due to the Seattle meeting's impressive income last year. We must note, however, that our income this year has exceeded expenses by $1221.59, meaning we must continue to be alert to ways of increasing income and curtailing expenses, while enjoying our present prosperity. See the Executive Board Minutes for the complete report.

Chapter Council-Bob Pringle for Edean Berglund
Bob and Edean attended the annual Medical Library Association meeting at Vancouver, British Columbia and gave member's identifying stickers. Bob called for members to consider serving as facilitators at the round table discussions. See the Executive Board Meeting minutes for the complete report.

Membership-Barbara Crain
We have 7 life members and 11 new members, our total current membership is 167. This total excludes any who might have joined with annual meeting registration. In 1999, at the Seattle meeting, we had 161 members. In 1980 when our chapter was formed we had 135 members. Dues notices were mailed in December with follow up notices at the end of March, for lapsed memberships. The most common reason was "I just forgot" followed by a change in job. Membership committee members (Loretta Andress-Alaska, Jim Henderson-British Columbia, Kathy Nelson-Idaho, Steve Teich-Oregon, Jan Schueller-Washington, Barbara Crain-Montana) were responsible for contacting lapsed members in their state or province. Membership information is on the web. See the Executive Board Minutes for the complete report.

Conference Report---Kathy Murray
The conference committee was introduced (Kathy Murray, Chair; Loretta Andress, Marcia Colson, Anne Girling, Donna Hudson, Doreen Smith, Barbara Sokolov) Jeri van den Top was unable to attend but helped the group as treasurer. The 2000 Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association meeting at the Westin Alyeska Prince Resort in Girdwood Alaska has 48 registered attendees. 43 were all-inclusive, 3 paid only registration and 10 paid vendors plus the Regional Medical Library. The conference committee had a goal of 65 attending. The hotel was good to work with, there was some vendor support for specific events beyond the display table fees. 105 people attended continuing education classes. The Alaska Library Association funded the copyright speaker and the Anchorage Chapter of AkLA paid for Susan Alling's expenses.

Nominating-Kim Granath for Carolyn Olson
There were 94 ballots returned for the election of officers. Bob Pringle is Chair-Elect, Chris Beahler is the recording secretary. Kathy Martin is the membership chair, Patrice O'Donovan is chapter council representative and Dolores Judkins is alternate. Sherry Dodson is the MLA nominating committee nominee. There was some discussion on why the ballot includes both the chapter council member and alternate. Lea Starr asked Kim as immediate-Past Chair to investigate the bylaws for need for both positions. A new set of MLA model bylaws were issued Fall 2000, Jan and Kim will follow up with the information that is available.

Salary Survey request---Kim Granath
Kim had been contacted by Brynn Beals-representing WMLA asking if the chapter might do a regional salary survey. Kim asked if members would consider doing this as a web based survey. There was discussion concerning the last MLA survey of region, members were uncertain how timely this data was. The MLA Benchmarking data is asking for salary exclusive of fringe benefits. Members agreed they would be more likely to answer a question on range rather than specific salary. Kim will follow up with Brynn on exact details, and a voluntary web based survey may be developed with clearly defined areas keeping Metropolitan and rural ranges clearly identified. Ideas on the emerging library market might also be included, the UBC library school has two job offers for each student they graduated. A team to design the web survey will be solicited on HLIB-L if necessary.

Newsletter---Kathy Murray
With the Alaska conference Kathy has not been able to keep up on the chapter newsletter. Does the group want a newsletter? The web based format has saved the chapter mailing costs, however the HTML design has made design and layout boring. Kathy purchased "Pagemaker" and will look at putting a PDF version of the newsletter together for future issues. Loretta has done much of the actual work in putting together the newsletter. Kathy has had a hard time getting news from the members, it was suggested that the membership person from each state add newsgathering to their responsibilities list and answer the call on HLIB-L for news. It is not fair to expect Kathy to follow the various listserves and pull the information such as new positions from this source.

Archives-Janet Schnall
Janet reminded members the newsletter contains much of the history of our chapter as an organization. We need to submit hard copies to the archives of official documents even if they are published on the web. The chapter history is online and a summary was published by Bob Pringle for MLA News. An oral history with Gerry Oppenheimer was edited and approved for archives. A copy will be kept at the University of Washington Health Sciences Library.

Future of Annual Meetings---Kim Granath
The board has discussed the problems we are experiencing with declining attendance at annual meetings. A decision had been made to rotate Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver as sites to control costs, yet our next meeting is actually going to be at another resort location, Salishan. The 1999 meeting had only 51 all inclusive registrants and 36 conference only for 87 total and this was in Seattle. The expectation was 100 registrants. To continue as an organization, the one annual meeting must have higher attendance to support PNC's expenses.

Discussion moved to members who were not present, why do they not attend the annual meeting? A web survey will be developed to ask members what they really want, is a welcome reception, program, banquet and continuing education offering meeting their needs? This format has been successful in the past, but maybe we need to change. The evaluations in Seattle were evenly divided on the no hotel format. Other considerations for declining attendance is the timing of this event with having the National meeting in Vancouver this spring, travel budgets were already spent. Many members are finding their organizations are offering less support for any travel at all. The programs offered may be too basic for experienced members who are attending some other types of meetings, and there is conflict over the dates for some of the academic libraries with starting of school sessions, whether semester or quarter schedules.

Looking at the last Seattle meeting almost half of the membership was present, this is probably as good as we can expect. The demographics of our chapter show continued decline in number of hospital librarians as hospitals have merged and closed. Younger members have not been able to attend because of low salaries, but sharing rooms and other options to keep the expenses affordable should help. Since it is possible for more members to car-pool to Salishan travel costs will not be as high as travel was to Alaska. The 2002 meeting is planned for Vancouver BC.

Benchmarking---Robin Braun
Libraries that collect data for an annual report probably have some of the information needed for the MLA Benchmarking project. Robin has prepared a benchmarking worksheet with data definitions from the web site. She would like as many PNC members as possible to submit their information. Please provide comments such as not applicable, I don't understand, I can't get this information, I can't tell what you want here. It is important for the feedback to reach MLA before December as 100 participants are needed in this Beta test to have any meaningful data analysis done. If you have any questions please phone or email Robin and she will help as much as she can. She is asking for 1999 data that you have, fill in as much as you can on the form and offer suggestions in the comments section so the form can be improved.

2001 Meeting---Kathy Martin
Kathy Martin presented "2001 Hal Unplugged". The next annual meeting is being planned for Salishan, another Westin hotel in Gleneden Beach, Oregon, September 9th to 13th. The location is on the ocean with sea lions near-by and a beautiful lodge and golf course on the property. Roy Tennant has been approached as the keynote speaker. Continuing education programs are being selected.

MLA Vancouver Meeting---Jim Henderson
Jim thanked regional members for support for the Medical Library Association meeting held in Vancouver. It was a great success.

A gift of an engraved Alaska Ulu was presented to Kim for her service as chair by Kathy Murray.

The meeting was adjourned after Kim Granath asked members to consider running for board positions.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kathy Nelson
PNC Recording Secretary 2000


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