Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association

2004 Report - PNC/MLA Bylaws Committee

During 2002, the Bylaws Committee completed revisions to the 1999 edition of the Pacific Northwest Chapter's Bylaws. These revisions were minor and were made essentially to conform to the 2000 revisions to the MLA Model Bylaws for Use by Chapters and Sections of the Medical Library Association, Inc. With Board approval, the revisions were submitted to the MLA Bylaws Committee for approval in June, 2002. Approval of the revisions was received in October of that year.

During the review process the reviewer noted two areas where PNC's Bylaws are not in agreement with the Model. The Committee and Board considered and accepted those suggestions: reword ARTICLE VI - ELECTIONS AND VOTING. Section 7. Results. To indicate that candidates receiving a majority of the votes shall be declared elected instead of by receiving a plurality; and the statement "Notice of the meeting shall be disseminated to the membership at least thirty (30) days in advance of the meeting date." was added to ARTICLE IX- ANNUAL MEETING. Those changes were resubmitted to the MLA Bylaws Committee and approved in April 2003. The chapter membership voted to accept all revisions in December of 2003 as part of the annual election voting process. The Bylaws document will be revised, submitted to MLA and updated on the PNC website in January 2004.

Respectfully submitted by Jan Schueller, Chair

Committee Members: Robin Braun, Donna Hudson, Doreen Smith

1 October 2004


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