PNC/MLA 2001 Annual Meeting
September 9-13, 2001
The Westin Salishan, Gleneden Beach, Oregon

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KEYNOTE ADDRESS - HAL REPROGRAMMED: Gaining Control Over Information Technology
Information technology has had a dramatic impact on our lives and libraries. Computers and the networks that connect them have both imperiled our role within our communities and empowered us to serve our clientele like we never have before. We are now free to surf the Internet from poolside, while at the same time being chained to the capabilities our computers provide. Our love/hate relationship with IT is understandable, but we must take the time to understand our appropriate relationship with information techology or we will lack control over it, as the astronauts in 2001: A Space Odyssey lacked control over HAL. Come hear what Roy has to say about getting a grip on IT so it doesn't have you in its clutches.

Roy Tennant is eScholarship Web & Services Design Manager for the California Digital Library. Prior to this, he created and managed the Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE, which is both a digital library and a support service for other digital library developers ( He is the author of "Practical HTML: A Self-Paced Tutorial" and co-author of "Crossing the Internet Threshold: An Instructional Handbook". His articles have appeared in numerous library and information technology magazines and journals, and he writes the monthly column "Digital Libraries" for Library Journal. He is the founder and manager of the Web4Lib and XML4Lib electronic discussions. He created, and edits, the current awareness publication Current Cites, which has been published every month for over a decade. He holds a Masters degree from UC Berkeley in Library & Information Studies and a BA from Humboldt State in Geography.

ITíS NOT JUST A PLANNER: PDAs and their potential uses
Did you know you can tune your guitar with your PDA? And did you know you can control your TV and open your garage door with your PDA? Did you know that you can do PC-like processes such as word processing and surfing the internet with a PDA? Looking at a PDA (personal digital assistant), Palm OS or Pocket PC, and noticing that it doesnít have a keyboard, you might wonder how the "stuff" gets in there and how you get it out! Learn about the basic features of a PDA, text entry methods, output methods, and various applications for PDAs.

Peggy Baldwin received her MLS from the University of Oregon in 1977; since 1984, she has been the Library Director at Providence Portland Medical Center. As an undergraduate, Peggy majored in business administration, minored in applied math, and took several computer programming classes. With the invention of the PC, and real computing power being put in the hands of consumers, Peggy has been increasingly interested in the potential of computing for improving our work and lives. As the proud owner of a Handspring Visor (PDA), she has tried a multitude of applications and investigated uses for libraries and in medicine. She has had to convince her partner that she would be more upset if he left her than if she lost her Visor. 

THE ART, SCIENCE AND PRACTICE OF HOLISTIC MEDICINE: Introduction to a New Paradigm for Medical Practice in the 21st Century
Dr. Stafl will review the 12 principles of holistic medical practice, describing the areas encompassed by holistic medicine and citing examples of the scientific basis of holistic medicine. He will encourage the implementation of a personalized program for creating the condition of optimum health, discuss the eight essential factors for optimum health, provide a self-assessment with the holistic health questionnaire, explore the integrative medicine wheel, and summarize resources available for further exploration of these concepts.

Jan Stafl, MD is a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology with Pacific Women's Center, a four-physician independent Ob/Gyn practice in Eugene, Oregon. He has privileges at both McKenzie Willamette and Sacred Heart Hospitals. He received his medical degree at Northwestern University Medical School in Chicago in 1981, in the Honors Program. He completed the Johns Hopkins residency in Gynecology and Obstetrics, and the Pelvic Surgery Fellowship in Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. He is Board Certified in Ob/Gyn since 1988, and Holistic Medicine since 2000, and is a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He has taught and presented information on a number of topics crucial to women's health at national conferences. His professional interests include natural childbirth methods, low and high risk obstetrics, holistic menopausal management, pelvic surgery, and integration of alternative treatments with mainstream medicine. He lives in Eugene with his wife and three children since 1994.

A distinguished panel of PNC librarians working in different aspects of consumer health. There will be a short presentation by each panel member, with a general question and answer session following. Learn how they are serving consumers in different ways, and feel free to share with the audience what you are doing as well.

The World Wide Web and intranets hold great promise as a learning tool for library patrons. Anything that is frequently taught by librarians, from performing searches to using the checkout system, may be the topic of an online course. Find out how to build effective courses on the Web that engage a wide variety of learners. This session will introduce librarians to the process of developing a Web course using instructional design methodology. Software tools to produce interactive courses on a shoestring budget will be demonstrated.

Jan Buhmann, MS, RN, coordinates the design and development of online learning at PeaceHealth, a major healthcare network in the Pacific Northwest. He frequently presents at conferences on new technologies and runs workshops on developing Web-based training using Instructional Systems Design methodology. Jan serves on the executive board of the National Nursing Staff Development Organization, and works with the organizationís Informatics Committee to promote electronic information sharing and online learning. Jan has also written on new technologies for a reference book and several journals.

Jan was born and raised in Germany and received his basic nursing degree in Hamburg. He holds a BS in Nursing and an MS in Community Health Care Nursing from Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, Oregon. He has served as Clinical Educator at PeaceHealth since 1994.

An overview of how you can use LinkOut for libraries to point your users from PubMed to your electronic journals, with a bonus update on what's new with DOCLINE and LOCATORplus.

Susan Barnes is Network Librarian for Resource Sharing for the Pacific Northwest Region of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine. She has a Master's in Librarianship from the University of Washington and is originally from exotic Pullman, WA. She has held positions at the National Library of Medicine, UCLA Biomedical Library, Columbia University Health Sciences Library, and Cornell University.

For more information contact Beverly Schriver, Conference Chair.

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