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PNC/MLA 1999 Annual Meeting
Seattle Center, Seattle, Washington
October 25-27, 1999

Sunday, October 24, 1999


Course: EndNote…Bibliographies Made Easy
Instructor: Greg Tananbaum, ResearchSoft, Inc.
Fee / Contact Hours: Complimentary. 2 MLA CE units. Limit of 25 attendees.
Date & Time: Sunday, October 24, 1999. Noon - 2:00 PM.
Location:Library Teaching Lab, Health Sciences Library, University of Washington


The EndNote training workshop will focus on the three primary areas of the software: bibliography creation, reference organization, and online search compatibility. The goal of each section will be to provide librarians with a fundamental understanding of the program's functionality; this should allow participants to respond to a wide range of questions from patrons and end users. At the conclusion of the session, librarians should feel comfortable with each of these elements of the program.

About the instructor:
Greg Tananbaum is the Director of Product Marketing for ISI ResearchSoft. He has been employed by the organization since 1997. His responsibilities include conducting EndNote instructional workshops for user groups, professional organizations, and librarians. Average number of EndNote classes taught per year approaches 150. In the past year, he has taught regular workshops at Stanford's School of Medicine, UC Berkeley, and University of Washington's Health Sciences Library, as well as special events at major biomedical centers such as MD Anderson Cancer Center, NIH, National Cancer Institute, and NYU Medical Center.


Course: Search Strategies for the New NLM
Instructors:Maryanne Blake, MLS
Network Librarian, NN/LM PNR, Seattle, Washington

Leilani St. Anna, MLIS, AHIP
Information Management Librarian
University of Washington Health Sciences Library, Seattle, Washington


Fee / Contact Hours:$25 member, $40 non-members. Limit of 25 attendees.
Date & Time: Sunday, October 24, 1999. 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Location: Library Teaching Lab, Health Sciences Library, University of Washington


ELHILL is gone. What's happened to those files on ELHILL that you knew and loved? How do you search for the information that was there now that the databases have been restructured? We will give you strategies for doing effective searches using the new interfaces, PubMed, Internet Grateful Med and LocatorPlus. We will show you new features in PubMed, basic and advanced search tips in LocatorPlus and more.

About the instructors:
Maryanne Blake: As Outreach Coordinator for the RML one of Maryanne Blake's responsibilities is teaching health professionals and librarians how to use the NLM databases and interfaces effectively. She has developed and taught classes on the use of the Internet to find health information - from the days of archie, gopher and "naked FTP" to the present information avalanche on the Web. Maryanne has taught the ELHILL to PubMed "Transitions" class at several Northwest librarians' meetings and is a frequent PubMed teacher/presenter at health professional meetings in the Pacific Northwest.

Leilani St. Anna's responsibilities include teaching use of health-related databases, evidence-based practice resources, and use of HealthLinks and other web resources. She has taught and demonstrated PubMed numerous times and was one of a small group of librarians sent to NLM to give feedback on the PubMed interface. She is part of the HealthLinks team, responsible for the clinical portion of the web site.


Wednesday, October 27, 1999


Course: Focus Group Interviewing: A Qualitative Research
Methodology for the Library

Instructors: Beryl Glitz, AHIP, MLS
Associate Director, NN/LM PSR, Los Angeles, California

Claire Hamasu, MLS
Outreach Coordinator, NN/LM PSR, Los Angeles, California


Fee / Contact Hours: $100 member, $125 non-members. 8 MLA CE units.
Limit of 20 attendees.
Date & Time: Wednesday, October 27, 1999. 8AM - 5PM.
Location: Seattle Center Conference Center
Focus group interviewing is a qualitative technique which gathers information about the opinions, knowledge, perceptions and concerns of small groups of individuals on a particular topic. All sorts of service organizations have used the technique to evaluate their programs and services by gaining a better understanding of what their users think. Health sciences librarians will find this a useful method to gain insight into the needs and expectations of their patrons and into their own success or failure in meeting those needs. This course will explain the difference between qualitative and quantitative research and examine the focus group interview methodology. Applications of focus group interviewing specific to the health sciences library environment will be discussed.

About the instructors:
Beryl Glitz has been Associate Director of the Pacific Southwest Regional Medical Library since 1989. She has published and presented extensively on the use of focus groups in library research, including a 1998 MLA publication entitled "Focus Groups for Libraries and Librarians," a 1997 BMLA article entitled " The Focus Group Technique in Library Research," and a 1996 MLA Annual Meeting presentation entitled, "Focus Group Research".

Claire Hamasu is currently Health Information Services Coordinator at the Pacific Southwest Regional Medical Library. "Evaluation of outreach projects" has been a major area of research for her, including a contributed paper entitled "Evaluating an Outreach Project" at the MLA Annual Meeting in 1995 and a contributed paper entitled "Active partnerships: Successful government outreach efforts in the Pacific Southwest Region of the United States' NN/LM" at the 1995 International Congress of Medical Librarianship.

Contact Lisa Oberg (by email or phone 206-543-7492),
PNC/MLA Professional Development Committee Chair, for more information about any of these courses.

For more information about the PNC/MLA 1999 Annual Meeting contact
Chris Beahler or Sarah Safranek, Conference Chairs

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