Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association

Pacific Northwest Chapter/Medical Library Association
Archives Annual Report 2005

PNC/MLA 2005 Annual Meeting
Portland, OR
Medical Libraries: Core of Discovery
October 15-18, 2005

1. Meetings: This is the 45th annual meeting of PNC/MLA, and the 6th meeting held in Portland, Oregon: 1959, 1968, 1981, 1993, 1997, 2005.

2. Records: The inactive records of PNC/MLA are kept in the University of Washington Libraries Special Collections Division. Any records (especially Program Chair's records from this meeting) should be sent to Janet Schnall as Archivist of PNC/MLA. When committee chairs present or write annual reports, please include the names of all the committee members.

3. Questions: Members are welcome to ask the Archivist for information that is in the Archives. This is especially helpful when members apply to MLA's Academy of Health Information Professionals (AHIP) and need verification of holding an office in PNC/MLA. Please allow enough lead time to search the Archives, as some of the archives are located off the University of Washington campus. Also note that there is a History section of the PNC/MLA web site that has useful information, including a chart of officers and chairs of committees from 1980-:

Janet G. Schnall Archivist, PNC/MLA
October 2005


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