Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association

Thursday, October 29, 1998
Boise, Idaho

Maryanne Blake called the 45th annual meeting to order at 10:20 a.m. She appointed Nancy Ottman Press to be the parliamentarian, and then she asked the executive board to introduce themselves:

  • Pam Spickelmier, Treasurer, St. Luke's Regional Medical Center
  • Barbara Crain, Membership Sec., McLaughlin Research Institute
  • Marcy Horner, Past Chair, Kootenai Medical Center
  • Carolyn Olson, Chair-Elect, Legacy Health System
  • Bob Pringle, Chpt. Cncl. Rep., Intercollegiate Ctr. for Nurs. Edu.
  • Kathy Murray, Newsletter Ed., University of Alaska, Anchorage
  • Madelyn Hall, Rec. Secretary, Southwest Washington Med. Ctr.
  • Maryanne Blake, Chair, National Network of Lib. of Medicine

The minutes from the meeting last year in Portland were reviewed and the following points were recommended for correction or revision:

In the Nominations section, Leilani St. Anna's first name was misspelled. Under Old Business, Perri Lynch's first name was misspelled.

Donna Hudson then moved the minutes be accepted with revisions, and Leilani St. Anna seconded the motion. The motion carried.


TREASURER - Pam Spickelmier
Pam presented a report of the financial activities for the period of November 1, 1997 through October 15, 1998. The association had income of $5,512.06, expenses of $4,780.22, checking balance of $2,866.29, and reserve funds of $5,389.57 for total assets of $8,255.86. Pam stated that four scholarships were presented to members for attendance at this meeting.

Barbara reported that PNC/MLA has a healthy membership with a total of 186 members. Six of these are life members. Last year there was a total of 182 members; PNC/MLA added 24 new members this year. Emily Hull has put the membership form on the PNC/MLA website, in addition to a list of members. Members were asked to review this list and make any corrections. Barbara reminded members that membership is for the calendar year; dues notices will be done electronically as an Hlib-NW Alert. Members are asked to print off this form and mail to Pam Spickelmier with a check. Kathy Murray added that these were individual memberships only, not institutional.

Bob reported that there has been a lot of activity via e-mail. He stressed that he is our Chapter's liaison to the Chapter Council, and that Edean Berglund is the alternate rep. Bob may call on the membership individually and ask what needs to be said to MLA. The Nov-Dec. MLA newsletter will publish histories of a number of Chapter Councils. PNC/MLA's will be published at a later date.

Marcy reported a high rate of return for ballots, with 91 ballots counted. The new officers elected are:

  • Kim Granath, Chair-Elect, University of Montana
  • Pam Bjork, Recording Secretary, West. St. Chirop. College
  • Patrice O'Donovan, MLA Rep., Linfield College-Portland


ARCHIVES - Janet Schnall
There was one previous meeting of PNC/MLA in Boise; the 31st meeting in 1991. Two others have been held in Idaho; Sun Valley in 1979, and Coeur d'Alene in 1994.

There has been much Archival activity this year including: working on the history of PNC/MLA as part of MLA's centennial celebrations; a poster presented at MLA in Philadelphia; various historical articles and pictures published in Northwest Notes. Janet asked to have any pictures, records, etc.,from PNC/MLA activities sent to her for the Archives. Members are encouraged to ask her for information from the Archives; this is especially helpful when applying to MLA's Academy of Health Information Professionals.

Maryanne then thanked Janet for her long history as PNC's Archivist, and presented her with a fountain pen, asking her to "keep on writing chapter history!"

BYLAWS - Maryanne Blake for Jan Schueller
Jan reported that changes to the bylaws have gone to MLA. MLA will approve, or not, in December.

Leilani introduced her committee members; Bonnie Chadbourne, Mary Ellen Lemon, Vickie Croft, Betty Jo Jensen, Peggy Baldwin, Caroline Mann, and Kathy Murray. The committee will put a Planning Manual on the PNC/MLA website to help centralize and simplify arrangements for the annual meeting for the local organizing group. Peggy created a database. If anyone is interested in serving on the Conference Planning Committee, contact Leilani.



Maryanne made a plea to belong to PNC by joining a committee. The above two committees have no Chair(s). Marcy Horner and Leah Starr expressed interest in the Electronic Resources Committee.

Lisa introduced her committee members; Janice Bacino, Nancy Ottman Press, Doreen Smith, Margaret Connors, Leah Starr, and Mary Ellen Lemon. Lisa stated that there is a website available with good links, and funding opportunities. The CE Survey was completed early with the following topics requested:
PubMed (#1)
Internet Resources
JIT Document Delivery
There were 113 responses to the survey. 36% of PNC members have been librarians for 15+ years. There are copies available of a CE Assessment Survey done by MLA. Lisa encouraged members to promote evidence-based medicine, and to create a journal club in your area. A Benchmarking tool kit was purchased, and is available from the RML lending library, as is a video from the Evidence-based Medicine Teleconference.

Kathy introduced her committee; Emily Hull, and Loretta Andress. Except for 6 life members, Northwest Notes is completely web-pased. A copy is always sent to the University of Washington Library School, and also to Alberta. Emily is the Web Editor. Her report stated the following content has been added: 1998 Annual Meeting information, 1997 Business meeting minutes, Professional development Committee information, CE Survey information, funding opportunities, 1998 Board meeting minutes, and the MAP. In 1999-2000, Emily hopes to publish guidelines, core documents, the Chapter history, and the Compass Survey. the access log shows that a monthly average of 322 files were viewed. september was the highest month, with 441 files viewed, and April was the lowest month, with 167 files viewed. An average of 11 files are viewed daily. The Program Planning Committee Manual is very popular. Contact Emily for new ideas about content. Nancy Press stated that there was wonderful cooperation between the RML and PNC with the weblist.

1998 PROGRAM - Mary Ellen Lemon
Mary Ellen stated that 82 people were registered for this meeting; 79 people were registered for CE. She thanked all for their help and support; a full report will follow later.

The 1999 PNC meeting will be held in Seattle in the fall, although no date has been set yet. Co-chairs for the meeting are Sara Safranek and Chris Beahler, both from the University of Washington. Two plans have emerged; one, a joint meeting with the Pacific Northwest Chapter of SLA, and one as PNC Lite at the UW with no conference hotel.


Maryanne talked about the Chapter MAP, which is a strategic plan for our chapter for the next five years to guide us. It is now on the web for final comments and additions. Maryanne would like feedback and ideas from the membership. She stated that the MAP is NOT a static document; there is room to add things. To register an opinion about the MAP, go to:

The bylaw changes are in progress. Currently, the recommended changes are at MLA. MLA will vote on the changes. The revised version of the bylaws will be on the web by Tuesday, November 3rd, 1998.


Maryanne discussed the need for changes to future PNC meetings. Questions to address are: where will the meetings be held? How will they look? It is becoming more difficult for small groups of librarians in some states to create a meeting of this size. There are13 PNC members in Idaho, and 14 in Montana. We are a geographically distant group, with large states. This presents a real challenge to our membership.

Maryanne then broached several options and asked the membership to discuss each:

  1. Can continue as we are alternating meeting sites in Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Idaho.
  2. Can alternate resort and city meetings (we try and do that now).
  3. Can alternate Portland and Seattle meetings.
  4. Do we want to have joint chapter meetings, e.g., with the Northern California chapter? Is this a good idea or would it detract?
  5. If some interested group wants to host the meeting (e.g., Alaska in 2000), this can always be inserted into the schedule.
There are financial burdens, burdens of travel, and the burden of putting on the meeting. There will now be a Conference Planning Committee to help with meeting arrangements.

The discussion then moved to the floor, and comments included:

Dolores Judkins felt it is important to have a meeting annually and not every other year. She thinks the Conference Planning Committee will make a big difference.

Doreen Smith says coming to these meetings is important for CE. She felt a smaller meeting would not meet those needs. The CE opportunities are important to her; these should be expanded if we do meet with other chapters or groups.

Ann von Segen reaffirmed what Dolores said. She emphasized that not every librarian can go to MLA for CE. She felt PNC meetings should be made stronger, not less frequent.

Janice Bacino stated that the burden of putting on a conference is much greater than the burden of travel. We may lose some paraprofessionals who can come if the meetings are held only in Seattle and Portland.

Mary Ellen Lemon stated that she looks forward to the meetings, and that CE is critical. She also stated that CE at MLA is expensive. Further, she said that when the meetings are held in Idaho and Montana, they don't attract the participant numbers. Meetings are very expensive, and it is hard to bring national speakers to remote locations. There needs to be a balance of cost and the number of participants.

Beverly Schriver added that we need to think about what is important to the group; what is our priority, and how can we meet our goals.

Nancy Press thought that meeting with other groups is a brilliant stroke; it could be enriching to meet with SLA. The annual survey shows that CE and networking are tops on the list for our chapter.

Leah Starr suggested including Vancouver, B.C. in the Seattle-Portland group, but not until after the 2000 MLA meeting.

Mara Wilhelm stated that the way to go was to combine with other associations. She felt this approach would attract better speakers, and demonstrate PNC's value. She also thought it would be a disadvantage to limit geographically.

Debbie Ketchell advised being cautious working with other associations due to extremes within groups.

Leah Starr suggested the Electronics Resources Committee research connecting with people in other regions to get a taste for how they operate.

Dolores asked if the 2001 meeting was already planned for Salishan. If so, this would mean back-to-back resort meetings (Alaska 2000). The membership present voiced that they liked resorts!

NEW BUSINESS continued

Pam Spickelmier stated that after extensive discussion, the Board is bringing before the membership the proposition of a dues increase for PNC/MLA. The information and discussion presented here is preliminary to a vote set for December. Proposed dues increases are from $15 to $25 US, and $18 to $28 Canadian funds. Several reasons are cited for the proposed dues increase:

  1. Expenses have averaged $1200 more thanincome for the last three years. Several meetings have not brought in the expected revenue.
  2. Drop-off in vendor participation for meetings. The sponsorship has gotten too small, therefore, decreased revenues.
The Board attempts to keep registration costs low, but all costs are increasing, and revenue is decreasing. One reduction in expenses has been the electronic publication of Northwest Notes, eliminating the need for paper, printing, and postage. Board members also attempt to reduce costs through their travel arrangements.

The discussion was opened up to the membership present, for suggestions, alternatives, cost-saving ideas, and revenue-generating ideas:

Natalie Norcross felt that $25 was still a bargain. Patrice O'Donovan concurred.

Steve Teisch felt that the cities should attract the needed number of attendees, and changing the meeting venues may provide that. The fees of the conference attendees should pay for the conference, and he questioned whether the conference fees were realistic.

Kathy Murray stated that the dues do NOT cover the expenses of the organization, and that the goal of the annual meeting is to break even, not make money. Everyone benefits from the actions of the Board.

Nancy Press said that she'd rather have higher dues to reach a larger audience (e.g., teleconferences, more web-based items) and to do more for the members not attending the annual meetings.

Dues should also go towards funding the scholarships, and the RML lending library.


State reports need to be sent to Kathy Murray for inclusion in Northwest Notes.

Jim Henderson needs help for the Vancouver, BC MLA meeting. If you can staff the booth at MLA in Chicago, contact Jim. Another way to help would be at the Hospitality Desk in Vancouver, BC in 2000. It is important for our membership to support the British Columbia librarians.

Leah Starr announced that benchmarking kits are for sale through the Canadian Library Association. Information is available in Northwest Notes.

Cathy Jordan held a raffle for a free one year membership to MLA for 1999. Judith Hayes was the winner.

Marcy Horner thanked Maryanne Blake for the job she has done as PNC's Chair, and presented her with a gift from the Board.

Dolores moved to adjourn the meeting, and Patrice seconded the motion. the motion was carried, and the meeting adjourned at 11:55 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Madelyn Hall
Recording Secretary


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