Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association

January 23, 2004
Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza
Sacramento, California

Peggy Baldwin called the meeting to order at 4:20pm and introduced the new PNC/MLA officers, and the officers with new roles:

    cKathy Martin, Chair-Elect
  • Ann Girling, Membership Secretary
  • Susan Barnes, Recording Secretary
  • Chapter Council Representative, Dolores Judkins

Peggy thanked Bob Pringle and Patrice O'Donovan for their past years of service as members of the PNC/MLA Executive Board.

This business meeting was held at the Joint Meeting of the NCNMLG, MLGSCA, and PNC/MLA chapters. Because of the timing of this joint meeting, PNC/MLA decided not to hold a fall meeting in 2003. The last PNC/MLA business meeting was in October, 2002 at the meeting in Vancouver, BC. The next one will be in October, 2004 at the PNC/MLA meeting in Seattle.

The minutes of the October, 2002 business meeting were not available at this Sacramento meeting, so they have not yet been approved.


Full committee reports were submitted in writing to the Chair. Brief summaries were provided at this meeting:

Treasurer's-Heidi Sue Adams: PNC/MLA remains comfortably in the black, with 2003 balance of $28,193.43 with expenses of $6,545.03, leaving a remainder of $21,648.40 Projected 2004 balance is $25,270.00.

Archives-Lisa Oberg (for Janet Schnall): 2003 was the 50th anniversary of PNC/MLA. Since we did not have a meeting in 2003, we will celebrate this milestone at the October, 2004 meeting. Janet Schnall is chairing the 50th Anniversary Committee.

Sacramento Joint Meeting-Terry Jankowski: There are 31 PNC/MLA members at this meeting, with total attendance of 180. This is close to the average number that usually attend the NCNMLG/MLGSCA Joint Meeting, so attendance from the southwestern chapters is down.

Bylaws Committee-Bob Pringle (for Jan Schueller): PNC/MLA bylaws have been updated and revised to reflect MLA's Model Bylaws for Chapters and Sections, and the revisions were approved by the PNC/MLA membership in December, 2003 as part of the annual voting process. The revised bylaws will be submitted to MLA and posted on the PNC/MLA Web site.

Elections Committee-Bob Pringle: In addition to the new officers (or officers with new roles) listed above, the new Chapter Council Representative Alternate is Kim Granath, and our chapters' nominee to the MLA Nominating Committee is Maryanne Blake.

Government Relations Committee -Has just one member, Bob Richart, and more are welcome. A Web page for the committee, with useful links, is at

Technology Committee-Susan Barnes: Results of the committee's 2002 Electronic Document Delivery survey were used to justify funding from the NN/LM PNR to support six libraries' acquiring EDD equipment and software.

PNC/MLA Liaison to MLA's Credentialing Committee-Terry Jankowski: At the May 2003 MLA meeting the decision was made to review the point system and to use a simplified form for those applying for renewal at the same (or lower) level.

Professional Development Committee-Maryanne Blake: Since there was no fall PNC/MLA meeting in 2003, three CE courses were offered to the membership in October, 2003: "Basics of Electronic Document Delivery," "Using Camtasia to Create Digital Video Demonstrations," and "Surveys Made Easy." Due to low enrollment, the survey class was cancelled. The 2004 CE Survey was made available on the Web in January, 2004 using the SurveyMonkey software licensed for PNC/MLA membership use. The response rate has been higher than in previous years.

Group Purchasing Committee-Susan Barnes: The committee has been charged with investigating institutional membership and making a recommendation to the PNC/MLA board and membership as to whether this should be the organizational approach used for group purchases. Dolores Judkins has drafted a survey for use in conducting a needs assessment with the PNC/MLA membership regarding possible group purchases.


Reduced student membership fee-Kathy Martin: A reduced annual fee of $10 has been proposed to encourage library school students to join PNC/MLA and to help encourage their entry into the field of health sciences librarianship.. After brief discussion the membership agreed that a task force should develop a proposal regarding reduced fees for students and librarians without current employment, and to define specifics about eligibility.

Mentoring/membership recruitment-Dolores Judkins: A mentoring and recruitment committee is being formed, and a mentoring page will be created, to be linked from the PNC/MLA Web site.

2004 PNC/MLA meeting-Bob Pringle: The meeting will be October 2-5 in Seattle, at the Washington Athletic Club. The Inland North West Health Sciences Libraries (INWHSL) is organizing the meeting under the leadership of Robin Braun. The theme is "The Library As Place."

With a gift of appreciation, we thanked Peggy Baldwin for serving as Chair.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:50pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Barnes, Recording Secretary


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