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Monday, October 19, 2009 10:30 a.m.

Title: Reap What You Sow: Mentoring Tips from the Field

Panelists: Heidi Sue Adams, Emily Ford, Judith Hayes, Timothy Morgan, Jess Dolan
Moderator: Dolores Judkins

A panel of librarians and library students will discuss the pros and cons of mentoring; what students and new librarians want in a mentoring relationship and how mentor librarians can help them along the way. Heidi Sue Adams and Judith Hayes will have tips that have worked with them in mentoring fledgling librarians; Emily Ford, will discuss her needs as a new librarian; and library students Jess Dolan and Timothy Morgan will talk about what they would like to have in a mentoring relationship.

Monday, October 19, 2009 3:30 p.m.

Title: Web 2.0 In Your Library

LibGuides is Web 2.0 Goodness at Its Best - Kathy Murray

Looking for an easy, clean, web-accessible way to present your services, resources, and tips via the web? Interested in a simple way to advertise new books, provide library updates or medical news flashes to Twitter, pull in RSS feeds from Google Reader or Delicious, or chat with your users in real time? Are you at the bottom of the list to get IT time to update your website?

This talk will cover the basics of LibGuides from Springshare. LibGuides is a hosted service of online subject guides. No html coding or other IT experience is needed. Find a guide you like and copy it (totally acceptable behavior) or begin from scratch. Guides are two or three columns of boxes. A box contains different types of information: streaming videos, RSS fees, lists and links, free text, etc. Often called “subject guides”, this terminology is too limiting and has a definite academic library history. However, linking to databases and favorite Websites by subject is just so easy! LibGuides are so customizable – add your header and footer, choose your colors, and pick how many columns and what type of boxes you want on each guide.

Is this something we should be considering for a Group Purchasing option?

WEB 2.0 at the OHSU Library - Loree Hyde, Emily Ford, Laura Zeigen

Emily Ford, Laura Zeigen and Loree Hyde would like to start a discussion about how Web 2.0 technologies are working in their library and in your library, too. They’ll give an overview of Web 2.0 applications currently being utilized within the OHSU Library and then they’d like to hear from you regarding your successes and failures with similar endeavors.

So You’re Graduating…Now What? 
Using Web 2.0 Tools to Push Quality Information to Alumni and Field Doctors - Janet Tapper, MLS, Western States Chiropractic College

We spend many years with our healthcare students developing their information literacy skills and abilities to find and use quality information; then on graduation day we give them a fond farewell and abruptly end their access to our resources. However we can prepare our soon to be alumni for this event and soften the impact by systematically teaching use of web 2.0 tools such as search alerts, RSS feeds, My NCBI and Loansome Doc to keep them informed, up to date, with greater access to critical literature. We can also teach/remind our students the wonders of public libraries, WorldCat and the inter-library loan system. By working with these graduating students and field docs, we can create enduring ties to our libraries and extend our service to these patrons. Presentation will cover the syllabus and course materials, student and faculty response to the program, and the role that this type of course plays in library marketing and strategic planning.


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