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Governmental Relations Committee
Purpose: To foster awareness of the governmental processes and activities
as they relate to PNC/MLA and its membership.
~ Copyright Law  (MLA position statements and FAQs)
~ Healthcare Reform  (joint MLA/AAHSL statement, July 2009)
Sources of Information
~ ALA Issues and Advocacy
~ ALA Office of Government Relations
~ Canadian Library Association Library Issues
~ Directory of Internet Access Policies of Canadian Libraries in the Public Sector
~ Health Education Advocate
~ IFLA/UNESCO Public Library Manifesto 1994
~ Medical Library Association Governmental Relations
~ OpenCongress
~ Special Libraries Association Public Policy
~ THOMAS (legislative information from the Library of Congress)
Links to Governmental Agencies
~ National
   The Canadian Parliament
   U.S. Senate Senators Home
   U.S. House of Representatives.
~ State/Provincial
   Alaska State Legislature
   Legislative Assembly of Alberta
   Legislative Assembly of British Columbia
   Idaho Legislature
   Montana State Legislature
   Oregon State Legislature
   Washington State Legislature
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Last Updated: September 2009.

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