PNC/MLA 1999 Annual Meeting - Transportation & Logistics

Conference Logistics

PNC/MLA 1999 Annual Meeting
Seattle Center, Seattle, Washington
October 25-27, 1999

Transportation | Driving Directions



AIRPORT SHUTTLE. (206)622-3400. $25 from airport to downtown or Queen Anne. Call from the baggage section when you get in, and there is a 10-15 minute wait. Call ahead for reservations.

SHUTTLE EXPRESS. (206)622-1424, or 1-800-487-7433. $20 to downtown or Queen Anne. When you arrive in the baggage section, use courtesy phone by any escalator. Call ahead for reservations.

AMERICAN UNIQUE LIMOUSINE SERVICE. 1-888-375-8888. Towncars. Call ahead for reservations, and they will meet you in the baggage claim area. Cost is $30 downtown, and $32 to Queen Anne area.

TAXI. Call when you arrive in baggage claim. Approximately $32 to downtown, and $35 to Queen Anne area.

GRAYLINE AIRPORT EXPRESS. (206)626-6088. Leaves airport approximately every 20 minutes from 5 a.m. until 6 p.m., and every half hour from 6 p.m. until 11 p.m. The express serves 7 downtown hotels, and provides connector service to an additional 20 hotels, some of which are in the Queen Anne area. Call them to see if this service will work for you. Rates are $7.50 one way or $13 round trip, and $2.50 each way for the connector service.

METRO BUSSES. (206)553-3000.

Metro Route 194. Daily airport service to and from downtown Seattle. Bay #1. Departs every 30 minutes, and travel time is 30 minutes.

Metro Route 174. Daily airport service to and from downtown Seattle. Bay #1. Departs every 30 minutes, and travel time is 45 minutes.


METRO BUS. (206)553-3000.

For service to the south end of the campus, Health Sciences or South Campus Center, board Route 43 eastbound on Pike St at 4th Avenue. Call Metro’s Rider Information Office at (206)553-3000, for information on getting to the University of Washington from locations other than downtown.



MONORAIL. (206)441-6038.

The Seattle Monorail runs between downtown (5th and Pine) and Seattle Center every 15 minutes or less. The trip takes 2 minutes. The monorail runs from 7:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Fares are $2.50 roundtrip.

Numerous Metro busses run between downtown and Seattle Center. Call Metro’s Rider Information Office at (206)553-3000, for specific information.


To Conference Rooms at Seattle Center:

The conference rooms (F,G, and H) are located on the third floor of the Center House. The Center House is located in the middle of the Seattle Center complex, and is also the Monorail terminal for the Seattle Center end of the run. For more details, see the map on the Seattle Center web site.

To University of Washington Health Sciences Libraries

(for Continuing Education Courses on Sunday, October 24, 1999)

Coming from the North on I-5: Take the NE 45th Street exit. Go east on NE 45th Street to 15th Ave. NE, then South on 15th NE to NE Pacific Street. The Library is in the Magnuson Health Sciences Center, T-wing, 2nd floor, Room Number T-227.

Coming from the South on I-5: Take the 520 exit. From 520, exit at Montlake blvd. Go north on Montlake, across the Montlake bridge. Turn left on NE Pacific. The Library is in the Magnuson Health Sciences Center, T-wing, 2nd floor, Foor Number T-227.

NOTE: On Sunday, most of the Health Sciences Center doors are locked. People coming to the North side of the building should enter from the Nursing Courtyard. (Go up the steps next to Warren E. Magnuson Health Sciences Building sign. Turn right into concrete courtyard. Enter through the glass door in the far right-hand corner. Library entrance is one floor down- Room T-227.) People coming to the South side of the building from the parking lot and South Campus Center, should enter from Columbia Street, by the E-Court Café. (Go up the steps between 2 brick wings. There will be 4 glass doors- go through the door labelled "after hours library access". Go straight down the hallway and turn right. The Library is the last door on the left- Room T-227.

For more information contact Chris Beahler or Sarah Safranek, Conference Chairs

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