Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association

October 22, 2002
Coast Plaza Hotel, Vancouver, B.C.


Bob Pringle, Chair opened the meeting by thanking the Annual Meeting Committee members and welcoming the vendors and guests from National Library of Medicine and the Medical Library Association. Jan Schueller was appointed as Parliamentarian. The Executive Board was introduced, including Janice Bacino in absentia. The members present accepted the corrected minutes from last year's business meeting in Salishan, Oregon by voice vote.

Executive Board and Committee Reports - Full reports from Board members and committee chairs have been submitted to the Executive Board and were distributed at the meeting. Copies can be obtained from board members.

Membership -- Kathy Martin, Membership Secretary
We currently have 178 members, including 36 new members. There were 51 non-renewals this year. Membership committee members include Kathy Nelson (Idaho), Kathy Martin (Oregon), Ann Girling (Alaska), Chris Bealer (Washington), and Gail Wilkerson (Montana). There is currently a need for a Canadian representative. Kathy encouraged members to send news & updates to her.

Treasurer's Report - Nola Higley, Treasurer
A copy of the Treasurer's report was distributed at the meeting. Nola Higley, Treasurer, summarized the report. The checking account balance as of October 15, 2002 was $7,157.71. Total expenses as of October 15, 2002 were $4,852.55. We have a reserve account balance of $10,071.08 in two CDs as of August 12, 2002. (See the Treasurer's Report for specific details.)

Chapter Council - Patrice O'Donovan Chapter Council Representative
Patrice attended the annual Medical Library Association meeting in Dallas, Texas. Her report discussed the work she did with the Chapter Sharing Round Tables, with topics ranging from Alternative Medicine to Virtual Reference. She is now serving on the MLA Awards Committee and encouraged us all to submit any projects that we think would quality for the Chapter Project of the Year - the winning chapter gets $500. The award has been in existence for 6 years and the Southern Chapter has won 3 times! She also encouraged members to look at the MLA Awards and Scholarships pages for annual meeting grants, doctoral fellowships, and traveling fellowships and encouraged attendance at the Mentoring Program at the upcoming MLA meeting in San Diego.

A major focus of MLA is strategic planning. Neil Rambo facilitated a round table at this meeting on this topic; Carol Jenkins of MLA will also be at that table. She encouraged those of us with ideas for MLA's future to attend this round table.

Bylaws Committee - Jan Schueller, Committee Chair
Jan reported that there were minor revisions to the bylaws this year to coordinate our bylaws with the model MLA bylaws developed in 2000.

Technology Committee - Susan Barnes, Committee Chair
The committee was very busy with surveying members regarding the use of electronic document delivery (EDD). 119 libraries responded to the survey and gave the committee much valuable information to evaluate. The committee's full reports, including detailed survey results, will be posted on the PNC/MLA web site.

Nominations and Elections Committee - Maryanne Blake, for Janice Bacino, Past PNC/MLA Chair and Committee Chair
Committee members were Janice Bacino and Maryanne Blake. 104 ballots were returned. Elected were: Susan Long, MLA Nominating Committee, Anne Girling, Recording Secretary, Heidi Sue Adams, Treasurer, and Vicki Croft, Chair-Elect.

Conference Planning Committee - Kathy Murray, Committee Chair
The committee met the evening of the Welcome Reception with the members of the 2002 and the 2003 annual meeting committees. The primary goal for the next year is to update the committee-planning manual. Kathy is the contact person for questions and input.

Report for the 2002 Annual Meeting - Diane Helmer, Chair
Diane reported that the preliminary figures are 82 full conference registrations and 9 continuing-education-only registrations. Good news is that we made the room nights we needed at the hotel. There were 17 exhibitors and 3 vendor demos. We had a total of 190 room nights. Diane expects that the meeting will show a healthy profit.

Publications Report - Kathy Murray
The newsletter will be available only in PDF format due to time constraints (life members and library schools need to have printed versions). She's working on providing links in the PDF format to make it have the "look & feel" of HTML. PNC is looking at a program called "Survey Monkey" that could be provided to members for use in developing surveys & needs assessments. The PNC/MLA web site is being evaluated for potential revision & a face-lift.

Professional Development Committee - Maryanne Blake, for Kelly Thormodson, Chair
Addendum to the written report - there is an upcoming Continuing Education Survey. Maryanne encouraged all members to respond and send her any ideas you may have to be added to the survey itself. It was decided to purchase & use "Survey Monkey" for the CE Survey as an initial test of the software. Jan Schueller encouraged members to apply for the MLA Continuing Education grant - up to $500 that can be used for registration fees and/or transportation & lodging. The deadline is December 1, 2002, applications can be found on MLANET.

MAP Revision
The revised PNC/MLA Map was approved.

Member Concerns
Vendors were concerned that they were not provided a list of attendees & their institutions as in the past. Most vendors need to have this list available to give to their company to validate the reason for the attendance. A large majority of the members agreed that this was a good idea (for members as well as vendors).

MLA Speaker - Carol Jenkins, MLA Past President
Carol spoke on the topic of "Quality Information for Improved Health."

Drawing for 2003 MLA membership
Lynn Hauer (Couer d'Alene) was the winner of the drawing.

Peggy Baldwin thanked Bob Pringle for his hard work as chair this past year and presented him with a gift of our appreciation. She also thanked Nola Higley for her 3 years at Treasurer and welcomed the new board members.

The 2003 annual meeting will be a joint meeting with the Northern California & Nevada chapters of MLA in Sacramento in January 2004. This will take the place of the Fall 2003 meeting. More details will follow.

Robin Braun extended an invitation to the 2004 Annual Meeting, October 2-5, 2004 at the Washington Athletic Club in Seattle.

The meeting was then declared closed by Bob Pringle.


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