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Poster & Paper Presentations

Assessment of Information Needs for Idaho Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists / Ruiling Guo, Janene Willer, Barbara Bain [pdf]

From Artsy to Zany: Hospital Library Committee Participation / Rebecca A. Birr, Kathy A. Zeblisky, Kathleen M. Mathieson [pdf]

A Salmon out of the Rapids: What a Hospital Librarian Learned in the Staid Waters of Academia / Jacqueline Donaldson Doyle [pdf]

HEART: Health Education and Resources Team, a Public Library/Medical Center Partnership (Case Study) / Christina Seeger [poster abstract] [book recommendations] [project resources]

Living the Brand, the Fish! Way / Nancy Stimson, Alice Witkowski [pdf]

Methods for Promoting the use of Electronic Fund Transfer System in a Medical Library Association Chapter / Marian Hicks, Danielle Linden [pdf] [pdf]

Preserving Excellence in the Virtual Library / Esther Daniels, Elisa Hoelscher [pdf]

The Information-Seeking of Naturopathic Doctors: A Review of the Literature / Anne G. Turner [pdf]

Expert Searchers' Contributions to Evidence-Based Health Policy Making / Min-Lin E. Fang, Penny Coppernoll-Blach, Gail Persily, Keir Reavie, David Owen, Alice Witkowski [pdf]

Creating and evaluating an interactive online tutorial to help medical students locate literature for evidence-based medicine / Josephine Tan, Keir Reavie, George Sawaya, Eva Aagaard [ppt] [pdf]


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