Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association


PNC/MLA Business Meeting
October 17, 2005
Governor Hotel
Portland, OR

Kathy Martin called the meeting to order at 10:35am.

Appointment of Parliamentarian - membership voted to accept Jan Schueller as Parliamentarian

Ann von Segen and Ann Haines, 2005 Meeting Co-Chairs, welcomed the members and thanked program committees, OHSU History of Medicine Department, OSHLA, and vendors.

Kathy Martin introduced the PNC/MLA Executive Board:

  • Kathy Martin, Chair
  • Vicki Croft, Past Chair
  • Lea Starr, Chair-elect
  • Heidi Sue Adams, Treasurer
  • Gail Kouame, Recording Secretary
  • Anne Girling, Membership Secretary
  • Dolores Judkins, Chapter Council Representative
  • Kim Granath, Chapter Council Alternate
  • Kathy Murray, Publications Committee, Conference Planning

New members and first-time attendees were recognized.

Approval of Minutes
Minutes from the 2004 business meeting were approved.

PNC/MLA won the 2005 Majors Chapter Project of the Year Award for the 2nd time in a row for Group Purchasing project - Cheryl Goodwin, Susan Barnes, and Pamela Murray were recognized for their leadership on the project.

Cheryl Goodwin gave a brief update from the Group Purchasing Committee - 61 libraries are subscribed to OVID, 12 are subscribed to the LWW Nursing package, and 15 are subscribed to the electronic books package. The committee is also talking with StatRef and MD Consult - final decisions will rest on the vote regarding institutional membership.

Kathy Martin announced that for members who are interested in helping with hurricane relief, they can go to the MLA website for suggestions.

Ann von Segen announced that the evaluations for the annual meeting will go up on Survey Monkey, as will a vendor survey.

Jan Scheuller announced that there are many MLA grants and scholarships available - take a look at the MLA website or talk to Jan for more information.


Treasurer: Heidi Sue Adams handed out a printed report. The total in the treasury as of October 10, 2005 is $18,330.10. She also announced the winners of the Professional Development and Student Scholarships. Professional Development: Todd Hannon, OHSU, Portland, OR; Deb Rumberger, St. Peter's Hospital, Helena, MT Liisa Rogers, Healthwise, Boise, ID. Student: Kyla Tew, UW iSchool, Seattle, WA.

Chapter Council: Dolores Judkins explained that the Chapter Council serves as a mechanism for chapters to communicate with MLA and other chapters. The Chapter Council also sponsors the Chapter Sharing Roundtables at the MLA annual meeting. They will also be sponsoring a Health Literacy Symposium at the 2006 annual meeting. They sponsor the Chapter Awards as well. The MLA theme for the '06-'07 year is "Reclaiming our Foundations, Forging New Frontiers." The Chapter Council is revisiting the Cunningham fellowship and is considering using it to bring international students to the MLA annual meeting. MLA elections were held electronically this year. There was higher student participation at the '05 annual meeting. Scott Plutchek, JMLA editor, announced increased visits to the Journal, especially for articles related to impact factors and the Brandon-Hill lists. Dolores will take back to Chapter Council comments about the cost of the Roundtable lunches being a deterrent for people to attend.

Membership: 2005 membership is 159 - down 4 from 2004. There will be a prize drawing again for early renewal of membership. There has been a minor change to the membership form - a checkbox to indicate MLA membership as MLA is interested in tracking this. Early renewals will still go to Heidi Sue Adams until December 31st. As of January 1, 2006, they will go to the new Treasurer. Currently, there are three types of members: Personal, Student, and Lifetime. Two new categories will be added: emeritus for retirees (differ from Lifetime in that they need to be approved by the Board), and Non-working (will pay the same fee as Student). It is also suggested to change Lifetime to Honorary Lifetime. The membership voted to approve the two new categories, plus to change the Lifetime designation to Honorary Lifetime.

Discussion continued regarding one more membership category - Institutional. There was much discussion about this on the HLIB-NW list. A printed copy of the proposal regarding Institutional Membership was distributed. The motion was made by Vicki Croft to accept the proposal as written and seconded by Susan Barnes. Some discussion ensued related to procedures to draft changes in the bylaws, etc. The membership voted to accept the proposal as presented.


Bylaws: Jan Schueller discussed that the implementation of institutional membership will have impact on the bylaws. Also, implementation of electronic voting will lead to some changes. These new models will be based on the MLA bylaws.

Archives: Janet Schnall reported that the 2005 meeting is the 45th annual meeting, the 6th one to be held in Portland (the first was in 1959). She also requested that committee chairs list their committee members when submitting committee reports.

Technology: Neal Van Der Voorn reported that he chaired a discussion with some small hospital libraries about OPACs as OCLC has discontinued support of their CD-ROM-based product.

Professional Development: Maryanne Blake reported that Carolyn Adams organized the CE sessions for the 2005 annual meeting. All CE classes were filled to capacity this year.

Nominating: Vicki Croft announced the new slate of officers for 2006:

  • Chair - Cheryl Goodwin
  • Treasurer - Nanette Welton
  • Secretary - Liisa Rogers
  • Nominating Committee - Carolyn Adams

Group Purchasing: Report given earlier - see minutes above

Mentoring and Recruitment: Dolores Judkins reported that there was not a lot of activity on this committee in the past year. She will send out a call for members - she would like representatives from each state/province in PNC. She will also update the website. Members can also include students in technical or other related programs.

Conference Planning: Kathy Murray reported that the key charge of this position is to assist program planners for the annual meetings. She also has updated the planning manual and can provide forms, sample letters, etc. She would like a section of the website that is password protected to store forms, etc for internal use. This year's program planners did not send out packets, just postcards as reminders for the meeting. There will also be a Survey Monkey evaluation template.

Publications: Kathy Murray reported that the website has been re-done. The newsletter will be in blog format in the future.

PNC/MLA AHIP Liaison: Terry Jankowski submitted a written report. She attended the Credentialing Committee meeting at MLA's annual meeting in San Antonio. She collaborated with South Central Chapter to produce a poster: "Fast Track to AHIP" Janet Schnall will serve as AHIP Liaison next year.


Survey Monkey guidelines - Dolores Judkins reported that Survey Monkey has been very successful as a benefit for PNC members - actually, too successful. Some institutions have exceeded the number of respondents allowed. If you expect to get more than 500 respondents, you should buy a one-month subscription for $19.95. If you go over 500 on the PNC account, PNC will bill you for the added charges. Send a message to HLIB to alert others of your intent to post a survey if you are expecting a sizable number of respondents. Start your survey mid-month so that it covers two months instead of one. The surveys are to be used for library-related business only, not the business of the larger institution that hosts the library. Go in and delete old messages. It's also helpful to set up folders.

Meeting adjourned at 12:15pm

Respectfully submitted,

Gail Kouame
Recording Secretary


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