Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association

October 4, 2004
Washington Athletic Club
Seattle, WA

Vicki Croft called the meeting to order at 8:15am and appointed Jan Schueller as parliamentarian.

Robin Braun, 2004 Seattle Meeting Chair, welcomed the members and introduced the planning committee: Arleen Libertini, Bob Pringle, Mary Wood, Marcy Horner, Sarah McCord

Vicki Croft introduced the PNC/MLA Executive Board:

  • Vicki Croft, Chair
  • Kathy Martin, Chair Elect
  • Heidi Sue Adams, Treasurer
  • Susan Barnes, Recording Secretary
  • Anne Girling, Membership Committee
  • Kathy Murray, Publications Committee
  • Dolores Judkins, Chapter Council Representative

(Peggy Baldwin, Past Chair and Nominating Committee, was unable to attend this meeting)

New members and first-time attendees were recognized. Patrice O'Donovan was thanked for her past 3 years service as PNC/MLA Chapter Council Representative.

Approval of Minutes
Business meeting minutes from 2002 and January, 2004 were approved. (The 2002 minutes had not been approved because we did not have a meeting in 2003.)

PNC/MLA has been awarded the 2004 Majors Award for its provision of SurveyMonkey to the membership. Dolores Judkins, Patrice O'Donovan, and Peggy Baldwin were recognized for their hard work.

PNC/MLA has two new standing committees: Mentoring and Recruitment (chaired by Dolores Judkins), and Group Purchasing (co-chaired by Cheryl Goodwin and Pamela Murray). Dolores Judkins, chair, Mentoring and Recruitment; Cheryl Goodwin and Pamela Murray, co-chairs, Group Purchasing


Treasurer: Heidi Sue Adams reported that Arleen Libertini and Ann Haines received Professional Development Awards to attend this meeting. There has been sporadic trouble with mail in Kalispell; this has delayed processing of some membership dues. Dues income is down this year because many 2004 dues payments were made in late 2003.

Membership: Ann Girling reported that we have 163 members with 7 lifetime members. The membership form has been upgraded to include the year, term of membership, benefits, committees to volunteer for, etc.. The SurveyMonkey password will be changed every year, and the new password will be sent to those who renew their membership. Renewal forms will be sent in early November, with those who renew by December 15 eligible for a drawing for a one year MLA membership grand prize.

Chapter Council Representative: Dolores Judkins reported that MLA is forming a task force on the status of hospital librarians, elections for 2005-06 will be held online, the MLA Annual Meeting in DC had the second-highest attendance, initial work is being done on online registration software, and the 2005 meeting in San Antonio will feature more than 40 CE courses and a symposium on the role of emergency preparedness in physical planning.


Archives: Janet Schnall reported that this is the 44th meeting of PNC/MLA, the 10th in Seattle. The first meeting was in 1953. Since we didn't have a meeting in 2003, we are celebrating our 50th anniversary at this meeting. The banquet will feature historical facts and pictures from the archives. Isabel McDonald, life member, has been a member longer than anyone else and her first meeting was 1957.

Bylaws: Jan Schueller announced that the January 2003 revisions have been approved. She is monitoring the MLA Bylaws amendments.

Group Purchasing: Cheryl Goodwin, co-chair, reported that if we get enough new participants in Ovid's LWW Total Access package, there will not be a price increase for current participants. The Ovid nursing package has been confirmed, but more participants are welcome. Stat!Ref is another possibility under consideration. The group subscription to the LWW Total Access package will be nominated for the 2005 Majors award.

Professional Development: Robin Braun (for Maryanne Blake) reported that there are 76 registrants for CE at this meeting. Courses include Marketing, Electronic Resources, SurveyMonkey, and LinkOut.

Nominating/Elections: Vicki Croft (for Peggy Baldwin) reported that Lea Starr is our new Chair-Elect; Gail Kouame is the new Recording Secretary, and Linda Milgrom is our Chapter's nominee for the ballot for this year's election for the MLA Nominating Committee.

PNC/MLA AHIP Representative: 43 members of PNC/MLA are members of AHIP. Renewal has been made easier; Terry is happy to help with the AHIP application process. A volunteer is being sought to replace Terry as our Chapter's AHIP representative.

Government Relations: Bob Richart reported that he is maintaining a government information page at the PNC/MLA Web site and forwards information to the HLIB-NW email discussion list.

Mentoring and Recruitment: Dolores Judkins reported that her archived email had been lost and asked those who had volunteered to serve on this committee to please re-volunteer. She will create a Web page with information about libraries looking for interns and libraries with possibilities for practica for students.

Publications: Kathy Murray reported that no issues of the newsletter were published this year; no one has seemed to miss it and she has not received submissions for content. She will investigate the possibility of using blogging software for Chapter news items. The domain will be purchased at a price of $75 for 3 years. In subsequent discussion, members asked that the Chair's comments be continued on the Web site, and wondered how the information will be archived. Kathy Murray and Leilani St. Anna will investigate how our Web site is being backed up. In related news from Robin Braun: a SurveyMonkey template for libraries facing JCAHO visits will be prepared.


Anne Girling reported that the PNC/MLA Board has proposed a new category of Student Membership, for which the dues will be $10 per year, and any student is eligible for this-whether part-or full-time, whether distant or resident. Motion was seconded and approved by the membership by voice vote.

Susan Barnes presented a proposal for a new Institutional Membership category for PNC/MLA, featuring:

  • Institutional membership required for participation in group purchase coordinated by PNC/MLA
  • Each institutional member must have an individual to serve as representative; institutional representatives will not have voting privileges but will be able to attend meetings and CE sessions at member rates
  • No SurveyMonkey access provided to institutional members
  • Fee $100, to be deposited in PNC/MLA general fund

Given time constraints, this topic was tabled for discussion on HLIB-NW and to be brought to the membership again in the future. Issues of concern included the status of institutional representatives and whether the membership fee would go into the PNC/MLA general fund or be used by the Group Purchasing committee. Susan Barnes will initiate and lead the HLIB-NW discussion.


Future Meetings: Kathy Martin presented scenarios for upcoming PNC/MLA Chapter meetings and Tri-Chapter meetings (held with the NCNMLG and MLGSCA chapters). These were based in part on the results of the SurveyMonkey questionnaire on this topic. It is proposed that the 2006 meeting in Seattle will be a Tri-Chapter meeting-this was approved by the membership by voice vote. 2007 may be in Eugene or in Montana. The health librarians in Canada have been approached about Vancouver, BC as a site for the 2008 meeting; they are discussing this, and will let us know soon. Initial responsibilities for the Seattle 2006 Tri-Chapter Meeting: Program co-chairs will be Gail Kouame and Lisa Oberg, Susan Barnes will handle site selection, and Terry Jankowski will coordinate volunteers for additional tasks.

Invitation from 2005 Program Committee
Ann Von Segen invited us to next year's PNC/MLA Annual Meeting, to be held in Portland, October 15-18.

The PNC/MLA Board presented Vicki Croft with a selection of gifts in recognition of her work as chair this year, and the meeting was adjourned at 10am.

Respectfully submitted by: Susan Barnes, Recording Secretary, 11/5/04.


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