Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association

Leaders 1980-1989


  Chair Chair Elect Past Chair Recording Secretary Memberhip Secretary Treasurer Chapter Council
1989  Edean Berglund   Wallace McLendon Debra Ketchell Pat Brown Leilani St. Anna Patrice O'Donovan Mary Campbell & Sylvia MacWilliams
1988  Debbie Ketchell Edean Berglund Susan Long Patricia Lysyk Cathy Jordan  Patrice O'Donovan  Jim Morgan & Kathy Murray
1987  Susan Long Debbie Ketchell Melvina Stell Terry Ann Jankowski Lisa Veium Sylvia E. MacWilliams James E. Morgan & Kathy Murray
1986  Melvina W. Stell Susan Long Connie Schardt Cathy Jordan Lisa Veium Sylvia MacWilliams Jim Morgan & Kathy Murray
1985  Connie Schardt Melvina Stell Jane Belt  Mary Campbell Susie Long Sylvia MacWilliams Kate Barber & Janet Schnall
1984  Jane Belt Shirley Lewis Bill Fraser Connie Schardt   Pat Manlove  Kate Barber & Janet Schnall
1983  William Frazier Jane Belt  Margaret McNamara         Kate Barber & Janet Schnall
1982  Margaret McNamara  William Frasier  Jim Morgan        
1981  James E. Morgan  Margaret McNamara  Janet Schnall  Karen Little   Isabel McDonald  Connie Schardt
1980  Janet G. Schnall James E. Morgan Anna R. Leith  Nymah Trued   Isabel McDonald  


Committee Chairs

  Bylaws Education Governmental Relations Nominating Program Publication
1989 Jan Schueller Jackie Gagne Susie Holt Debra Ketchell    
1988 Janet Schnall Mary Campbell Wallace McLendon Heather Rosenwinkel Kathy Kaya Kathy Murray
1987 Heather Rosenwinkel Connie Schardt Sandy Biermann Melvina Stell Bob Pringle  
1986 Heather Rosenwinkel Connie Schardt Cheryl Goodwin Connie Schardt    
1985 Edean Berglund Heather Rosenwinkel Betty Jo Jensen Jane Belt Debbie Graham Lisa Veium
1984  Dale Middleton Martha Leredu Melvina Stell Bill Fraser   Dick Pride
1983 Dale Middleton   Connie Schardt Margaret McNamara    
1982 Dale Middleton     Jim Morgan    
1981 Dale Middleton   Leonoor Ingraham Janet Schnall Steven Teich Terry Jankowski
1980 Dale Middleton   Leonoor Ingraham Anna R. Leith Marie Gillio & Cora Wilson  

Muriel Woods was the Archivist during the 80's. The Research committee began in 1989 and was chaired by Millard Johnson. The RML Liaison Committee was disolved during this time period, but was chaired by during its existence by Marion von Bruck (1980), Karen Little (1981), Steven Teich (1984), Mary Campbell (1985 & 1986). A separate Membership Committee appears to have been formed in 1989, first chaired by Leilani St. Anna and the Governmental Relations Committee was known as the Legislation Committee.

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