Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association

2004 Group Purchasing Annual Report
Submitted by Cheryl Goodwin

The Group Purchasing Committee became an official standing committee of the chapter in 2004. Our primary activity this year has been the renewal of the Ovid LWW Total Access group purchase, now with 53 members. In September 2004, 19 libraries joined together on an Ovid Nursing Package that includes shared access to CINAHL and 22 full-text books of interest to nursing and allied health. A survey is being developed to determine additional vendors/databases of interest and various committee members are in discussions with vendors such as StatRef, MDConsult, and EBSCO regarding other database trials and potential group purchases.

A survey was done asking PNC members for their input on an institutional membership. The idea was presented at the annual meeting in October where it was agreed to in theory but sent back to the committee for clarification of some of the details.

There are plans for a Group Purchasing website that will provide details about formal group purchasing arrangements, tips for libraries wanting to pursue smaller group purchases, and informal arrangements that may be offered by the various vendors. The goal is to have this website functional by early 2005.

Committee members are; Cheryl Goodwin, Co-Chair, Pamela Murray, Co-Chair, Susan Barnes, Judith Hayes, Tori Koch, Kathy Murray, Catherine Poppino, and Greg Rowell.


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