Student Scholarships

The PNC Student Scholarship is designed to encourage students' participation in the PNC Annual Chapter meeting. The PNC Board recognizes that meetings and courses are often cost prohibitive for students to attend. The aim of the fund is to improve access for future medical librarians in the PNC region and to equalize opportunities for attendance at programs and courses which improve the library student's development.

All applicants must meet the eligibility criteria. The applications will be reviewed by designated members of the Executive Board, and all applicants will be notified of the Board's decisions. The deadline is usually at least six weeks before the event for which funds are requested. The number of applicants funded in any one year will be limited by the amount of funds set aside by the PNC Board at the beginning of each budget year.

NOTE:Funds are generally reimbursed/disbursed to recipients after attendance at the selected meeting/program/course.

Eligibility Criteria
  1. Applicant must be a current student at an accredited library school.
  2. Applicant must be a current PNC member, or register to become a member of PNC before the chapter meeting commences.
  3. Applicant must not have received any PNC scholarship funds during the past two (2) calendar years.
  4. The written application must be received by the designated deadline.

Factors to be considered in awarding of grants:

  1. Distance to be traveled to event (generally greater than 50 miles)
  2. Applicant's learning institution and list of courses completed
  3. Applicant's proposed PNC committee activities or other PNC involvement.
  4. Availability/non-availability of other programs in the immediate area.
  5. How attendance will benefit the student's learning experience.
  6. Availability of institutional funding for past 2 years.
Award amounts will be determined by the Board based on number of applicants and amount of funds available.

The deadline for application is September 20, 2005


Last updated August 30, 2005.
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