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Biographical information about speakers at the PNC/MLA Annual Meeting in Seattle, Oct 17-20, 2009

Lori Heim, MD

Lori J. Heim, MD

Lori J. Heim, M.D., FAAFP, a family physician who serves as a hospitalist at Scotland Memorial Hospital in Laurinburg, N.C., will become president of the American Academy of Family Physicians on October 14, 2009. The AAFP represents more than 93,000 physicians and medical students nationwide. The president of the AAFP advocates on behalf of family physicians and patients nationwide to inspire positive change in the U.S. health care system. Heim earned her bachelor’s degree with honors from Portland State University, Oregon, and was then commissioned in the Air Force and earned her medical degree at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, Md. She completed her residency at the Family Medicine Residency, Andrews Air Force Base, Md. She completed a fellowship in faculty development and research from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Heim’s appointments with the Air Force included staff physician, clinic chief, residency director, assistant professor, university health center director, chief of the medical staff and commander. She was stationed internationally in Turkey and domestically in Washington, D.C., Florida, North Carolina and Washington state. She retired in 2007 as a colonel from the Air Force after 25 years of service. Dr. Heim will talk to us about:

"Health Care Reform & the Patient Centered Medical Home Model"

There is tremendous activity to bring about comprehensive health care reform. Many advocates are calling for reform that includes health care for all based on a primary care foundation. We'll review the latest legislation and how the new model of primary care delivery complements the reform efforts.

Dianne McCutcheon, MLS

Chief of the National Library of Medicine’s Technical Services Division, Dianne McCutcheon oversees the selection, acquisition and cataloging of the NLM collection and management of the systems which support those activities. She is currently involved in strategic planning efforts at NLM to determine the future of collection development and digital archiving in the electronic environment. She has also been a Senior Systems Planning Analyst at the Library of Congress, working on electronic journal access and archiving projects. Prior to her work at LC, she served NLM in a variety of positions including systems librarian in the Selection/Acquisitions and Serial Records Sections, assistant head, Serial Records Section, Library Operations ILS coordinator, and head, Serial Records Section. She is a former NLM Associate and also has experience as a hospital library manager. In addition to her key role in ILS implementation, McCutcheon was instrumental in the development of serials automation at NLM, including the national serials holdings database that supports the routing of interlibrary loan requests in DOCLINE, automated serials invoice processing and integration of serials control and indexing systems. She is the recipient of several awards, including NLM’s Frank B. Rogers Award and the NIH Director’s Award. Ms. McCutcheon will talk to us about:

"Disruptive Technologies and the Future of Library Collections and Services in the Digital Environment"

Disruptive technology, a term popularized by Harvard Business School professor Clayton M. Christensen, describes a new technology that unexpectedly displaces an established technology, often by being simpler, better performing, cheaper or just more convenient to use. The speaker will discuss how the Internet and digital publishing can be viewed as "disruptive" to the role of libraries. By reviewing trends in publishing, library collection development, preservation, access and resource sharing, she will present the challenges, as well as the opportunities, that NLM and other libraries face in the digital environment.

Will Welton, PhD

William E. Welton, DrPH, MHA

Dr. Welton currently serves as the Program Director of the Master’s in Health Administration Program at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. Prior to joining the UW faculty in 2001, Dr. Welton founded and developed the School of Public Health at MCP Hahnemann University in Philadelphia, PA during the period 1994-2000. Dr. Welton simultaneously received his DrPH degree in Health Policy from the University of Michigan in 1999. From 1972-1994, Dr. Welton served in a variety of senior operational management and executive leadership roles in several of the nation's leading health systems and academic medical centers, including the Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital (a component of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Hanover, NH from 1979–1988) and the Allegheny Health, Education and Research Foundation (Philadelphia, Pa from 1988–2000).

"Is There A Role for Medical Librarians to Play in Reforming the Nation's Healthcare System?"

Over the next decade the U.S. health system is projected to undergo significant change resulting from a systemic restructuring of relationships and incentives affecting insurers, hospitals, physicians, patients, families and community citizens in fundamental ways. Any revised system is likely to place even heavier emphasis on market-based activities rewarding improvements in quality and efficiency, reductions in risk and injury, and improved information flow to clinicians, organizational executives, patients, and communities.

The medical library community will be challenged within any new environment to determine who will need what kind of information, how it can best be provided to support organizational and systemic change objectives, to whom and in what form must it be provided to improve the competitive effectiveness of hospital and clinical providers, and what information can be provided to patients and families to assist them in making better and more informed decisions about diagnostic and treatment strategies to improve outcomes, thus assisting them in managing medical care and personal financial risk?

Important questions will be…’Is there a role for medical librarians in this ‘brave new world?’ If so, what is the librarian role, which audiences have what needs, what are critical resource requirements, and how can medical librarians connect relevant information to relevant audiences?
*Dr. Welton will refer to this publication in his talk: http://www.kff.org/healthreform/upload/healthreform_tri_full.pdf


Banquet Speakers: Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum, the Unshelved guys

"A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Library"

The Talk

What possessed Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum to write a comic strip about a library? And how do they keep tens of thousand of librarians around the globe laughing every day? Visit http://www.unshelved.com/ to find out what everyone's talking about, and then come to the banquet to hear Bill and Gene discuss what makes libraries so darned funny.

About Bill Barnes

Bill is a native New Yorker who was dragged all around the world by his parents at a very formative age and finally ended up in the wilds of Seattle. He is a trained software designer and very much an untrained cartoonist.

About Gene Ambaum

Gene is the pen name of a public librarian from the Seattle area. He loves graphic novels, television shows from his childhood, pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain. He continues to make the mistake of letting Bill write his bios.

Unshelved comic strip for Tuesday, December 02, 2008

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